Monday, May 31, 2021

5th Annual Kitty Rainbow Memorial Slideshow - shown today

 Here is our 5th annual kitty memorial slideshow.  Just click on the show to watch. A combination of our Facebook and special blogger friends were honored.  

Also wishing all a blessed Memorial Day, with special honors to those who gave their lives on our behalf.  

Thursday, May 27, 2021

5th Annual Kitty Rainbow Memorial Day

Hello all, for the 5th year we are going to honor kitties 
of our blogger and Facebook friends.who crossed the bridge since our last honoring in May 2020. 

  If you are a blogger & like to have your kitty included and you haven't been in our previous shows, please contact me via comment, or, best, you can post your kitties photo and date of passing on our Facebook page (link below)


 Or if its easier you can post a link to Angel Kitty here in the comments.

If your kitties were in previous shows, reposting not necessary, as we will be showing all the shows on Memorial Day!  Condolences to all who are missing their companions!

Hugs, Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Paprika guards pillow against intruders

Good morning, Paprika here.  My sister Peaches is not the only one who can guard things.  I am even better at it.  Look at how carefully I protected my human's pillow when she got up at 4AM this morning.  My intention was to "save her place" so it would be warm for her when she returned.  However...I had a change of heart.  How was I to know she would come back so soon?  She couldn't possibly have been as comfortable as I am here.  As you see, I have taken over then whole bed.  Isn't that what we cats are supposed to do?

Signed, Puzzled Paprika

We are joining The Cat on my Head's Sunday Hop!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Peaches - Refrigerator Guard


I have a new gig.  My human stated she wanted to lose weight and I was recruited as a REFRIGERATOR GUARD.  I'm really good at this!

During the idle times she is sleeping I watch out for other creatures of interest.

But when she walks into the kitchen, I am alert at my station!

No matter how sleepy I am, I guard this refrigerator with my life.  You will notice I found something to perch on so I don't get my _____ all dirty.

Where did I get it, you ask?  Well hanging from the stove handle, there was the perfect solution.

It was easy to get that dish towel down!  Nothing to it! 

This dish towel makes the perfect foundation for my job. I take my duties seriously.  Even if its an all night gig!

LOL. We are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today.  Do YOU have a refrigerator guard for YOUR fridge?   Consider your cat as a candidate!