Saturday, June 24, 2023

Cat World Domination Day- How we Rule our Household

 This is the day where the fact we cats RULE THE WORLD is honored.  Of course, we rule the world every day and certainly our household for sure!  We designate mealtimes, places to hang out and much, much more.  

PEACHES THE CAT’S POST:  Why just yesterday, I decided that lying on the desk on top of my human’s papers was the perfect place to rest my beautiful furs.  She was just using the computer, so why shouldn’t I sit on the desk below the computer?  My thought was that my human should be delighted to have my company.  She’s always telling me how gorgeous I am, does she mean it or not?  When she protested she NEEDED those papers to work on the computer, I rolled over on my back, exposing my beautiful white furs (second to none)  and she forgot all abut the stupid computer.  Just another example of how I RULE...

--Peaches the Cat

PAPRIKA THE CAT’S POST:  A good example of how I rule is this:  When my human is at the computer, I jump on the back of her tall chair REGULARLY, and then descend from there to her lap.  It would be boring just to crawl on her lap, any cat can do THAT.  My more dramatic way of arriving through the air should be tried by all cats.  Not only is there an element of SUPRISE, it is hard for my human to remove me from her shoulder during my skilled descent.

-- Paprika the cat

and now we ask:  how do YOU show your humans how you dominate and rule the household?

We are joining Athena the Cat GODDESS for a little creative hop or two.

Friday, June 9, 2023

In Memory of Raz - of the Friends Furever Blog

Even though Raz of the Friends Furever blog has departed for The Rainbow Bridge & been honored, we also wanted to write this tribute because he was an active purr-ticipant on the Peaches & Paprika Facebook page since 2017!  It’s only right we should share our treasured memories with you. What a cool guy he was!

Highlights of Raz:   Activities you may not know about

He was a prize winner in our yearly “Os-kat” awards for cat-ti-tude and our Cat House contest, Gotcha Day celebration, Kitty Dad Day, Kitty Mama Day, Cowboy Events and more!  He will be missed!

We would like to show you pictures of our friend Raz at these events.  We think you’ll enjoy seeing them! (By the way, he always was a true gentleman!)

Catmas 2017

The earliest picture we found of Raz is celebrating the holiday of Catmas. You’ll notice that though there are fascinating objects in front of him, he restrains himself from exploring & pouncing on them. 
It can’t have been “easy.  What a cat! 

Kitty Dad Day - 2018

Mom Sharon supplied this delightful photo of Raz looking very small next to her beloved late husband.  She could probably tell us the year to which this goes back.

November 2018:  1st Prize Winner in Best Cat Tree Contest  

Shortly before the Christmas Holidays, we held a contest on “Best Cat Tree” AND “Best USE” of one’s Cat Tree."  Though Raz’s cat tree didn’t win,  Raz himself won first prize in a special category:  “most creative use of cat tree.” As you can see his artful position, and outstretched white foot with visible toes says it all!

February 2019:  Love Cats Celebration (Valentines)

Raz is looking quite dapper in his new red hat, red heart ornament and and even asking for contacts via text with his “heart” request!

May 2019: Kitty Mama Day

When we put together a fur-ball slideshow of kitties and their cat moms, Mom Sharon was one of the first to respond and sent me this adorable picture of herself communing with  the man of the hour. He looks pretty fond of her!


February 2020 - Valentines Day

Roz was a big hearts and flowers guy, as you can see when he celebrated yet another “Love Cats” Day with us.  Although he might be giving “mixed messages with those big hearts he’s displaying!

October 2020 - Meowleen Parade

Raz became a pirate when he purr-tipated in our Meowleen Parade in 2020. You may wonder why this handsome fellow didn’t participate in all of our Meowleen events. that’s because he had household competition!  Mom Sharon had to “share the wealth” and she sometimes selected his housemate Noelle for  our shows.  Isn’t he a cute pirate though?

“CAT-MATCH!” February 2020 

This was our show of shows with 25 “couples” and 50 purr-ticipants. Why shouldn’t there be “cat couples?”  Each cat submitted his or picture and main interests and activities.  They were then 

presented with their most “appropriate match.”  Lucky Raz won the 
hand of gorgeous Sophie, a high-spirited calico with compatible interests!  Their quirks and “ideal date” are described in their poster.

April 2021 - The “Os-kat” Awards - Raz wins “Cattitude” Prize!

During the Covid era, we spiced up some evenings by giving “cat-titude” and other talent awards on Oscar night to our “Os-kats.” As you can see from this photo, this Cattitude prize is well deserved - just look at those ears! 

July 2022 - “Day of the Cowboy” Event  

We sometimes create a country & western slideshow with fur ball “stars" to commemorate this whimsical July cowboy holiday.   Each cat gets a new“Outlaw” name to add fun to the event.  It's obvious that Rebel-Rousing Raz was a cooperative purr-ticipant.

December 2022 - “Mew Year” Painted Cat show

It’s so fun to see your fur-balls look completely different for their “Mew Year’s Party.”  White cats become pink, black cats become red and green...anything can happen!  As you see, our handsome Raz has turned “gold” (with a little turquoise lighting) to join in the festivities.


What can we say?  Raz was not only part of the blogging community, he was an integral part of our community on the Peaches and Paprika page.  Some of our fur-balls and their humans like Sharon & Raz have been with us many years so he is a family member to us!  We will grieve and miss him, our heart goes out to fur-mom, Sharon.  But we SO much wanted to show you what he was up to, having a blast in our shows.  Busy guy!  He will be missed by many!

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for sharing our colorful memories of Raz.  We will be participating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Blog Hop and The Cat Blogosphere blogs this weekend.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Happy Double Hug--Your-Cat Day


Two for the price of one!  How lucky is our human to have TWO of us to love and hug.  We wanted to do this hug thing all day but, alas she said she had to run errands also.  Still, we got a good part of the morning!

Mom Carol & Paprika

As you’ll notice, we both like to rest our furs on her chin and cheek.  I think we must have learned this somewhere before we knew her when we were just kittens.

Our human surmises we were brought up by very affectionate people and that’s why we’re so loving.  How those initial humans could have loved us so and then deserted us at a kill shelter is beyond our understanding, and our human wonders about that to this day.  We actually lived in 3 different shelters for a YEAR when we were very young, before she found us, scooped us both up and took us home.


But lucky us and lucky human, we all are together now for more than 10 years enjoying these double hugs!

Will YOU find a cat to hug today?

Signed, Peaches and Paprika