Sunday, November 7, 2021

Separation Anxiety - by Peaches the Cat


Here I am hugging my human when she returns
A big change occurred in our household recently.  Our human DISAPPEARED!  She insists she did NOT disappear, but I know different.  That's because she races around in the morning and then she is definitely GONE - for hours and hours.  Used to be I could hang out with her whenever I wanted and now I have to wait till 5PM when she returns! 

I am so thur-RILLED when she returns. 

Paprika could care  less, she's not a sensitive animal like myself, but I wonder every day whether the human will come back home 

at ALL.    she says she has gotten something called a J-O-B.  This is NOT good.  That means when I want an ear scratch or a head rub SHE MAY NOT BE THERE.  She mays she needs M-o-                                                    n-e-y to buy us cat food but we've been eating steadily the last year
so what's the fuss?

I did some reasearch on the inter-cat-net and after a few scratchings, came up with the term r-e-m-o-t-e.  I told our human "Do THAT." Cuz then she could scratch my ears all day long.  she said it wasn't that kind of job and that she had some heavy h-o-u-s-e-h-o-l-d expenses.

Well all I can do about it is:  1) await her arrival in a comfy, seductive position to welcome her home  and 2) smother her with kisses and fur and rubs when she returns.  And all evening after that. After dinner I insist on lap time to reward her for feeding me.  She thinks I've gotten really weird and calls me "insatiable" (whatever that is) but....I've got to grab my lovin' when I can, who knows what will happen next!

Yours truly, Peaches the cat

PS Of course I DO give her a little "guilt trip when she returns--finally.  What cat wouldn't?

Waiting for my human and NOT very patiently

Human's note:
  Little did I know my starting a part-time job to pay the mounting bills (only 4 hours a day!) would cause independent, confident Peaches such worry! She has literally become a "clingy cat" when I am home and when I arrive, the strength of her purr can probably be heard down the block.   Yet Paprika, the more "scaredy-cat" of the two has taken it in stride. It's funny how we never know how our animals will react to even a small change.

For the meanwhile, I'll enjoy all the extra head butts, purrs and extra rubbings from "insatiable Peaches!"