Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Relocation from a Cat's Point of View

DON'T CRY at this video of Paprika and I during the move. But we would like you to check us out in motion & see how relocation feels ....from OUR point of view. It will pull at your heartstrings. But don't worry...happier days will be next!  Click on the picture or on the link below to see the video! Relocation from a Cat's Point of View.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Moving Part 2: Held Hostage!


Where in the world have we been?  CATNAPPED, that's where!  And before that, "held hostage" in one little room.  We want to tell you all about it in stages but we want you to all ended well

Our story comes in four parts 

1) What's with all these boxes again? (earlier)

 2) Held Hostage  3) Catnapped

4) We become "flat cats" & then explore

 5) We find the sun puddles of our dreams

But first, PART 2...HELD HOSTAGE

So we were minding our own business as we aways do when suddenly, boxes proliferated & we were ignored as our human raced about assembling them.

And THEN! We were rudely escorted to & IMPRISONED in a small room. Horrible thunderous noises took place outside the door and terrified us. We thought we were done for but a few ours later it was quiet again and the door opened.  

Timidly we crawled out and re-encountered out cat furniture. But something was wrong. We figured it out.  All of the human's FURNITURE WAS Missing We made a comprehensive investigation.   We did find our toys (thank CAT!) however the room was very bare. 
A further review revealed some odd conditions!

I asked for an explanation  I was, however, not to get one!  At least OUR toys remained to enjoy in the mysteriously empty room!

After we got used to the new room, we actually started to enjoy having all that extra space with all our toys.  We ran around and had races and new games.  But this was not to last...

To be continued...

this week we are refining our beloved Sunday Cat On My Head hop and look forward to reunited with our furrriends.  we will share the rest of the story wi th you soon!