Saturday, February 29, 2020

Paprika suspended in Air

I, Paprika, specialize in Leap Years.  In fact I'm an expert.  My nickname is "Long Legs" Paprika.  Here I am, showing off one of my favorite leaps, suspended in human is looking for a picture of my sis-fur, Peaches, doing a leap.  she may be looking a long time, though, since Peaches is not near as nimble as me!

Being as how this is a special artsy picture (we used the software "Painnt" and the leap is my  own), we are joining Athena & Marie's Cat-ur-day Art Hop.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Meowy Gras Parade - Friends of Peaches & Paprika

We thought for the occasion we'd parade out all our furrriends in this --- just to show we HAVE friends! (MOL) from the MEOWY GRAS video our human made last year. We hope you enjoy our multi-cat show as we think these are pawesome cats! Sadly little Oliver who appears here is no longer with his owner!  

Happy Meowy-Gras 2020

Happy Meowy-gras to my many fur-riends from yours truly, Turquoise Peaches.  As I advised my human, I am always up for the opportunity to entertain, though I was little fearful of this new color, "turquoise."  My human told me it was very becoming, though, and bribed me with some rindstone jewelry to wear with it. I am to be addressed as "Queen" just for today. Still, you can see, the rather disapproving, may even scowling look on my face. I'm still getting used to this "Turquoise" stuff!
I don't know how, but I truly lucked out here! Usually Peaches gets these "Ruler of the Night" gigs, because of her stuck-up regal attitude, but I convinced my human to let me take the reins for this one occasion.  For tonite only, I rule! Pay no attention to any other cats. Look into my amber eyes...Respectfully submitted, Paprika the cat

Happy Meowy-gras to all our furrriends!

Monday, February 24, 2020

World Bartender Day - Bonanza for Katz

Happy World Bartenders Day. We have been chosen to be the only MEOW-tenders in our area today, a great honor. But can Peaches get with the program? NOooo. I told her the holiday is meant to HONOR bartenders who serve & ENTERTAIN OTHERS. Of course Peaches thinks the holiday is all about HER and is already zoned out on some Catnip wine she found. KATZ! - Paprika, World Bartender Cat.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Paprika's Sunday Selfie in Meow-garitaville

Good morning, Paprika here.  For my ultimate selfie, I pushed my greedy sis-fur, Peaches, out of our MEOW-GARITA dual photo yesterday, because I am WAY cooler than she.  I know such an act may be illegal, but it give me a Sunday Self-ie beyond reproach.  As you can see I am STILL celebrating MEOW-Garita Day. This will continue all weekend!  And by the way my a-PAW-logies for my human mis-spelling Meow-garita in my photo. I took the photo myself but she put in the writing.

We are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Pie-eyed on MEOW-garita Day

It's Meow-garita Day and yet another excuse to celebrate!  We were told that the catnip meowgarita we're consuming is different from Human Margarita but we are feeling NOooo pain.

Peaches:  Well I, Peaches can complain.  Paprika has a traditional GREEN drink and mine is orange.
Paprika:  That's cuz you got here LATE, Peaches. Now start drinking!

Our human made the graphic today with photoshop, lunatic,  er Luna-pic, including the showering hearts effect and picmonkey.  And a few margaritas...Though the day is self-explanatory, more National Margarita Day info can be found here!

We are joining Athena and Marie for Caturday Hop Day!  Hola!!!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

National Love Your Pet Day

This day is all about ME!~ Well it could be about me AND my sis-fur, Paprika, according to our human  We think there cannot be enough days like this.  Loving your pet is what it's all about we say!~  What will YOU be doing to celebrate this wonderful srumptious day?

Monday, February 17, 2020

Ear Wash: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Paprika here! So I really lucked out on this day because I got an EAR WASH from Peaches.  If that's not a random fact of kindness I don't know what is.  You can read all about this holiday HERE!   Also if you 
CLICK on the picture, you will see a little video of us in our Ear Wash Special activity. Of course I, Paprika, contribute to the washing!  Sometimes there's a little competition for who does the licking!

Below are some photos showing that Peaches really did give me this special ear wash They're kind of blurry cuz they are stills from a video.  

Here a few Acts of Kindness you humans can do easily - our human found these on various sites. You can think of more!

8 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
  1. Leave money on a vending machine for someone.
  2. Bake cookies for the elderly.
  3. Serve at a homeless shelter.
  4. Do a 5k for a good cause.
  5. Help at a veterinarian office.
  6. Pick up litter on the beach.
  7. Let someone go in front of you in line.
  8. Give a stranger a compliment.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Love Cats Slideshow 2020

CLICK ON PICTURE TO WATCH this little show!  It will be worth it! Here is the annual slideshow our human ignores us to make for our Facebook Friends.  They love being stars,  but WE do NOT love being TWO out of FIFTY!  We will be glad when its all over and she can pay more attention to US.  But at least we got to appear in a couple of slides.  Three bloggers are also in the's a surprise. Can you find them?

We are joining  Athena and Marie's Cat-urday Hop and The Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop this weekend, as our human is getting old fast and making slideshows takes her fur-ever!  We wish she'd hurry up and recover!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cattitude Contest Winners - 2020 "Oskat" Awards

It was a tough decision with 100 cat entries, all with dynamic cat-titude.  Finally, they were narrowed down to 18 and after much agonized debate our Facebook friends voted.  There was an additional contest for most acrobatic too.  Allie Spiegenhalter of Friends FurEver blog was the proud winner of the Acrobatics division after scaling the heights of an attractive cabinet.  

First prize winner , MUFFIN got a Peaches & Paprika 2020  calendar and the congratulations of over 20 friends. tThe runners up got, well, lots of glory and compliments.  But it was a fun evening for all,  We think cats SHOULD compete EVERY year for our own OS-KAT awards.  

SPECIAL AWARDS - Acrobatic Award

And Most Artist Cat Project (Paper Towel Art)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Oskat Awards Contest- Cat With Most Cattitude

You've heard of the Oscar Awards (tonight) but do you know about the OSKAT awards? 

It's true! Tonight a cat with the MOST CATTITUDE will be chosen on our Facebook page!  Contest Announcement below.  

A second winner, Most Acrobatic Cat will be chosen, too. 

We, Peaches & Paprika feel WE always should be the win-nahs, but our human is insisting to choose OTHER CATS! 

If YOU would like to enter your cat, apply on Oskat Announcement today on our Facebook Page before 3pm  with your most outrageous photo!

Today's Announcement:

Previous year's Win-nahs:

And sometimes WE get to to win, which is as it should be!

Who will the Winnah be toNITE?

We're hopping today with The Cat On May Head's Sunday hop.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Little Red Peaching Hood - Honoring Wear Red Day

I've always longed to be Red Riding Hood, even though I have to put up with being called "Peaching Hood..."  It's all good.  I am celebrating Wear Red Day which honors heart health and is the first Friday in February and you can read all about it and honor it by clicking the link.

Meanwhile, I innocently played may rightful role as Little Red Peaching Hood, only to learn that there is a WOLF in this story with big teeth  I meandered through the woods, basket in hand and entered a little cottage...well you can see what happened!  You never know what kind wolf  you will find....Cod knows what will become of me now!!!!
--Peaches the Cat

Note: Our human decided our story is artsy enough to join Athena and Marie for their Cat-urday hop!  Our human created my costume herself with photoshop.  She refused to tell me how Paprika ended up being the Big Bad Wolf. Woe is Me, Paprika's really sharp teeth. This is a Cat-lamity.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Kicking Up Our Heels at the Snooperbowl

We got the cheerleader jobs!  I have to admit we DID get carried away at the Super Bowl this year.  The Kitten Bowl didn't quite satisfy our need for adventure, so we got a better gig:  SNOOPERBOWL CHEERLEADER SUPER-CATS!  We use KNEW we'd find adventure this year at the snooper bowl...a bonanza for cats!  We got so excited we began to rise in the air...


Our human told us this was just a dream but when we arose this morning, Peaches was convinced we'd be Super Bowl Snoopervisers!

Later we learned our Purr-ticipation may be confined to the Kitten Bowl.  Mouses!!!

Later, we reconciled ourself to the realistic option of being in the Hallmark Kitten Bowl and we applied immediately

Here is our portrait, and we posted our trading cards below! 
Peaches "hot spot" is "being admired" whereas Paprika's joy is "Scaling the Heights." Nickname:  Paprika long legs.

Peaches' Trading Card

Paprika's Trading Card

You can join the kitten bowl if you haven't already by clicking on the link above.

Last but not least, we want to give you a memory flashback to a previous Super Bowl when we cats were not as cautious as now.  We were actually Fearless Feline Broadcasters!