Saturday, January 21, 2023

Creative Colorful Cat Contest Winners


So here's what happened:  Our adventurous human was not satisfied with US!  She had to go
adventuring in OTHER PLACES where she met OTHER CATS and their humans.  Thought as her real live house cats we don't approve of such venturings, there is nothing we can do about it.  We hereby grant her the floor....for Caturday only!

Full disclosure: Our creative human has an artist site on Fine Art America where she displays her artwork of not only cats, but other pets, landscapes, flowers, seascapes and much much more. In Fine Art America, there are contests, a place to showcase and sell one's art work and networking with other artists.


Last month our human held a CONTEST for creative and colorful art creations of cats. There were an astonishing number of entries. She planned to feature one cat but FIVE cats/humans tied for FIRST with the most votes.  Here are the talented winners (not necessarily in order of winning). We are placing their web links as well if you want to check out more of their talented work.


Eva Lechner, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Debra Kewley, Deborah League, Tatiana Travelways.


Eva Lechner's Portrait of a Siamese cat

Eva is a professional photographer from Germany with a special in nature, birds, animals and wildlife.  This gorgeous cat named Indigo inhabited a B & B in Alaska which Eva visited & the detail is wondrous. Eva writes:  I started photographing when I was 12 and since then its been my greatest Iove and passion."

Susan Maxwell Schmidt and her cat creation: ELECTRA

Susan writes: "I'm an animal person through and through."  Re cats:  "There is just something so elegant and even a little mysterious about cats that I just can't resist depicting them in all their sophisticated glory. "

Susan, who lives in Pennsylvania, also uses many digital apps collected through time & creates many of her masterpieces on an iPad.

She is an accomplished artist in many other areas: another favorite creative outlet is designing & crocheting contemporary knitwear.

Debra Kewley and her creation:  CAT IN A HAT

Debra writes:  "I love bringing a cat to life with my digital art!  Splash painting is featured in this digital cat and its colorful hat.  Deborah who lived many years in Florida, specialized in gorgeous seascapes and other beautiful scenes (including animals) & more recently in digital art. She's in the process of moving to Colorado where "the mountains are calling!" We can't wait to see more of her work.

Deborah League's creation:  GALAXY CAT

Deborah writes:  "While my subject varies, my inspiration is always the same:  COLOR - and the way it makes me feel.  From soft and muted to vibrant and everything in-between, color ... is a way to preserve memories, ...and even evoke sounds and tastes."

What a fitting statement for a winner of a "colorful and creative cat" contest! Deborah, who lives in Delaware, has made some dramatic and exciting explorations into the world of digital art, including many cat portraits, and her spectacular Galaxy Cat --with its blue predominance an myriad other glimmering colors--says it all.

Tatiana Travelways' creation: COLORFUL CAT

Tatiana,, has created a beautifully modern creative cat portrait, however, as the last name suggests, she focuses on documenting the many different and colorful places she's traveled with her art work, specializing in digital.  South America, both American Coasts and Europe represent only a few of the places she's visited and painted.

Tatiana currently lives in Las Vegas.  


We certainly hope you've enjoyed these portraits of OTHER CATS because hereafter, we intend to keep a tighter leash on our human, so she doesn't escape, go adventuring outside and...well, you get the drift!


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