Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year Eve!

Happy New Year's Eve to all our friends! We wish for you happy purrs, meowsl, good health & lots blessings next year. 

We are joining Caturday Art by Athena & Marie for our New Year's Eve greeting. We fell so in love with the color "red" during Christmas, we wanted to keep it as long as possible! 

Butterfly design from Imikimi, then various effects in pic monkey, crafty borders and the radiance filter in the celebrations area of the "Christmas" section. 

 Love & a Happy 2017 to all!

Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Friday, December 30, 2016

Scrutiny of Holiday Cards

Suddenly the Dining Room Table was filled up...

We noticed an enormous amount of INCOMING papers and went over the see what was up!

Wow, Carol got ALOT of cards, didn't she?

This bears some closer scrutiny

I'm trying to figure it out!

Didn't know Carol was so popular!

She's NOT!

Those cards are for US!  WE are popular!

Can't you see they're all of CATS?

Oh Goodie! that means I get to inspect up close!

Myself, I believe in the "Paws On" approach!

Thank you all our cat friends!  We love you!

Me too!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our Secret Paws Bonanza from Lola the Rescued Cat

Our Celebration

Hello everyone...
We got REALLY lucky this year with a scrumptious bonanza of catty gifts which could not have been more thoughtfully selected by Lola the Rescued Cat. Here are a few highlights.  More details and unfettered illustrations of how we went about enjoying the goodies check out our our Secret Paws post. I reminded my sister Paprika that I, Peaches, got to be the first "into" the box. 

It's in HERE, I just KNOW it!
However I have a lot to thank Paprika for because SHE found the catnip package first! Both of us, though, blessed out on the FAT CAT appeateasers, before we ever got to that little white package of catnip!

Once we finished blessing out on the Appeateasers it was time for a serious event...unwrapping the heavenly smelling white package!

But first, Paprika insisted on stealing Carol's "cat scarf" which Dawn had especially packed for her!

 Carol was told by Paprika she could not enjoy that beautiful scarf just yet

Two satisfied cats could be found afterwards....

Paprika after nipping the nip

Check out our our Secret Paws post for even more detail!

Love too Lola The Rescued Cat and her thoughtful human Dawn for our bonanza afternoon!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Calico Celebration Event

Do YOU have a Calico, per chance?

On PEACHES & PAPRIKA'S FACEBOOK PAGE  we are hosting an informal event to honor Calicos!  
All you have to do is 1) own a calico cat 

 2) Leave comment &  picture on Calico item

 3) leave a few words about your cat.

4) Please LIKE our FB page if you haven't already

If you have  xmas pictures, great, but not necessary.

After jan 1 I'll do a calico album. Or slideshow if I have any energy left after the last one. We'll follow that in future months with events for all cats - orange, black, tortoise, white, the works!~ But for now if you happen to have a calico and would like to post his/her picture we'd be delighted to honor her. 

Here is the address again:
Peaches & Paprika's Facebook Page- the calico event is pinned to the top this week.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Boxing Day-We Compete in sport

Tradition has it this is a U.K. holiday celebrated the day after Christmas. It has to do with giving boxes to tradesmen, many other box-related activities AND watching the boxing matches. This called to mind a creative sports competition we had not long ago...(11 seconds long only!)
Youtube version with Music

Our Karate Kick - Youtube version with music - 11 seconds

video upload (no music)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas for real

Merry Christmas for real to our blogging friends. Your friendship has meant a lot to us this year. We loved doing the slideshows & getting to know your kitties a little more. Also we just loved seeing your festive cards whether by mail, email or in your blogs.  (Our card design today is from Imikimi.) Our human asked us to ask you to forgive her for not otherwise being around much the past week or two. She loves you and WILL return! 

Friday, December 23, 2016


Here is the Cat Bloggers slideshow - the link on Youtube through which you can watch it!  Enjoy! We'll be leaving this post up Friday, Saturday (Caturday Art & BB-RR Pet Parade) and Cai on My Head's Sunday Blog Hop. 

And Please leave a comment on Peaches and Paprika's youtube channel  if you like it!

Access the video thru this link:


Best wishes, Carol
Assistant to Peaches & Paprika

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Turkey Investigation

Okay, it's coming to be that time of year and we're sensing GOINGS ON IN THE KITCHEN! Time to investigate...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Temptation of a Santa Hat

Even though its not Christmas yet I could not resist trying on this santa 
hat. What do you think? 

Peaches the Cat

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Paprika Cheesecake

Paprika, learning 
it is "Tummy Tuesday" strikes an interesting pose with an inventive 
leg raise amongst the holiday cards. These calicos have an imaginative world of their own. Go figure.

-- Carol, 
their human

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pine Cone Specialists

We can't believe it's just one week before Christmas! We are joining Cat On My Head's blog today to give you our holiday card (graphic by Imikimi) while wishing all of our friends a peaceful (yet lively)  week....don't let the humans get away with hiding your gifts!  Our advice is to unwrap all presents as early as possible, ESPECIALLY if they contain CATNIP!   PS: we tried to look a little "sultry" in this card (not so "nicey-nice"). Do you think we succeeded? 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas at Our Companions Animal Sanctuary

It's slideshow city at our human's house this Christmas.  we've been pretty nice about her "slide-showing."  She's working on a slideshow soon for the cat bloggers community but FIRST she just finished one for "Our Companions" animal sanctuary in Ashford Connecticut where she does volunteer work with photography to help the kitties and woofies there.  You'll enjoy this short show. all the animals are in "virtual costumes" in order to cause minimum aggravation!  This weekend we're joining Marie and Athena's Caturday Art and Bionic Basil's Pet Parade....what is this slideshow if not "artsy?"

High Res Version (on youtube) (best)

Christmas at Our Companions Animal Sanctuary

Low-Res Version (below) for a "quickie"

Strangely enough over 12 have been adopted ust since Carol Started the slideshow on Dec 1. She will finish the bloggers slideshow in about a week, in time for Christmas!

Hi-Res Version:

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday Card Interference

How to Interfere with the sending of holiday cards

Hurry, Paprika, we must stop her from
engaging in this USELESS ACTIVITY!
I don't see why our human should fiddle around with colorful pieces of paper when paying attention to US would be a much better choicer!  Let's see how we can disrupt this useless process of sending small pieces of paper called "Christmas Cards"


I can take care of this, Peaches!

Ready, Set

TRA-LA! I'll get in the middle of it all!

Paprika, you terrify me sometimes!
I'm working up the courage to get out
from under the table!

Nothin to it! A little balance,
gymnastics practice...

Mess Up a few stamps & cards..He He...
C'MON Up Peaches, it's

I think I got the hang of it now, Paprika!
If Carol hasn't gotten message by now, she never will...

Respectfully submitted, Peaches & Paprika

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cat Bloggers Slideshow Reminder

Come one come all: Please join us for the Holiday Slideshow.  Deadline is December 15. 

We so ask you to include the following info (some find it easiest to copy and paste this onto their email.

Picture or Link to Picture on your Blog
Your Blog Name
Blog Web address
Name of your cat (s )
Your Name & email address

Help us make this a "star-studded" kitty show by including YOUR kitty! 

I, Paprika, gentle cat

These snowflakes Make a good pillow!
I, Paprika, prefer to compete with my  flamboyant sibling, Peaches in a more subtle manner...

here I am portraying my charms in, well, a softer, gentler way...would you agree?  

Time for my evening constitutional....ZZZZ

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Peaches' Big Holiday Decision

Dearest readers....I must ask your wised counsel in a big decision I am making.  Okay so I'm a little vain but here's the question. My human has FINALLY decided to feature ME as a centerpiece in her living room. the dilemma is...which picture of me to use??? So hard...Here are the contenders. Which do YOU think should grace our living room?  (MOL...frame she used is  by Imikim)  (Yeah I know I'm stuck up, people say that a lot!)  (including my human)

Picture #1...Large, a little Gawdy

Picture #2 - More Subtle

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Box Assembly

Thought you might be interested in our delectable experience of ASSEMBLING THE BOX.

Well of course first of all it arrived!

What do you think, Peaches?

Here's how it looked when inside the box. Of course we investigated right away!

Looks intriguing...
Love that pinkish ball
 on the door

I'm going IN!

Why does SHE always have to go in first?

I  LIKE  it!

Except ME!

I won't letl ANYONE ELSE N!

It's MINE now (I think)

But it won't be easy to maintain control...oh rival sister approaches

-- ### --

Suddenly snow magically appears on the scene and things come to a head....