Sunday, April 18, 2021

Peaches - Refrigerator Guard


I have a new gig.  My human stated she wanted to lose weight and I was recruited as a REFRIGERATOR GUARD.  I'm really good at this!

During the idle times she is sleeping I watch out for other creatures of interest.

But when she walks into the kitchen, I am alert at my station!

No matter how sleepy I am, I guard this refrigerator with my life.  You will notice I found something to perch on so I don't get my _____ all dirty.

Where did I get it, you ask?  Well hanging from the stove handle, there was the perfect solution.

It was easy to get that dish towel down!  Nothing to it! 

This dish towel makes the perfect foundation for my job. I take my duties seriously.  Even if its an all night gig!

LOL. We are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today.  Do YOU have a refrigerator guard for YOUR fridge?   Consider your cat as a candidate!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Peaches Formal Portrait - Cat-Ur-Day Art

 My latest Caturday human decided that nothing but a formal portrait of MOI would do today so here am I. Can you believe she made me sit still for hours while she painted this? MOL! Just kidding! I'm trying to get her to change to a livelier frame though...Happy Cat-Ur-Day to All!

We are joining Athena & Marie's art hop today!