Sunday, September 26, 2021

Peaches disappears from Motel Room

Petulant Peaches the cat, here. I scared Mom Carol to death this week! (she deserved it).  Mom Carol did not know I was an escape artist. As you can see I am NOT a happy cat today. Well here's what happened.  She dragged us away from our happy home into some thing cold and sterile called MOTEL.  She said something called "plumbing work" meant she had to leave her home for a night...but
did she have to take US?  Well she DID take us against our wishes.

She let us out in a strange room we'd never seen before. I spent the night guarding the food supply. 

Well someone has to do it, since Paprika was cowering in the bathtub in her carrier.

After a while I tried to go under the bed but there was NO "under the bed" being as how something called a "platform" was there instead. UNFAIR TO CATS!

I thought I could get under the bed this way but I could only get this far. Unfair!

Finally I had my chance.  The human LEFT the motel room.  Did you hear that?  She left us ALONE in that weird room. While Paprika continued to "cower in corners" I saw my chance to ES-CAPE!

When my human returned to the motel room an hour later, SHE'D LEFT TWO CATS BEHIND BUT FOUND ONLY ONE CAT when she returned.  I had disappeared ENTIRELY.

Mom Carol was hysterical that only one cat was there when she had left two cats.  She called and called me but Paprika kept coming up to her.  I was nowhere to be found.  She looked 10 times all over the bathroom, opened up all the drawers repeatedly, looked behind the fridge.  NOTHING.

She was sure someone had seen me, noticed my vibrant colors and STOLEN ME!

Finally as she stood there, distraught, I MADE MY MOVE.  The drawer beside her moved slightly by itself.  then it moved again.  She gasped, wondering if the room was haunted and looked for the 9th time into the empty drawer.  First she saw nothing. THEN she saw the corner of my ear--BEHIND the drawer. HOPE sprung in her heart.  Soon she peered over the top & saw ME squeezed in the tiny space behind the
drawer. (and I'm a big cat.) She gasped and tried to pull out the drawer.  It wouldn't budge.  Then she tried to pull ME out. I maneuuvered mightily and finally I managed to struggle out of that tiny space my fur flying all over the room

Afterwards I strutted around casually like nothing had happened, while she recovered.  She then bawled me out saying I was not to "do that again" and we were leaving the motel earlier than planned.

Just as I wanted.

The moral of this story:  If your human does something you don't like, make sure to HIDE so that she or he has some time to appreciate you by your sheer absence!  All cats should be smart  like me.

Needless to say we were soon sprung free back home.  My human was nicer to me than usual afterwards, and gave me and Paprika salmon for breakfast!  No less than we deserved but I should have had the salmon all to myself.


My human has decided to join The Cat On My Head's Sunday blog hop hoping someone  will commiserate with her.  Don't listen to her!  It's ME who deserves your good wishes.

                                                            -- Peaches the Cat

Sunday, September 19, 2021



Ahoy Mates, we may look fierce and we are! Welcome aboard all sea-cats~ (sea dogs NOT allowed). We have obtained our "Sea Paws" and require all those coming aboard to fork over their tuna, sardines  and catnip possessions upon entry.  Once we sail, those not complying with our sailing rules will be CAT-ta-pulted OVERBOARD.

NO PREY NO PAY, so bring your best prey or CRAWL THE PLANK!!!


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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Peaches & Paprika Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day


Peaches here. We have been advised by the human generation that today is NATIONAL CHEESEBURGER honor this human-created weird invention with buns and beef patties.  

I, as a cat OBJECT!  I  requested FISH for breakfast but instead what did I get?  This brown and orange "thing."  What to do?


Good Morning, Paprikahere.  I see nothing wrong with today's beef entree!  Please pay no attention to my grouchy, surly, "have it my way" sis-fur Peaches.

I cannot let my sis-fur, that scoundrel, goody two-shoes Paprika have the last word.  Here I am again that with wierd brown and orange thing. It looks like I have no choice in the matter.  Grumble, Grumble...Peaches the cat

Human's note:  National Cheeseburger Day was said to have been "invented" in 1926 when someone dropped a slice of cheese on that American favorite, the hamburger.  Read more about it HERE.

I for one adore cheeseburgers and have one as often as I can!


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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Paprika and Peaches attack Mom Carol's blue jean shorts

Hello, friends, Paprika here, supervisor of summer clothing. What do you think should be done with this pair of Mom Carol's cut-off shorts now that summer is almost over?

I have the answer to that question!

I am taking excellent care of this pair as anyone can see.  For some reason Mom Carol did not agree!
Listen to the conversation so you can hear what she told me!

As you can see I did NOT agree with her conclusions.

I could not resist!  I could not restrain myself from trying out my world famous "rabbit-kick" on the shorts.

...much to the horror of my human.  But I was not done yet....


Good morning, Peaches here.  If those shorts are so "special" it's only right that they should be given to the most special cat in the household. Right?

Ho Hum was all I could do to stay awake during my session with them.

Nevertheless, they are MINE now!

Do you hear me?  MINE!

Peaches:  Don't they look good on me?

Mom Carol: Peaches these are Not for cats!

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