Sunday, January 20, 2019

Happy early Hugging Day

Paprika here! This important hugging day is actually celebrated January 21 (tomorrow). We prefer to get a head start because 1) Hugging is cool and 2) we have lots more time for hugging on a snowy weekend afternoon!

National Hugging Day, as you can plainly see, is not limited to humans (though they are encouraged to participate!) I love being hugged by Peaches because when she's in a good mood, I feel so safe & protected snuggled in her Paws!

Among the benefits are boosting serotonin, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiac health and increasing relaxation among both participants.  We can attest to that!

We are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today & wish all of you warm hugs and more today & all week long!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Popcorn Peaches & Paprika

We were minding our own business when suddenly we were ATTACKED BY POPCORN.  What a mess!  while we were defending ourselves, poor Peaches was literally flipped in the air..but we found out what had happened.   NATIONAL POPCORN DAY, an obscure holiday, had taken us by surprise.  But we rose to the occasion!  A few kernels hit our noses but we did a great job of self defense!  Wishing your humans a happy Popcorn Day.  Have some! We do suggest you kitties run like H___ if you see them coming your way though!

PS: You can read about this fun day by clicking the link.  We're joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Hop today. Looking forward to saying hello...

Monday, January 14, 2019

Dress Up Your Pet Day - Our crochetted hats

Here I am, "hamming it up" with my favorited crocheted hat on "Dress Up Your Pet Day". I have to admit I've only found one hat I like -- this one.  The way it caresses my ears is delectable!  My sis-fur Paprika (below) is just the opposite.

Good morning, Paprika here! MY idea of celebrating this day and wearing a hat is to Hide UNDER the hat...or hide the hat itself.  A girl has her pride. I refuse to show off like my haughty sis-fur Peaches.

Have fun, everyone with Dress Up Your Pet Day. The idea is to be stylish and have a good time for all, but never force it! Comfort is all! If your kitty doesn't like your heart's desire costume, you will have to celebrate in other ways!  there are always "virtual costumes" now that we have our computers!  Will your cat be dressing up today, virtually or for real?

PS: This hat was made by the famous "grammy, " mom of my friend Ellen of the the blog, 15 and Meowing.  Mroww!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Blue-eyed Gurrrls - Caturday Art

 Paprika the cat here! I decided to try life as a blue & white chick....after all, one needs a break from all those peachy  colors....Hey its kind of cool to be a blue-eyed cat. Wonder
 if I can get more dates? Vive Le Difference!

Good morning, Peaches here! I'm trying out the blue and white look too.  I'm not quite used to it yet, as you can see from my slightly dubious look.  After all my name IS Peaches. But Paprika wanted to try this new look out.  Once in a while I let her have her way.

Our human tried out the Painnt filter for these effects, and used the "Bistro" Brush. Happy Caturday to all! We're joining Athena and Marie's hop today.