Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy Mardi Gras!

Hot time for pretty kitties tonite!  

Would you know which one is which if we didn't put our names?  (Hint: I have a white vest and Paprika has an orange vest)

Fun design by Imikimi.

What is YOUR kitty wearing tonite...?

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mardi Gras Decision Time!

It's time to kick up our heels, er paws, soon and we're trying out Mardi Gras costumes today...we love to dress up, especially if it's virtual! 

Which of us do youze prefer?


Graphics thru Imikimi, lovely as always

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Orange Cat Celebration Announcement

Do YOU own an ORANGE CAT? 

This week on our Facebook Page we are celebrating all orange cats & would like to invite all you orange cats to JOIN us!  Just click on this link & you will see our invite on our Facebook Page "Orange Cat Celebration."

We think orange cats are beautiful! 

(sneaking suspicion: our DAD was probably an orange cat...)

The 1st 50 cats will be featured in a special St Patricks Day slideshow!) As of Sunday they are already 85, so some will be in a special album we'll make.
Thank you to all who joined us already!

This week we're joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Art and the Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop to say hello to our friends. Please visit the other fine felines and friends below!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

National Love Your Pet Day Feb 20

Tomorrow is National "Love Your Pet" day and we need little excuse to post fun, smoochy pictures to commemorate this great occasion!   

We're joining the Cat On My Head's Sunday blog hop & will leave our post tomorrow! Love to all!

You may notice that Peaches is always on my right and Paprika on my left, even while snoozing. Each must have her own "territory!" - Carol the human<!--

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Caturday Art and dress up time@Chez Peaches

Hello everyone.  we got to dress up this weekend for Caturday Art.  It's about time!  Our human let us go shopping at Lunapic and I picked out the Dreaming effect  I love my vibrant new stripes! -- Peaches

Paprika in Picasso effect
As usual Peaches (above) is overly flashy and trying to steal the spotlight again. I selected the Picasso effect which is much natural and looks more like the cat I am, don't you think? -- Paprika

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Double Valentine Day

Paprika's Subtle Sweet Valentine
Happy Valentines Day from us! We have picked out different valentines and now we can't decide what to do. I, Paprika, selected a lovely whimsical subtle Calico Kiss card, 
Peaches Flashy Valentine

Whereas my sisfur Peaches in her usual, um, overly flamboyant style has selected a card with 'FLASHING HEARTS" We couldn't decide what to do so are posting both to with you a double or quadruple valentines day!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

White Cats Delight Valentine Slideshow

the Cat On My Head'sThis fun White Cats Delight Valentine Slideshow features 27 white cats who are friends of our Facebook page.  Three Chatty Cats, 15 and Meowing and Aimable Cats are among the bloggers featured in the show. Just a little about white cats from a talented writer ion a well known site:

"White cats have long been loved for their pristine beauty.  We have traditionally celebrated white cats in February, because their pristine, snow-white coloring reminds us of the snow in that month" -- Franny Syufy, From Cats.About.Com:

Link to Youtube Show (best resolution-Please leave comment if you like!) - white Cats Delight Valentine Slideshow.  If you're short of time and don't mind low res, here's our uploaded videos.

We are joining Cat on My Head'sThe Cat On My Head's Sunday blog hop and look forward to saying hello to our friends today!

Our Valentine House

Did you know we are homeowners? This house was sold  to us for 1 meow by a very special friend....BUT...only one of us will fit into it. Who will it be? How will we settle this puzzle?

Naturally, I, Peaches was the first to enter!
I loved the house 
and lost no time 
it out!

Me Peering out the window

ALAS...  It's my annoying sister, PAPRIKA!



Oh NO!  How did she get IN?

I'll take care of THIS!

Paprika is that you?

Come Out of there!

I'll get her out!
DONE! Paprika is LEAVING
Too bad I had to KNOCK THE ROOF OFF! Oh well...

The Roofless House & Stubborn Paprika

You'd think it would have ended there, but NO....
Paprika INSISTED on occupying the roofless house!

I have a legal right to BE here!
Paprika I am NOT pleased.  Do I look pleased?
Roofless or not, I'm staying! It's not
every day I find a house like this.
RATS! Paprika refuses to leave
despite my GLARES!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pets and the people who love them

Here are many of our friends in a valentines collage.  We're in it, too.  Guess where? Today we're lining Rocco and Rascal's Friday Valentine Pet Parade and Athena and Narie's Caturday Art.  Happy Love Day to all of you and your animals! Love, Peaches & Paprika

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sisterly Love!

Sister calicos Peaches & Paprika getting a head start on snuggling for the valentine season!

Left panel: Peaches snoozing in Paprika's arms; Right: Peaches protecting Paprika while both snooze together!