Friday, December 2, 2022

We Celebrate Faux Fur Friday!

 First Friday in December is FAUX FUR FRIDAY ... and Oh what a holiday for cats.  Of course we's superstars today cuz we have REAL furs!  
Here are some other cameo shots of US. (There's one where our human tried to "horn in!"

Mom Carol should have known better.  She can NEVER look like us. Though we understand she might want to!

who wouldn't?

Being bonafide tiger-calicos, we're deeply into tiger as you can clearly see!

But we were told, there's more to cat-hood and "Faux Fur Friday" than being a tiger....there's LEOPARD & CHEETAH to think about! 
I, Paprika, DO appreciate the thought of Leopards...even though....

I don't know what THIS next fur is, but it sure feels fine! - Peaches the cat

Shhh...we heard through the cat-vine there are OtHER furs to luxuriate on...

But whatever fur, you're handing out on, you'll agree that these soft textures encourage a good cat-strrrretch!

Read more about Faux Fur Friday here!  It started in the 1920's and was really a go-to apparel in the crazy 1970's!  And it spares our furry friends from getting bothered with trying to get their furs away from them...a boon to us Fur-balls, don't you think?

Sunday, November 27, 2022


 CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR THE FREE DOWNLOAD! We'll be promoting our CELEBRATIONS book series this month and Nov 27,28,29, Winter Celebrations will be FREE as in E-book download!

Click picture above for your free e-book!  In this book we tell IN OUR OWN WORDS about how we two calicos celebrate such unusual holidays as "Bubble Bath Day," "Dress Up Your Pet Day," "Meowy Gras Day" and"St. Catrick's Day" - holidays in January, February and March. 

We hope you'll like the E-book version to order the paperback for a cat-lover friend--or yourself!  It's on sale this week too!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Celebrating All Year Long Cat Book Free Today

We hope you will click on the link and be able to download this amazing book if you don't have it.


We dance and prance around in many photo cartoons celebrating all the fun holidays OF THE WHOLE YEAR - cat and non-cat.  

Included are Love Your Pet Day, Respect Your Cat Day, Cat World Domination Day, Hot Air Balloon Day, Cats Happy Hour...and more!

It's regularly $5.99 as an E-book, and $10.62 as a paperback.

The video will take you to the Amazon link, and here it is as well.

We have many wonderful reviews, some from our regular Peaches & Paprika friends but if anyone does want to add a book review we'd (natch) be alittle grateful...well very!

We're joining Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop Today!  Happy Thanksgiving week to all!

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Our Autumn Celebrations Book is Free Today Only


We are dancing in the autumn sun and wish to offer YOU, our friends, a FREE DOWNLOAD (free today only) of our book, Autumn Celebrations.  In this book in color cartoons, we observe not only Meow-lean, Cyber-Monday for Cats, Catmas and Chanukah, but ALSO "Happy Hour for Cats," "Faux Fur Friday" and dozens more in original color photo cartoons!


We don't have many reviews yet for this book so if you feel so inclined, we'd love it if you left one!  Here's a 60 second book trailer!

Click the arrow above to watch the video!

Here are some excerpts from the 60-page book, for your enjoyment!

Thanks to The Cat On My Head Blog whose blog hop we are joining today!

Pawkisses from Peaches and Paprika