Friday, December 4, 2020

Peaches & Paprika's Book Give-Away

Okay, guess we misunderstood.  We thought Carol was playing a joke and trying to GET RID OF US!  We trembled in our boots! (well Peaches did)

No No She yelled at us, I'm just giving your NEW BOOK away!  CHILL!

Ohhh...we said.  Saved again!  We were fools to have such a negative mind-set.  Once re-assured, we calmed down and Mom Carol gave us our scripts to read so we could tell you how the contest works.

Peaches:  So SOMEONE WILL WIN our new paperback printed book, Peaches & Paprika Celebrating All  Year Long - 100 crazy holidays celebrated in color cartoons!  The paperback book is 156 pages & otherwise retails for $19.62,

Paprika: And here's how to win:
1) Download the E-Book version of this book either Friday Dec 4 or Saturday Dec 5. (12 M PST)  (Mom Carol is foolishly giving it to you FREE on those days only.)  Use this link:

2) Post here, the name of your favorite holiday in the book, its date and why you picked it  (National Chaos Day?  Hot Air Balloon Day? Doughnut Day?  Pick One out of the 100 holidays.) (okay, you can pick two at the most!)

3) Winner of the paperback book will be picked from among the comments at random & announced Sunday evening, December 5.

4) Book will be mailed to winner by December 7.

Mom Carol:  You did a good job, gurrrls! 

That's all there is to it!  So at the very least you, our blogger friends will  get a free e-book, but you might also get lucky and win the free paperback which like we said above retails for $19.62 (yeah we know its costly, there's a lot of color pictures...but it's worth it! 

We are joining Friday Blogosphere's hop and also Athena & Marie's Cat-ur-day hop. Note: Free e-book download is only for 12/3 and 4, after that it will revert to its regular price of $5.99.  


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Gotcha Day Album - Your CATS as kittens!

Five fortunate fur-balls participated in our Gotcha parade from our bloggers group and we have posted their heartwarming below!  They are:  Pamela June Kimmel with Teddy, Kitties Blue with Cooper Murphy, Florida Furkids (Sharon) with Raz, and Timmy Tomcat  Cusack with Einstein and Heart-Cat Timmy.

Most of the  47 Gotcha Parade purr-ticipants were from our Facebook group. They are just adorable and we hope you'll visit them and read there stories HERE.

Meanwhile, here are the stories of our bloggers friends:

Sharon Keenan Spiegenhalter/Raz:

This is the first photo I took of Raz at the adoption event. Impurressive, right?

Pamela June Kimmel/Teddy

 Teddy was already 11 months old when we adopted him from the shelter but here he is an hour after seeing "his" very own toys and blanket in his new home.

Timmy Pete Cusack/Einstein

This is Baby Einstein.  A work friend called me and said she had  "dead" kitten.  After some discussion she was not sure so i said to bring him over. He was almost frozen and needed warming inside my shirt until he woke up.  It took a lot more to get him back to health and he is my "Bottle Baby."  He is sweet and loving but a little bad too  This photo shows how he got his name.

Kitties Blue

Here's Cooper Murphy on his Gotcha Day on January 7th, 2017.  He was about 15 moths old.  We rescued him from a snow storm!

Timmy tomcat Cusack/Timmy

Here is my dear Timmy, my Heart Cat.  when a rescue friend introduced us he hissed and ran YTC.  I had a 21 yo kitty at the time and I was worried a kitten would be too much for him.  Well Timmy and Inky became great friends. Timmy is the gentlest cat I have ever had and he let me know I was his special human the very first day with this Hello.  Love you, Timmy!

Thankful they are with me.

Here are Peaches & Paprika exploring their first morning with me.   They were surrendered in NYC by owners who obviously taught them love and affection (judging from their first night with me) then taken to the famous NYACC kill shelter.  Almost euthanized there, they were then taken to 2 more shelters...till I found them!  I saw flirty Peaches' internet photo  and fell in love instantly. Then I fell in love with her quiet littermate, Paprika. (Not so quiet any more)!  The first day they were with me, I almost cried, when I saw how loving and demonstrative they were! 

Thanks to those who participated and please visit the others on our page, too! Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are joining Brian's Thankful Thursday Hop Today!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

National Sardine Day - Excellent for CATS

 Our human will absolutely kill us for this, because she wanted to celebrate the turkey today but I say Turkey, Shmurkey!  It's National SARDINE DAY and there's no good reason it shouldn't be immediately celebrated by CATS!  Sardines came into prominence in the 15th century having been discovered in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia!  You can read more about the holiday HERE!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Furrriends Gotcha Day Thanksgiving Parade

Thanksgiving too quiet for you this year?  Peeps missing from your holiday?  Don't be lonely, if you're fur-fiends with us on Facebook, post your cutie's pic on our page in the comments under this announcement and he/she will be in our Gotcha parade!  If there's anything we're thankful for, it's our beloved fur-balls!