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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our Christmas gifts: Peaches in "Catnip" Stupor

Oh MY!  This is good stuff!
Well we want you to know Carol did NOT come back from Miss Ellen's "empty handed"  We awaited her at the door and were soon presented with "special presents."  Carol got a beautiful "kitten calendar" but never mind about that. WE got a catnip blanket!  And many other goodies!  How perfect is that for Tummy Tuesday!! Here I am rolling around on the blanket and finally going into A CATNIP TRANCE... Paprika didn't seem to know what to do about it so she just sat on it like a dope!
OMIgosh...I'm in a trance
A CATNIP Trance!
There's my shy sisfur Paprika. She doesn't seem to know
what to DO about the blanket so she just "sits"
there near the xmas sock like a dope!

Whereas I continue to explore the Christmas goodies!

All in all, this was a SUPERLATIVE Christmas for US thanks to Ms Ellen!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


One of Ellen's wonderful decorations!
BOY did our human, Ms. Carol get lucky!  She got an invite to Ms. Ellen Pilch's of to spend Christmas Day!  Okay, true, she should have stayed with us.  But we let her go this one time advising she MUST be home by dark! Today we will allow her to share with you the wonderful cats she said she met at Ms. Ellen's...on the condition WE get to show off our gifts next time!

So the first thing she saw was an identifying sign, so that she KNEW she was in the right place!

Note: For those wanting to see ALL the photos from Ms Ellen's house, click on the 4 minutes'll be almost as fast as seeing the pictures and will give you the full "flavor" of the day!  Meowwwrowwww!  CHRISTMAS AT ELLEN PILCH'S HOUS

Then, before and after a scrumptious dinner, she met "the katz" (well, most of them), and got to watch them (and the humans) open their presents! 

(Below: Phoebe, Joanie and Stinky wait for the fun to begin!

 Ellen assists Joanie in opening her present!

 Just what I wanted!

 Millie watches the action from a safe distance

 Ellen reassures Jinx he is "next!"

Sammy doesn't wait to be "reassured" - he plunges right in!

Settle down everyone!  (David, Ellen's hubby, tries to bring order to the event)

Ka-Two, meanwhile, takes a well-deserved subath!

A gift pack for the kitties from Carol awaits..

SAMMY: I must know what is in it IMMEDIATELY!

Stinky's new cowboy hat fits Purrrrfectly!

Sammy:  Is there CATNIP is this package?

Phoebe is up for some major exercise...on her new reindeer blanket!
(wonder where that came from?)

Well, Carol thought it was a wonderful afternoon, packed with cats, goodies, Ellen's great family and delicious food.  It was a wonderful experience to meet all those cats she'd been reading about. They are even sweeter than they look in Ellen's blog. So are Ellen's family!  Thanks Ellen for a great afternoon!  We would like to have our human back now, though.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our North Pole Reindeer Dance

We were given (well "lent" really) a super "reindeer" fleece blanket with the words "North Pole Reindeer Dance."  So with a little help from our friend, "CATNIP" we were encouraged to "go through our paces." 

I think we did a great job, don't you?  (Our human, Carol DID add a touch of a strange process called photoshop"

Here are some photos leading UP to the "cartoon" above

Great Fleece Blanket we got, Right?

I don't think it's, um, free, Peaches...we gotta dance for 
our dinner here

Best way to start..."the vertical climb"

I've got it now!  Ta-Dum!  I'm a dancing' with the Reindeeer!

Peaches:  Being a prideful cat, I must also try to dance!

This is the best I can do!  I'm not as agile as HER...

Paprika:  Not good enough! I've got the best one yet up my sleeve!

Peaches:  My personality is so superlative, No further
dance is necessary for ME!

Paprika:  Incorrect!  I OWN the North Pole now!

and I's time to REST!

ZZZZ..We've worked hard enough to day to reward our
human for this blanket!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2015


Musical slideshow featuring YOU! We have seen holiday cards of our blogging friends too beautiful & creative to ignore!  Posting  link again on Christmas Day for those who did not have a chance to see it yesterday. 

Please watch FULLSCREEN if possible. This slideshow program has Purrs, Meows, Snowflakes and more! (just got a new slideshow program) Happy holidays to everyone. this is our first blogging year & we are loving getting to know all the wonderful people we met here!

If you are NOT in it and want to be, please email our human. 

If you ARE in it but don't want to be, please email her also. 

 We may revise it for our Christmas post. Her address is

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Interference with Holiday Cards

Today my human took part in a useless task called "sending Christmas cards."  I positioned myself in the middle of it all  to provide her with a much better alternative---Me!
--- signed, Peaches the Cat  

I hate to agree with Peaches but I feel we MUST get the spotlight back. I'll try anything. But usually the Long Cat posture works.  What do YOU think?---Signed, Paprika 

Which one got my attention?  They both did!  I could not resist them any longer! 
--- Signed, Carol the Human

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ho Ho HO! Down the Chimney we go!

Creeping down the chimney we go...Two indoor cats with no outside access just trying to get adventurous....this was Paprika's idea, she's into weird stuff.

Hope our friends are having a happy Holiday!

Love, Peaches the cat

Monday, December 14, 2015

CatLadyBox Review

Last Day to Order for Christmas is today! Peaches & Paprika hasten to review the "pure fun" CatLadyBox from which makes a wonderful gift for the Cat lover in your life.   You can still order it for delivery by Christmas if you do it today,12/14/15.Imagine though the entertainment of getting a box each month chock full of delicious, elegant and entertaining items for cat lover and cat! Dorian, the owner, selects each item with great attention and dedication to feline detail.  Subscriptions cost $34.99, and there's an extra "Crazy CatLadyBox which includes gifts for your kitty for a few dollars extra. We are a little late in posting this review because the box arrived just before our Florida trip, but we all tore into it with gusto upon our return. First: "The Box". Right away Peaches took it upon herself to open and peer inside the box  finding a tantalizing array of items.  The exciting box "entrees" included a cute catnip drumstick for our kitties (it was spirited away almost immediately. Also "Cloud 9" kitty treats in a wonderful cat-shaped purple container(we received the salmon flavor), and yummy, yummy, a CAT WATCH - now that cat watch is an amazingly elegant piece of jewelry - we couldn't believe our eyes when we opened the box and saw a little 'cat watch' peering out at us.  And it worked!  As you can see Peaches is VERY intrigued by this working watch. The watch has ears!

There was also a cat key chain which we decided to use for our spare set of keys to give our cat sitter watching our beloved kitties on our upcoming trip to Florida.  One of the box's "hits" with Peaches and Paprika (although it was SUPPOSED to be for ME) was the  Cats Are MY BAG" Tote bag. 
I was looking forward to using it...that is before it got cat hairs all over it, due to Paprika's EXTREME interest!  

(It was hopeless to retrieve the bag once Paprika had "taken it over...!" (see above)

To summarize the items in November's CatladyBox, they were: 

1) Leopard Cat Watch from Triple-T-Studios
2)   "Cats are My Bag tote Bag from Xenotees (my cats stole it from me so I couldn't use it)
3)  Cloud 9 Treats Salmon Flavor from Cloud 9 for Cats
4)  Delicious Catnip Drumstick from House Cat Club
5)  Cute Cat Keychain from The Empurrium

CatladyBox packs their monthly boxes with a different theme and selection each month.  Can't think of anything more fun than to get this box regularly.  And Peaches and Paprika agree, even if they showed "over the top" interest for items meant for ME!

Remember December 14 is the last Christmas ordering day, but the package of course is available for cat lovers year round.  And Dorian who is CEO of this new company hand selects each item with love and care!


I received this product from in exchange for my fair and honest review--which is that we loved the box! No money exchanged hands.  CatLadyBox is not responsible for the contents of this review.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

We wish you Happy Holidays!

Okay so we changed our mind!  Seeing all the Christmas festivities around us was just too tantalizing so we decided to join in and and share our Holiday Card early!

There that wasn't too bad!  After all we did deck out our header trying to catch up with all the other beautiful kitties decorations.  It's a tough crowd to follow! But seriously, we are really enjoying seeing everyone's holiday and other antics in this, our first blogging year!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

I Wanna Hold yer Hand, er...Paw - by Peaches the Cat

Hand in Paw!  Sweet Peaches-cat is welcoming me back from my trip with a little hand-holding, er, paw-holding!  She understands the art of flirtation...

Monday, December 7, 2015

We enjoy Pro Plan's True Nature Protein Crunch (Turkey Review)

It's too good to be true...

Our human luckily 
got "Purina's Pro Plan True Nature PROTEIN CRUNCH to review from

It comes in real shrimp, lamb and natural chicken liver.  We got the real TURKEY!   45% Protein for Energy, Strength & Lean Muscle, according to the package...with added Taurine!
IT'S TRUE! It's for US!

Let'a have at it! But first, we will examine it in great detail!

YES!  I smell TURKEY!
Peaches you're right! It says 45% protein
 with REAL TURKEY!  

It also says "No added articifical flavors, colors or preservaricw..
AND it has added Taurine
(Good thing I learned to read at the shelter!)
Is Paprika watching? Maybe I can steal a few morsels!

That's right, Paprika. Keep looking at the camera so I can
steal the morsels!
OKAY,OKAY We'll share it!
We're lovin' it!
May we have MORE?

This scrumptious package is on sale for $2.79 (marked down from $4.99) at with free 1-2 day shipping at $49.00.  It makes a wonderful gift for your cats or friends who have kitties. Happy Holidays to all!

We were not compensated for this post. We received a package of Pro Plan True Nature Protein Crunch free of charge in exchange for our honest review.