Saturday, March 12, 2022


 ORANGE CATS St PADDY DAY SLIDESHOW (Bloggers & other friends) I made in 2017 revisited. Thought I'd play this just for memory fun, then found myself with a box of kleenex because many of the beautiful orange kitties have crossed the bridge. 

Happy St. Paddy Day to all, may you and your beautiful furballs here or over there be blessed!  

Among the bloggers' cats in the show are beautiful orange cats of Sierra M. Koester,Sharon Keenan,Kimberley Harriskat bird, Nancy Brown Teri Glazebrook, Tom Blue,Ellen Pilch,Sabina Ayne,Deb Barnes,Pamela June Kimmell, Cheri Lincoln,Rene Schweitzer,Lorianne Miller,Carole Cole,Abby Smith,Sue Grybel Doute,Jackie Avery

We are joining Athena's Caturday Art The Cat On My Head's Sunday hop this weekend!

Girl Scout Day Arrives

Peaches the cat here.  That's me on the right. You know what day it is!  Girl Scout Day and time to DO GOOD DEEDS FOR OTHERS!  Of course Paprika, as usual, is in her own zone.  she thinks its about selling cookies!  I've tried to explain to her, but the verdict is...she just doesn't get it! What good deeds will YOU do for others today, you kitties?  How about an extra head butt or your human?

We are joining Athena and Marie today for CATURDAY FUN!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Tell A Fairy Tale Day - Little Red Peaching Hood

 My human tells me today is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day, and she just HAD to create a tale with US in it.  She's partial to Little Red Riding Hood, but I, Peaches the cat, told her it was LITTLE RED PEACHING HOOD ---- or else!  

Little did I know that I would have to deal with a big bad WOLF and it turned out to be my allegedly"little' sis-fur Paprika!  I never never realized what sharp teeth she had.  I better stay clear of this tale....Peaches the cat

Comment from Paprika:  "It is clear Peaches has underestimated me!"

You can read more about "National Tell A Fairy Tale Day" here!

Today we and our human are joining Athena and Marie's creative Caturday hop!

Sunday, February 20, 2022

National Love Your Pet Day - A Bonus for Kitties!


We don't need a special day to get lots of love but it doesn't hurt!  Here are several vignettes our human put together featuring our love for each other...which you can see is alive and well!

This is me, Peaches & Carol. As you can see we like to hold hands, er paws.  I am always careful to use "soft paws" though occasionally I will extend just a pinprick of a claw--for special interest! -- Peaches the Cat

Paprika here.  I am sleeping blissfully on my human's chin the way I like to do frequently. Luckily for me, she doesn't mind a bit!

Here is another picture of me, having a blissful rest on my human's chin.  What are humans' chins for, anyway, if not for cats to nestle against them? -- Paprika the cat

We are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today. Happy National Love Your Pet Day to all and my you love him/her fiercely!  Give extra head scratches!