Sunday, July 14, 2024

Winners of National Paper Bag Day Contest (5 more cats)

 On July 12, NATIONAL PAPER BAG DAY, we held a Paper Bag contest amongst our Facebook friends.  

Each cat had to submit herself/himself INSIDE a paper bag. Despite some outlaw cats not following the rules, here are our talented winners!
2nd place was a another tie between the lovely "Callie" and "Paper Bag Pixel"

Our beautiful 3rd place winner was newcomer Elfie.  What a beautiful gal and so purr-fectly situated in that bag!

Not all cats followed the rules! (which were that you must be IN the bag!  Outlier actions:

1) Sometimes you could see a bag and no identifiable cat

2) Sometimes you could see a cat "investigating" a bag or sitting atop it.  Not going to work, guys!

3) the most blatant offenders showed themselves sitting in something OTHER than a paper bag. One even chose a briefcase, can you believe?

It's not easy running these little contests and parades, but we think everyone had a lot of fun. (believe it or not, there were many cats NOT liking paper bags!

We are trying to show above a couple of videos relating to the event.  Wish us luck we'll need it with Mom Carol's ancient computer!

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Friday, July 12, 2024

Happy National Paper Bag Day - A bonanza for cats!

Hello all.  Much to our delight, we learned of a special day made just for cats.  Well maybe that wasn't the original intent, but we can't think of a more handy, cheap and delicious invention.

we love to get in them, look in them, hide in them, crumple them, make them get noisy and push them around.  They make most attractive ornaments too, don't you think!

We decided to have a paper bag parade on our social media page today.  We'll see what happens and report back!

  Meanwhile, enjoy the pix of US...enjoying OUR paper bags!

I tried to look extra cute here....cuz I'd love to stay in this bag a long long time! 

-- Paprika

Bags are actually my specialty.  NOt all cats are adept as I am with them or can choose the colors so wisely!

I have another saying which has served me well...

Do you agree?
More Later...

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Bloggers Catriotic Slideshow - 2019 4th of July

 blast from the past! Blogger slideshow from 2019,  Sadly, many of these kitty's are no longer with us...but oh, the memories! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

MY DREAM BOX - for International Box Day!

 Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for organizing this important day.  It brings back fun memories...when we were brand new blogger kitties, we got to "star" in an International Box Day event...we'll try to find the graphic and post it...

Well today I d decided to share one of my favorite boxes...MY DREAM BOX!  Isn't it beautiful?  What do I dram about in this box?  Well, there's tuna...and thinking of sunny windows...memories of catnip...I wasn't always so comfy...I try to forget my shelter days and my dream box helps me do that! Love, Paprika the cat

PEACHES THE CAT HERE.  I have a different opinion about boxes.   I think a box is where one should creative and experiment with different positions.  check on my "moves" below.  My sis-fur Paprika should be more inventive - like me! 

-- Peaches the cat

HOW about This position?
Or THIS one?

But BOTH. of us have fond memories of our very FIRST box day way back when...Ann of Zoolatry kindly put us in the graphic...made us feel part of the community...BUT...we had to share the scene with a D-O-G!  (Luke). (We DID get to know him later and found him courteous and well mannered...)

Ah, such memories of box day...thanks to Ann.  We still ADORE this picture!

Love, Peaches and Paprika

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Kitty Dad Day!

 This year we did our first "Kitty Dad" Slideshow to honor those gentlemen who love their fur-balls, cuddle and care for them.  We wish we had included more Dads, as kitties and dads are no longer with us....

Of course Mom Carol could not resist putting tighter one of her artsy cartoons - again featuring "OTHER CATS..."  5 men and 11 cats!  By sheer purrr-severehce I was able to purrr-suade my stubborn human to include me, ME, Peaches and my little sis-fur Paprika in the cartoon...after all...who is this blog ABOUT?

I'll give you a hint...US!

That's Paprika sitting on the lap of someone she never met before while I have the place of honor in the middle of the room (even though I did have to sit on the floor). I am pleased I was able to give commentary on the cartoon as it made me feel part of things.  Even though I was a little sarcastic. (ME?)

But anyway we hope you'll watch our Kitty Dad slideshow...these dads are really touching!

Love to all of you dads today!

Peaches and Paprika.

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Sunday, May 26, 2024

10th Annual Kitties Rainbow Memorial Day

 This is our annual show featuring our Facebook and many of our blogger friends.  (10 bloggers' cats!)  We're sorry we could not include everyone but did the best we could!  Here are the bloggers listed in this show (and the others are our loyal FB friends with us daily)

The Island Cats - Sue Doute - Ernie

Dawn - Lola the Rescued Cat - Lola

Sharon - Friends Forever - Raz

15 & Meowing - Ellen Pilch - Joanie, Lucy, Elvira

Sherry Katz - Pumpkin

Terry - Brian's Home - Brian

Stunning Keisha

The Upchurches - Kommando Kitty

Colehaus Cats - Olivia

Bonniwe Koenig - Ichiria

Love and Blessings to all!

Carol, Peaches and Paprika

Sunday, April 28, 2024

National Hairstylist Day Kitties


April 30 is Hairstylist Appreciation Day and it's our chance to be real beauty queens at last.  No matter how nice one's "do" is, it's great to have a little CHANGE!

Our human likes to include a few of our facebook friends in the slideshow she creates (we'd rather it just be US) and she was adamant in showing you the slideshow she created and a few of the, purr-ticipants.  There will be a little voting next week and a blue ribbon MAY be given.  

We'll list just 3 of the contestants
and we're uploading the slideshow right here!

 Our own REESIE will be in the parade, altho we had to shorten the deadline due to computer repair so she's not in the slideshow. But here she is below + other "furrrriends..."

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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Easter Celebrations and Guest Artist

 We agreed with our human that WE would be the starring characters on her Easter Post.  This was not easy since she is easily distracted and sometimes observes (and even CREATES) other cats.  Can you BELIEVE it?  But we got her to keep it down to a minimum today.  Here is an idyllic shot of us resting up for Easter, posted earlier in the week.


I, Paprika, was tempted by a mouthwatering purple basket.  I could not resist.  However, Peaches thought it was a TRAP so I didn’t stay long...

But it turned out to be a TRICK!  Peaches just wanted the purple basket for herself.

Our Human, tiring of our basket ins and outs, turned her attention to “other cats” - again! And made THIS little fantasy picture!

We thought they would be CHICKENS.  What do we do NOW?

Then she created a SLIDESHOW of our Facebook friends.  Of course we DID star in the show.  If you’d like to watch an abbreviated version, here it is (pardon the low resolution)

One last Easter thing she did:  she fell in love with a fellow artists artwork of a whole BOX of  Easter eggs from guessed it...KITTENS emerged! there no end to people’s imagination..It’s called “A Sweet Surprise” - by colleague Andy Gambino. His online link is right below the picture.

We think it’s time to guessed it, a NAP...until the excitement’s over...


We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday hop today. Happy Easter to all!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Guest Cats for Easter Caturday

 Despite our objections that WE should be the subject of any and all holiday postings, our human DISOBEYED us and agreed to post what she felt were some PAWESOME other cats.  

Mom Carol curates an online CREATIVE CAT forum, she sometimes runs contests and these fine felines (see below) were the artsy winners of the contest.  The links to their pictures online are included if you wnat to know more.  Many (but not all were created with AI.  But of course OUR picture is just lil ole us.  

we do think the artsy cats are petty cool, though.  What do YOU think?

Peaches & paprika

PS:  Mom promised to do some of her "AI" on US...but we're still waiting!

1st place winner.  
Excited For Easter

by Sharon W

2nd Prize:  Cat 00l

the Art Collective

3rd Places (3 images)

We are joining Athena and Maries CREATIVE CATURDAY HOP to show off our Easter Kitty winners!

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

9th Annual Purple Day for Epilepsy

 Peaches here!  We’re up for a good cause always and to support this mission, I have purpled myself  out!  If our purple selves can help in any way we’re up for it!

You can read more about this holiday and mission here!

Thanks to those supporting this cause!

PS: Paprika said she’d be by to support our efforts, but I think she is busy with Easter week....

Saturday, March 16, 2024

St Catrick Guest Cat Creative Winners

Good morning, Peaches the cat here!  This week our human hosted a St. Catrick’s (okay, St. Patrick’s) contest for “MOST CREATIVE ST PATRICKS CAT.”  There was some heavy competition & three talented winners were chosen. (You guessed it, we were “polite” and sat out the competition.  Just sayin...)

Anyway, we’re proud to present the talented artists and photographers who were 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for our Creative Caturday Hop!  We also included the link to their picture on the Fine Art America site in case you want to investigate them further!

1.  LUCKY KITTEN - by Shoal Hollingsworth

Shoal Hollingworth is a professional photographer living in California.  He shoots an amazing variety of topics and has a wonderful collection of pets – not only cats but dogs, fish, horses and even a rooster.  He writes “I absolutely love being behind the camera and will take on any photography challenge.”

2.  HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY KITTEN - by Zenya Zenyaris

Zenya is an illustrator and artist,  also from California. With a diverse portfolio including digital art and other forms of art.  She has a special collection of holiday prints, including this cute St Patricks day kitten with a pensive expression  and green St Patricks hat surrounded in Clover.

3.  ST PATS CATS - by Andy Gambino

Andy Gambino, our third winner is from London, England. Formerly he worked at the Royal Opera House Covenant Garden in the costume department & eventually took up architectural and portrait photography.  He now creates primarily in digital art. His imaginative  abilities certainly show in the whimsical portraits of a cat trio & miniature kitten watching a St Patrick’s event

You might well wonder where were WE when all this voting was going on?  Well, we had an important job.  We helped Mom Carol keep all the voters in line.  And of course we had final veto power over the finalists.  We felt alittle left out...but we had our job to do!  

We love watching the other cats on Fine Art America because our Human learns so much from studying all the different kinds of art.  She actually curates a creative cats group, of which these talented artist were members.  Sometimes she’s in such a good mood she gives us extra TREATS!

Signing off for now and we will reappear tomorrow with our OWN St Catrick’s Day greeting!

Love, Peaches & Paprika

PS:  Mom Carol has her own FineArtAmerica site.  It is:

Joining Athena & Marie’s Creative Caturday Hop and Cat on My Head’s Sunday Hop.

 Happy St Catrick’s to all and may the road rise up to meet you in your travels!

Love, Peaches & Paprika

Monday, March 11, 2024

Who Won the OS-CAT awards?

Well it wasn’t us! Would you believe Mom Carol disqualified us because of previous winnings and opened up the contest to OTHER CATS?  Mouses!!! This is the 4th annual Os-CAT awards but it does make  for an exciting evening where CATS - not only humans - can PURR-ticipate!  (even tho it wasn’t us...we DID give the awards)

The prize was for BEST CATTITUDE...though special prizes were awarded which will be explained.

There were 37 Cats who entered

15 Finalists (selected by Mom Carol

Four CATTITUDE winners (selected by Peaches and Paprika’s Facebook group friends 

and 5 “special prizes awarded”  for “cat with most creative pose,”  “best dressed cat,” “most covetous cat,” “Best synchronicity” and “most outrageous cat.”


Note: The outrageous cat award featured a dramatic shot of Tony the Cat sitting atop a BIRD cage with all FANGS showing!  Mi Cod!

All in all it was an EXCITING contest for the cats involved...not for US...cuz all we got to do was watch.  Fair? NOT fair?

                THE “HOW COULD YOU?” LOOK

We ended the evening with that “special look” straight at our human.  She knows what it means.  But she promises to make up for her lapse of attention in the coming week by posting EXTRA ST CATRICKS DAY pictures...of US!

Due to the occasion, we’re joining Cat On My Head’s Sunday special Hop and Cat Blogosphere too!