Sunday, July 21, 2019

Cool Cats on a Hot Day

Peaches the cat, here.  There is only one thing to do on a 100 degree day...chill, luxuriate and stretch out!

This is the life, I say!  Look at that fine leg-stretch I got going on!

Paprika here.  I'm no show off. There is nothing like a leopard spotted CAVE on a hot day, I say. This is mine and I'm staying IN it. I don't need to show off like my sis-fur.

Peaches the Cat here again.  I decided to try a variety of creative positions since I saw my human still lurking about with the flashy box.

Here is one I considered quite creative.  My human told me I was showing off again but I don't care! --Peaches

Not content to stop at one weird position I decided to try a new one, rotating my torso and flattening one ear.  She said I was over-doing it. Hrrrmph!

Paprika here again.  My sister can act silly all she wants.  I got the best spot in the house.  And I can look out and see what's going on!

Well now that our "COOL CAT SELFIES" are "hot" off the press, we are wishing YOU cool days too! What are you doing these days to stay cool?  Happy Blogoversary, guys!

Friday, July 12, 2019

My New Moves - by Peaches the Cat

My initial Stretch

This week my human spent some time looking at cutesy pictures of OTHER CATS her Facebook friends sent to her for Pet Photo Day.  And she ignored ME, her OWN cat!  

Not only that, she locked me & Paprika in the bathroom while she did something called "Carpet Steaming". Hrrrumph! When we got out, I decided to take immediate action. I knew to get her attention back I had to do something NEW. so How do you like THESE moves? The first picture was my initial stretch on a hot day...once she looked my way I  gave her what I thought was the "Quintessential Pose."  

My Second Pose

The above pose was popular but was she happy? NOooo! She complained my tail was out of sight. 

My Final Pose
 My final pose with TAIL showing is above.  Howze THIS?

My human enjoyed my new moves and FINALLY took my picture which she hasn't done in way too long. It's
a shame I had to work so hard for her attention. 

How did I do? Which do YOU like best?  What are YOUR creative positions?

Love Peaches the cat

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Cat Bloggers Cat-Riotic Slideshow 2019

Click on Picture to see Slideshow
 It's fourth of July and time to celebrate with another slideshow!   Here is a 3-minute colorful musical slideshow we made and 15 of our own bloggers are in it!  Just click on the picture to see the show. We guarantee you fun and enlightenment!