Tuesday, April 30, 2019

National Hairstylists Appreciation Day - Celebrated by Cats!

Hello, Peaches the cat here! We always wanted to be redheads! And on National Hairstylists Appreciation Day, we got to do just that.  Okay, so I settled for strawberry blonde because of my ginger spots and my sister Paprika got to be the over-the-top Redhead...but it's all good!  This is the second year we got to celebrate this fun holiday!  Tomorrow...back to reality....

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pet Parent Day Selfies - A little exra love!

Hello, Peaches here! Today our selfies celebrate  Pet Parents Day! (Last Sunday in April).    It was not easy to grab this selfie but I snuggled extra close to help. Today gives you humans an excuse to give your fur-alls an EXTRA tidbit of love -  treat, an extra round with the wand toy, an automated toy inside a paper bag? A new used box?

Photo #1, (left): This is the way I assist my human's
trip to slumberland - I snuggle against her cheek for 20 minutes, purring loudly.  As you can see from this recent photo, my charms are at work!

Picture #2:  (right)"  My shy sis-fur Paprika hanging out. The reason her eyes are closed is that her eyes are perpetually closed when there is a camera nearby.  

I ALWAYS get the right side of our mutual human, leaving the left to Paprika.  We know our territories!

Our human is lucky to be acquainted with such great cuddlers! But now its time for OUR treats and thank you presents. How about you humans...what extra goodies will you give YOUR cats for Pet Parents Day?

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hairball Awareness Day -- and we love it!

Peaches the cat here! This is SUCH an important day!  We kitties shed & shed in Spring and this day is dedicated to all humans knowing that and brushing us! And paw-leez, humans!  Know that if we try to accomplish the important task of licking it all ourselves we'll get the dreaded hairballs.  

Hairballs can be seriously injurious to our health.  There are many ways to prevent them: frequent brushings, special foods and many other means.  The nape of our necks and near our  tail are particular areas of need of brushings!

Our human purr-tonally uses the Fur-minator brush, available at pet shops and online cuz there's nothing like it.  AND we have taken over a pink brush previously belonging to her cuz we felt it should be Our brush. As you can see I'm in heaven when brushed with it!

Please, everyone.  Brush your fur babies a lot this month, whether they like it or not.

Now I, for one LOVE it and would like a brushing at least every day.  In fact I meow and ask for it! 

Hello, Paprika here.  As you can see we BOTH love the brushings!  And though I have shorter hair than conceited Peaches, I am addicted to that pink brush, and, when possible, take matters into my own paws.  I could spend all day with brushes if she let me.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Paprika in Tulip-land

We thought we'd celebrate  the tulip today! It's not quite tulip time yet here in the East but it's my human's favorite flower. She bought  me this cool tulip bedspread in honor of spring time.

 Of course I went to sleep on it immediately in the middle of my Face-Wash!

Speaking of tulips, there is a month-long tulip festival going on in the Netherlands...wish we were there!

To close, our human wanted to share a favorite photo she took in a previous years of the tulips in Elizabeth Park which is very near us.  Can't wait for next month to see them again!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My wild Wednesday - by Peaches the cat

I was NOT pleased at being ignored.
Today I tried a new prank.  I thought it was very funny but my human did NOT. 
YOU be the judge.

Now Paprika & I were trained NEVER to use our claws on the humans. 

I DO use them when kneading bread on my human's shoulder so I THOUGHT she would have a sense of humor and go along with my little joke.

I had to take matters into my own paws

So here's what I did:  my human was IGNORING me and doing something called "work" at my computer.  I meowed but she did not answer me.  I could not tolerate such disrespect so I played a little prank on her.

I went back out to the living room. Then, to GET HER ATTENTION I RACED back to her home office, LEAPED upon my cat condo next to her desk and stuck only ONE tiny claw into her forearm.  Chuckcle chuckle.  NO HARDER than when I knead bread on her.  A PINprick.  But She thought it was funny... NOT!

 She had not expected my little claw maneuver,  and gave me H____.  With a murderous look in her eye she yelled loudly, chased me out of the office and SLAMMED THE DOOR!  
Life is never fair

Obviously she can't take a joke. To show my disapproval for the whole situation I went to the very opposite side of the condo wanting nothing more to do with her and her "office."  I have my pride.

We did make up later, as we always do.  What choice does a cat have, she's in charge of the cat food.  But seriously, don't you think  my little "doesn't hurt a bit" one-claw attack was funny?

-- signed, Peaches the cat

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

National Lovers Day

Happy National Lovers Day!  There is no reason Lovers Day should not be celebrated by cats, don't you agree? So we thought we'd catch a quick smooch. Don't tell, though!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Honoring the Earth on Earth Day

Hello, Paprika here.  That's me on the right. This is a holiday which means multitudes this year!  Our earth is is danger and this day reminds us to honor, protect and stick up for the environment!  We hear this holiday is celebrated in over 19 countries, we hear!

As you have noticed, my sister, Peaches often goes overboard, thinking she must literally hug the earth.  But you have to admit, she's getting into the spirit of things.

We posted a similar graphic last year but we know you won't mind!  Wishing happy Earth Day to all!We love this holiday!  

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Our Easter Dilemma

Well, here's what happened!  Seeing that those Easter "bunnies" were stealing OUR thunder, we tried out this special Ear Tonic yesterday.   And THIS is what happened!  Now how to extricate ourselves from this situation?  Meanwhile Happy Cat-ur-day & Easter Weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

International Juggling Day

Happy International Juggling Day to all! Bet you didn't know we were accomplished Jugglers.Since this holiday falls in the middle of Easter week, we decided to juggle EGGS. Hardboiled of course. Bet you didn't know we were so talented...we did DROP a few, though...

Sunday, April 14, 2019

My Selfie for International Plant Day - Paprika

Hello, Paprika here! For my selfie today, I want to celebrate International Plant Day which was yesterday.  Real plants, artificial plants, we both  adore them ALL!  My human won't even keep real ones around for that reason.

Let me share with you a little plant story of Peaches and mine:  whenever we want our human's attention BAD, like when she's attending to something other than US, we approach the nearest artificial plant and pretend to take a bite out of it.  She falls for it every time.  In this picture I am NOT taking a bite of anything.  But my human thinks I look guilty.  What is YOUR opinion?  

Saturday, April 13, 2019

National Peach Cobbler Day

This is a day that no cat named Peaches can ignore! Or any Peach colored cat!  It's time to think about and dream about Peach Cobbler.  Do you think my human would let me have just a taste?  After all!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Happy National Pet Day to pet lovers everywhere

Well, we WERE going to take a well-deserved day off, but then YOU KNOW WHO advised us it is National Pet Day! She made a collage for the occasion and EVEN included D-o-g-s! Good thing she made a little room for US or we woulda had to rebel!

Happy National Pet Day to everyone!  Yet another day to hold your furry one close to your heart!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Happy National Sibling Day


We love 'em, we hate them, but we are never without them! Giving a toast to all sis-furs and bro-furs everywhere!  As for Paprika and I, we may fight, we may kiss, we may even hiss, but our relationships are always complex.  But time to put all little squabbles aside and celebrate OUR day!  - Peaches the cat

Saturday, April 6, 2019

National Siamese Cat Day Parade

Happy National Siamese Cat Day to all!  This is the day we celebrate these elegant cats. also known as “Meezers! ” on our Face book page Siamese Cat Celebration. If you have a Siamese Goddess-feline, You are invited to post a photo of YOUR Siamese in the comments on our page. If we have 10 or more there's be a Siamese Parade!  Here's the address: https://www.facebook.com/peachespaprika/

Meanwhile, we would like to introduce FANG, our human's past kitty who at one time was the love of her life.  

We hate to think she had another love except US, but we have to accept that our human has "a past."  A long time ago, our human lived in NYC in the Village & that's where Fang lived too. FANG's Dad was pure a Siamese, his mom a tabby.   He had a large family: Chang, Ching, Sin, Ming, Ling, Cling. Fang was VERY clever! His favorite "hiding trick" was to curl up on a plate in the kitchen cupboard and close the cupboard door after him! We opened the cupboard door to set the table for dinner and...aaaaargh!

PS: Fang sometimes looked very fierce if our human paid attention to her other cats when she got home.  He was very loving but also very intense!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Peaches and Paprika Arrested - in Jail!

Locked up for No Reason
The Human we were not Pleasin'
Catnip crimes we HAVE committed!
And to Tuna theft we admitted
Could we really have broken SO many rules
Of Course Not!  It's April Fool's!

Wishing all of you an awesome A.F. Day. Hope not too many tricks are played on YOU!