Friday, January 24, 2020

Butler Service for Paprika + Friendly Fill-Ins

There is no reason you can't have Butler service if you just ask for it.  I have it here at chez Carol. Your dinner can be served ANYWHERE. Now I rarely enter the kitchen anymore because I have my human trained.  I INSIST on private Butler Service inside my purr-tonal winter cottage.   

How do I do it?  Well picture my human holding my chicken a la king dinner bowl in her hands and not finding me.  That's cuz I have gone inside my cardboard cottage. I meow softly.  THEN she sees me!  I require that she serve this meal on my front porch and then (if I like the meal) I will consume it inside.  You should try this with YOUR human!  She says I am being finicky and difficult.  I maintain I am

simply discerning with high standards. Besides my sisfur Peaches is a dinner thief. It's best to stay away from her at mealtimes. My human gets this.

I though you would enjoy seeing some more  of culinary activities inside MY HOUSE! human finally gave me some "friendly fill-ins" to show off with complete which she got from her furriness at 15andmeowing and Four Legged Furballs  blogs.

Paprika's answers:
1. I am particular about where I consume my meals. As you can see...
2. My favorite dinner practice is Butler Service.  
3. The thrill of ascending onto my first door-top is a moment I can't forget.
4. Have you ever heard of Meowijuana?  Do you know where I can get some?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Dress Up Your Pet Day - Blue Bonnet Paradise

Hello, Peaches the "dressed up" cat here! We are not big "dress up" cats, but Looove our blue bonnet, which was a gift from Miss Ellen of 15 and Meowing when we first her at a cool cat fair in Massachusetts! We posted these photos in a previous year, but how can we resist sharing the again on such a momentous occasion as Dress Up Your Pet Day!
What I've always liked about this bonnet is it's cool "ear action"

and as you can see it looks just as scrumptious from the side!

The ear action is un-equalled, I tell you!

Now as you can (see (last two pictures) my sis-fur Paprika doesn't "get" the purpose of this item.  She thinks you're supposed to lie on top of it.  Hopeless case!  Now a cautionary word to the world at large! Be sensitive to your kitties' er, "inclinations."  Most do NOT like dress up.  There are always "virtual dress ups" which mom Carol likes to do most of the time.  Or your kitty could lie next to something festive.  What sort of "stuff" does your kitty like on him/her or to lie on top of?

Dreaming of Tuna - Happy Tummy Tuessday from Paprika

I'm dreaming too! Of TUNA! 
May all your dreams come true, whatever they are! Happy Tummy Tuesday! -- Paprika the cat

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Dreaming of 2020 - Catirday Art

Our human sometimes takes some serious chunks of to dream about the year ahead, and take note of visions and hopes for what will happen. Of course she wishes happiness, hugs and health for us and all her loved ones.  Now for us, we'd like a lot more play time with her.  She gets WAY too busy, sometimes....

We are joining Athena and Marie for their Cat-ur-day hop!