Sunday, January 2, 2022

Winners of my Colorful Creative Cat Contest in Fine Art America

 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.  Last week in addition to the Bloggers Painted Cat Mew Year
I decided to do something different:  I created and hosted a CONTEST entitled 'COLORFUL CREATIVE CATS'

  Artists and photographers belonging Fine Art America were invited to participate allowing 2 entries per person.  We had 193 entries & voting by Fine Art America Members  took place on the 3rd day., Today I am featuring the First and Second Place WINNERS by popular vote - both a sampling of their art pieces and some information about the talented winners.

1st PRIZE WINNER:  Jutta Maria Pusl

CAT MOMMY by Jutta Maria Pusl

Jutta Maria Pusl, born and living in Germany, enjoys painting, drawing and taking photos from childhood on. She studied educational sciences in Munich with a main focus on arts and worked as a teacher also teaching art. With the computer era she discovered the digital image editing and began to experiment with photos and fractals. Soon also 3D graphics have fascinated her. The computer has become an important medium to express herself artistically. She also paints in acrylic, oil and watercolor and takes part in an exhibition once a year.   She as kind enough to answer a few questions for me!

Q-We notice that your beautiful artwork “Cat Mommy” was created as an original art piece in acryllc and pen. What inspired you to create this piece and tell us about what it was like to create it?  The inspiration for 'Cat Mommy' was a little sculpture. I'm always looking for ideas for images with cats. I love cats and they are my favorite subject for paintings. 

NIGHTLY MEETING by Jutta Maria Pusl

Q- We love the diversity of your art 

collection. On what area and subject are you currently focusing? Currently I'm working on an acrylic painting with the subject autumn.

Q- You have many outstanding animal portraits. What interests you about painting and/or photographing animals? I think it is because I love animals and I like to watch them. 


Quinkles The Great - By Dee Davis

Dee, who lives in Minnesota began drawing pictures at age three when hery dad, an art teacher, put a pencil in her hand, gave her some paper and a few basic lessons in drawing. Since then she's been fascinated with the artistic side of life, studying, viewing and participating.She has worked in colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor and oil doing landscapes, portraits, abstracts and whimsy. She donate 20% of her profits of Imaginary Cat sales at FAA to the Humane Society and the ASPCA.

Q-We love the sheer WHIMSY of your work. What inspired the creation of your central character - QUINKLES- from whom many of your other cats (characters) sprung, such as El Gato? I began my cat series with Barthol O'Mew..just for fun..then added el Gato Artisto, Hamlet and so on... Although I like working in Acrylic, OIl, and Watercolor, these cats have been my most enjoyable works, and I plan to add more in the future

Q-We noticed this artwork and many others are done with the medium of colored pencil. We

love that. What do you like about using colored pencil? do you use any other mediums? Colored pencils are so clean and easy..I often start a picture, not knowing exactly how I will finish it..then it can become a puzzle for a while as I decide on the final colors, and background items. a mouse? a bird? a terradactyl? 

Q-What do you like about drawing cats?  My home is full of cat, cards, little figurines. I have had several cats in the past...and I pampered and adored them, however I am catless at the moment and I do miss having one or two. 

Q-Any other comments?  Best wishes to all cat lovers on FAA and Facebook and throughout the world ! 

3rd Prize Winner: Kathy Kelly

Kathy is a photographer turned digital artist from the U.S. She has a wonderful portfolio of animals, nature and other topics. We may do a fuller feature at a later date. Her portrait "Whiskered One' is a beautifully detailed picture of a close cropped cat portrait.


In case you're wondering more about FINEARTAMERICA, I will give you my link as well.  I have had a blast turning my seascape, landscape and yes, CAT photos into paintings and this is a wonderful place to display (and sometimes sell them!  Each art piece can be a drawing or poster but also a coffee mug, face mask, blanket and much more.  It is a fun place to be selling artwork.

Carol Lowbeer's Fine Art America Site


Today we are joining. The Cat On My Heads Sunday Hop and wishing everyone a wonderful New Year 2022.  May at least one of your dreams come true.

Friday, December 31, 2021

2021-22 Cat Bloggers Painted Cat Mew Year Parade

All of us want little change now and then, a little makeover!  10 Fearless Cat Bloggers and their kitties decided to do just that  to celebrate 2022.  A little paint, a few new stripes, a new fur color, an artsier's all good!  Click on the link below to see the show!
Here is a poster of us ALL, including two bloggers who were not in the actual show but volunteered their fur-balls!

We are joining Athena's Cat-ur-day blog Hop this morning!

Sunday, December 26, 2021


Help us celebrate the MEW YEAR by purr-ticipating in our special PAINTED CAT MEW YEAR PARADE.

Black cats turn pink, white cats turn blue, anything can. happen in our Mew YEAR's painted cat parade.

Easy instructions:  

1) No preparation necessary - simply send your favorite photo of YOUR cat to Carol. Include name of your cat & blog.

2) WE will do all the work "dress your cat up" and totally change his/her appearance, colors stripes...well you get the picture.

3) Where to send:  1) Cats with Blogs group preferred, in the announcement we post OR email your picture to Carol at MUST have title:  MEW YEAR CAT PARADE

4) In your entry, put NAME of CAT and NAME of YOUR BLOG (Blog addresses will NOT be utilized, too much text)

5) Deadline is Dec 28 or first 30 cats.  1 cat per household only.

If you would like to know what last year's Facebook show looked like so you can decide whether you want to be in it, check out our YouTube link:

We are also running a 2nd show for our Facebook group, as we did last year, so there will be two different shows.

Saturday, December 25, 2021


 What a mind-shattering sight greeted our human when she got up this morning.  

She went to the fireplace and tree to get her presents...and what do she see?  US!

We WERE worried about scaring her to death and debated about it during the night...

Of course she shouted with delight at the sight of us in those stockings.  She was not upset at all.  Of course, she had not exactly expected us to greet her that way...

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Day and Holiday Season!