Saturday, October 31, 2020

Friends of Peaches & Paprika 2020 Meow-leen Spooktacular

 We gathered 55 of our enthusiastic Facebook Fur-ball Friends who enthusiastically agreed to don witch, demon, vampire and pirate caps, grow fangs, surround themselves with spider webs and bats and in general have a spooky, howling time!  

Click on our show to hear the meows and hisses and to see the pretty ladies and gentlemen, er, kitties!  Happy Halloween to all our friends!

We are joining Athena & Marie's Creative Cat-Ur-Day Hop!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween Try-Ons of Previous Years

Our human pretty much leaves us alone about costumes these days, but in previous times, she tried hard to get us interested.  As you can see, i approach these times with extreme caution! -- Paprika the cat

Of course, I, Peaches, feel differently.  How many chances do i get to try on red horns?  To be my TRUE vampire self?

VAMPIRA PEACHES I should be called.  However my white feet give me away!

I, Paprika, was asked to be a BAT.  How much NOT like a bat do I look?  I refused to have anything substantial to do with these purple things.  Ridiculous!

In fact I am so "Halloween-Phobic," my human USED to try & confine me to a room so I couldn't get away.  She gave that up soon, though.  do I look cooperative?  NOT!

One year I was trapped in a witches costume?  How happy do I look?

In fact one year, our human decided we should be LIONS.  Especially ridiculous since anyone can see we are TIGERS!

She imagined us on some kind of safari..Sheesh, these humans.  We got rid of that idea in a hurry.

Hello, Peaches here!
I finally got the microphone away from Paprika, because I purr-tonally excel in Make-Believe & always cooperate with "Holiday Presentations." Here I am ready for action.

 Just check me out with this pumpkin!

However according to Paprika, THIS is where the costumes should stay.  Away from US!
Costumes should stay on the bed, not on cats! -- per Paprika the cat

Signing off for now while we go and lie in the sun...far away from any devilish activities our human may have planned for us!

Today we are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday hop.  We hope all kitties will be allowed to pursue their "activity of choice" today!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Life Inside the Pumpkin


Instead of hanging out on cat trees like other cats, we decided to snuggle inside this pumpkin, while awaiting the big "spook-tacular" day.  Our way too creative human also decided to share a little slideshow with you of US on previous Halloweens.  It's only 30 seconds long so will not take up much of your time.  

Being as how it's "creative" day, we are joining Athena's Cat-ur-day hop!  Happy creative Cat-Ur-Day to all!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Moving Part 3 Arrival in Our New Home!

Arrival on the porch of...where ARE we?

It was a long journey and the best way to tell you about it is to show you the slideshow about our move...and homecoming!

We also decided to put together a brief story for sideshow-haters!
So here we are on the porch of our new home.  But don't think it was so easy to get here!

As you can see my EARs are still curled from our hair-raising ride down here in these cages.  Well okay humans call them carriers. - Paprika

Our transportation was so lacking in finesse with no explanation at all, I felt we should stay in our "carriers" for a long time.  Who knows what to expect?

The next thing that happened was our human transported us into a strange smelling house.  she then made a big mistake  She LET US OUT IN A ROOM THAT HAD A BED.  

We always thought she was pretty smart but that move was downright stupid  She didn't know we have the ability to turn ourselves into FLAT CATS and, once transformed, slide into the tiniest spaces.

So hearing the strange traffic noises and smelling the strange noises we DIVED under the bed.  And stayed there.  It was so low she didn't think we could get there but we DID.  She was terribly worried cuz it was hot that day & 90 degrees under the bed. She thought we'd suffocate.  So she unpacked 5 boxes till she found a FAN and made the under-the-bed place cooler.

Then she fooled us by opening a can of tuna.  Okay so we're not so smart when it comes to tuna. Still flat cats, we squeezed out.  When she saw us, she was astounded at how small and flat we'd become!


Finally we began to explore.  Of course silly Paprika thought she had ago to the highest place immediately....I'm not like that.  I tried out other spots. -- Peaches

Paprika's first climb in new home

This space is much ore to my liking! - Peaches

We checked out a few other prime locations, including the view and a sumptuous white sofa.


Much to our delight, we found we were in the sunniest place of our whole lives.  There was sun in every room.  sun on the floor, sun on rugs, sun desks, sun from our cat condo...we were in heaven.

Given that there are unlimited sun puddles in our new digs AND that there is a huge white sectional sofa accommodating both of us AND our fake cat, Calissandra, we have decided to STAY.  

Not bad, I say!

Peaches on Left, Calissandra-Fake Cat in middle, Paprika on right

So all is well on the Connecticut shore.  Except our human STILL cannot get over how we turned into flat cats.  She had never seen us all flattened out and she's still recovering.  (between her trips to the ocean, just 2 blocks away, taking pictures of sunsets!)

We are joining The Cat on My Head's Sunday hop to say hello from our new home on the Connecticut shore to all our friends!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Our New CELEBRATIONS Book series - Autumn Ebook Free Today only

 Well we hardly even believe it but we put together our Celebrations Book Series based on our fun Facebook Page, and showing us celebrating all the fun, quirky holidays in the year.

And today ONLY you can download the Autumn Celebrations e-book free of charge by clicking this link.

Here is a picture & description of the Autumn picture book: 

Book description:

In this entertaining little book, Peaches and Paprika celebrate quirky holidays taking place in the months of October, November and December. Unusual holidays such as "National Happy Day for Cats," Cyber Monday for Cats in November and "Faux Fur Friday" in December are among those days observed in charming photo illustrations. Of course the traditional holidays like Halloween (called Meow-leen), Thanksgiving and Cat-mas are celebrated as well. This book makes a perfect small gift for a seasonal occasion. 


How the heck did we get these books finished while we were moving?  No way! We finished them before the move.  Our human could not even remember where everything was on her computer by the time she got her desk set up in our new digs!

Please do download our book while it's free if you can.  Reviews on Amazon greatly appreciated!

We are joining The Cat on My Head's Sunday hop and look forward to saying hello to our furrriends.  (if we have any left after being absent so long)