Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cats Happy Hour is Today

Okay so we did post this picture and we DID celebrate last year...but a day like this has got to be an annual event for us felines.  As you will notice, Peaches, my greedy sister has already started "imbibing." Catnip anyone???

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Back In The Bedroom--finally!

Well our creative efforts paid off, our human's flu is gone and our bedroom privileges restored! We put our paw down about any more banishment...A cat's gotta stick up for herself

This is a much better place than "the other one"

I've reserved this place special so I don't "lose it" again!
Paprika: Safe at last!

This is the life!

We sure do hope she doesn't find that "flu" thing again.  Life is much better in here than on the cold floor!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Ca-tur-day Art - Celebrating Falling Leaves

My human reminded me it was time to be artsy the morning and of course i could not resist!~ This lovely frame is from Imikimi. Happy Caturday to all!  - Peaches
We are joining Athena and Marie's Art Hop Today!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Our Campaign to Re-Enter The Bedroom

Peaches here! We are using our  "feminine wiles" to regain access to bedroom. (As you'll recall in last post we were "EXILED" due to our human's recovering from flu. I, Peaches instruct Paprika re feminine wiles. I know humans have a weak spot for the tummy! 

Paprika is NOT a team player, I say!

As for ME, I pull out all the stops to influence my human (my pose almost doesn't look real...but it is!)

I tried to convince Paprika to try Cat Yoga with me...hopeless!

So I pulled out all the stops!
 I then confidently stated our case!
Do you think we did a good job of representing our interests here?  A gurrrrl's got to take things into our own paws at times like this.  Have you ever been banned from the bedroom?  It's no fun! Hopefully these gymnastics will work soon! - Peaches the cat