Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Big Yawn

Peaches the cat, here! Happy Cat-Ur-Day..Every sensible Paws-On-The-Ground cat knows when to take time out. And it's NOW!
After the holiday hub bub, not to mention black friday, yawning and napping is my mission today! And a blissful one if I do say so.  we just might join Athena and Marie's hop and watch everyone else cavorting around! (note this picture enhanced with the Painnt filter)

Thursday, November 28, 2019

How Cats Can Eat Turkey Dinner

We spotted a holiday table so we seated ourselves quickly.  You can see how nervous Peaches is at being discovered.  She's stiff as a board! But I, Paprika, thought: "Hey, it's worth a try!"  Do you think I have a criminal streak?

Wishing all a sumptuous holiday with those you love!
Full disclosure: we posted this cartoon in a previous year but had a hankering to do it again!!

We are joining Brian's Thankful Thursday hop today (how could we NOT?) and of course our Cat Blogosphere furriness!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Intense Scrutiny of the Turkey

Thinking of the treats ahead of us this week, we remembered back to our succulent tastings and anticipation in years past.  Will it be as good again this year?

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Tummy Tuesday from...The Turkey!

Now WE don't feel we should have to share this important day of the week with a BIRD...

but our human had other thoughts...she felt this other creature should be honored...gosh it's bad enough to share with each other but this threesome is a bit much! 

Oh well! We'll let him stay just for now...and we are ALL wishing all of you a wonderful holiday week!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Today is Celebrate Your Unique Talents Day and our Facebook Furr-balls galore have crowded in for a contest of the most talented fur-balls of the day.  Of course WE participated as well!  Here are our esteemed finalists from a previous year.  The judging happens later today for 2019 hopefuls!



Saturday, November 23, 2019

Thanksgiving Practice

We were advised by our creative "human" that we had to assist with Thanksgiving this year! So we lost no time hunting down appropriate gear! Howze this? (graphic by Imikimi tho those are OUR head coverings...)

Happy Caturday to our furrriends.

Our Comments:

Paprika: I DO think Peaches' bonnet is little "over the top" don't you?
Peaches: Paprika is a Gurrrrl so why's she wearing that guy's hat?

We are joining Athena & Marie's Cat-ur-day Art hop today!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Checking Out "Our New Digs!"

FINALLY everything is unpacked here and we can relax and explore a bit!

View:  Not BAD!  My first act, of COURSE, is to see what's OUTSIDE. Trees, trees and more trees. But will there be birds? -- Paprika the cat

 Full disclosure: Our human admits she took this picture BEFORE the leaves fell. But the tree on my left remains green year-around!

Peaches here! When I learned Paprika was trying to "take over" the living room, I took immediate action!  I should be the centerpiece for all photos!

Take the kitchen for instance.  Remember the BOXES we lived with for weeks?

With the boxes gone, there's only ONE spot in the kitchen to call my own:

There was no arguing with me, its the only kitchen spot to nestle in and snoopervise! Our human would have to make other arrangements for her "dining."  Not  my problem -- Peaches the cat

But more exploring was yet ahead!

To our delight we found we had OUR OWN BATHROOM! A first! Strange digs...only ONE bedroom (not like our previous TWO, but one and a HALF bathrooms. And we got the HALF!

I, Paprika, could not believe it at first.  Here are I am sitting "in shock", adjusting to this strange idea.  Can we really kick up litter here to our hearts content?

  Nope...Peaches here.  NO WAY is Paprika taking over that bathroom.  I leaped to the rescue to secure my space there!

I like to assume postures which leave no room for doubt!


I, Paprika, somewhat desperate for a place to call my own, decide to occupy the IN/OUT basket on my human's desk.  No one can do a thing here without inspecting ME!

And of course, I always rule the "high spaces!"
(check me out leaping from the highest bedroom cabinet)  That's the CEILING right above me...

 Peaches here, having joined Paprika in the bedroom. She can gyrate and leap in the air all she wants, I'VE got the IPAD!  And I'm finding it very warm!

Hoping I can stay on this ipad, a long long time.  I'm getting to really LIKE Ipads!

Till we meet again and explore some more...

Love, Peaches & Paprika
Inveterate Explorers

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sunflower Kitty

Howdy and Happy Mid-November and Cat-ur-day!  I thought if I appeared as a sunflower it might get the public's attention.  The test:  Which cat am I-Peaches or Paprika?  He He....

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cats Happy Hour is Today

Okay so we did post this picture and we DID celebrate last year...but a day like this has got to be an annual event for us felines.  As you will notice, Peaches, my greedy sister has already started "imbibing." Catnip anyone???

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Back In The Bedroom--finally!

Well our creative efforts paid off, our human's flu is gone and our bedroom privileges restored! We put our paw down about any more banishment...A cat's gotta stick up for herself!

We sure do hope she doesn't find that "flu" thing again.  Life is much better in here than on the cold floor!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Ca-tur-day Art - Celebrating Falling Leaves

My human reminded me it was time to be artsy this morning and of course i could not resist!~ This lovely frame is from Imikimi. 
Happy Caturday to all!  - Peaches

Friday, November 8, 2019

Our Campaign to Re-Enter The Bedroom

Peaches here! We are using our  "feminine wiles" to regain access to bedroom. (As you'll recall in last post we were "EXILED" due to our human's recovering from flu. I, Peaches instructed Paprika re feminine wiles. I know humans have a weak spot for the tummy! 

Paprika is NOT a team player, I say!

As for ME, I pull out all the stops to influence my human (my pose almost doesn't look real...but it is!)

I tried to convince Paprika to try Cat Yoga with me...hopeless!

So I pulled out all the stops!
 I then confidently stated our case!
Do you think we did a good job of representing our interests here?  A gurrrrl's got to take things into our own paws at times like this.  Have you ever been banned from the bedroom?  It's no fun! Hopefully these gymnastics will work soon! - Peaches the cat

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Alas, our human has "exiled" us from our comfy sleeping quarters in the bedroom. We thought at first we had done something wrong (could have been anything). Turns out there's a puffy substance called "STEAM" our human is using in there to recover from a human thing called "FLU." And the steam makes the room too hot for our Furrrrs. She SAYS! We wish to report we're not pleased with our new sleeping quarters called "Cat Beds" They're on the floor! We're used to a nice warm bed! I mean, after all! We much prefer human furniture-don't you? She said this is just temporary & we didn't do anything wrong. She SAYS..But we are planning on trying various purr-suasive methods if this arrangement doesn't end soon! 

PS: We also posted "EXILED" Photos in 2016...the last time we were exiled...luckily our human doesn't get this "flu" thing often. We know we'll get "back in the bedroom" eventually!"

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fall Back Time is no Joy

Our human has lost her mind.  We know for a fact it's 7AM, and we cannot get any food around this house.  Our human insists it's only 6AM.  We CATS know exactly what time it is.  Breakfast time.  Humans know nothing.  We'd like to feed THEM an hour late, see how they like it.  As one can see we are hungry and outraged.

Did YOU kitties have trouble with your humans' timetable this morning?