Sunday, June 27, 2021



Our new book, Summer Celebrations, celebrating an incredible group of photo-cartoons celebrating summer holidays is available to download free of charge - TODAY ONLY on Amazon.  Click on the picture to watch the 30 second book trailer, then download a rich array of summer holidays - from July to September.

Included are:

July 3 - National Ice Cream Day (celebrate by both Peaches and Paprika

July 22 - National Hamnock Day

July 30 - Cheesecake Day - celebrated by "Cheesecake Paprika"

August 3 - International Beer Day

August 8 - International Cat Day

August 22 - Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

September 6 - Read a Book Day

September 19 - Meow Like a Pirate Day

We are joining The Cat On My  Head's Sunday Hop today.  Happy weekend to all!

Here's the download link again.  Please bypass "Read this book free" and select the option "Buy Now" because today it's free!