Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Halloween Costuming of Peaches & Paprika (short musical video)

Now that Halloween is over we we will confess...Mom uses virtual Halloween costumes for us these days, rather than real ones.. You'll know why when you peek at this video she made of me and Paprika during our first Halloween costuming event in 2013. We weren't as cooperative as people thought we were!

Please click below for the video: (it has music)
The Halloween Costuming of Peaches & Paprika

Happy MEOW-O-LEEN from our family of cats

Happy Halloween for real! As you can see, Paprika celebrates by jumping over the moon and perching on haunted house roofs,  while Peaches prefers to "haunt us" by sheer  Halloween "stare-power!"

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Early Halloween!

To all my blogging friends I wish you a happy holiday!  For some reason, both Peaches & Paprika are bouncing off the walls today. Paprika has jumped on 5 high places this morning including 3 doorstops. Could they know their special day is coming???

Monday, October 26, 2015

Peaches and Paprika enjoy first Purr-Pack

We check out the October goodies

This was a special day for us because we finally got to open our  first Purr-pack. We would have opened it earlier but our human had to go out of town for a few days and made us wait!!!  (Unfair) Our interest was piqued right away by seeing a large cardboard box full of...well you'll see in a minute.

About Purr-Pack

We learned from our human that this medium Purr-pack (aptly called "Fun & Love") contains at least 7 to 10 different toys, treats and other goodies... 

And this box had a halloween theme! With orange, black, green and scary things!  We got out our special halloween bedspread to comfortably explore it!

Peaches and the "Teenie Sardini"

Of course, I, Peaches the cat, got to the box first! One of my early discoveries was  a delicious fish with a huge red mouth & google eyes.

Whoops! This is my sister Paprika.  She somehow
 got that toy away from me.

Paprika was mesmerized by the many toys

Oh Goodie! Which to try first?
Zanie Orange Catnip Mouse

This little mouse was the subject of considerable rivalry
and I had to put my foot (paw) down.  

Paprika that's my mouse

Gimmee that Mouse!

Yeowww! Pumpkin Catnip Toy

We were hypnotized by this large orange delight!

We explored it together!

Pumpkin I love you!
I'll try this later when I'm more rested

More still to come....

Kong Webba Toy - Interesting long legs!!
There were also TRICKSTER JINGLY CAT BELL BALLS,  a plastic cat for our human (TO HOLD HER CELL PHONE!)

The Catnip Scratcher

And a SURPRISE in the bottom of the box.   A Catnip scratcher...Wow!!!

Our FAVORITE, though was yet to come!
Standing on High Alert for the next goodie

Pet n' Shape
100% Chicken Liver Plus Treat.. 
Freeze Dried Chicken Liver+ Pumpkin & Apple

Mrowww..Paprika! Help me out, here!

Thanks! I think we got it now!

How We Ended the Afternoon

No good box exploration is complete without our trying out the we did!
Paprika you can't spend the night in there!
It's the perfect size for me...

Summary  (from Carol Lowbeer, Peaches and Paprika's "human"

ZZZZZZZZ..Sleeping it off...
I was delighted with this Purr-pack and found it a joyous experience for myself and my kitties and an excellent value.  My calicos can be finicky especially when it comes to new toys and they loved quite a high percentage of the toys.  

I also liked the way it encouraged the two of them to play and explore TOGETHER.  Even though they are sisters, they are not always so companionable and I am trying to encourage that.  
Lastly, I liked the "seasonal" touch, and the halloween theme being used.

Thank you, Purr-pack for allowing us to experience this box of delights.


We received no compensation but were sent a Purr-Pack box in exchange for our fair and honest review of our own opinions.  (Which was that the box is awesome!!)

For More Information

Contact for more information on sizes, toys, treats and customizations. Purr-packs come in 3 sizes: $24.99 per month for the Teaser Pack, $29.99 for the Fun & Love Pack (which is the one above) and the Mega-Pack for $39.99.  Purrpack also donates at least 10% of their products to shelters...a cause WE certainly love, given our shelter backgrounds.  But on to our explorations!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Practicing weird expressions for our Halloween photo shoot

Mrrroww, Grrrr...Howlll...We know we're looking  a little strange here! But we were practicing weird expressions for our halloween photo-shoot.  What do you think, strange enough??

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Autumn was made for Calico Cats!

Good morning! This photo is from our "autumn" photo shoot of last Sunday but for our "Caturday Art" day we have added some special effects. in this photo, Paprika is "squooshed" into a tiny basket, while Peaches as usual sprawls out all over the bed.   Happy autumn weekend everyone.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Peaches instructs Paprika on Photo-shoot tactics

Paprika is instructed by her sister Peaches on proper conduct during a photo-shoot

Paprika:  LOTTA LEAVES here!
 Am I doing the Autumn photoshoot correctly?

I always say this is my best angle!
I'll do anything for a Tummy Rub!

Peaches: Paprika, you need a lot of help on these photo sessions!

You stay in your basket, Paprika. 
I'll show you how it's done!

I think Peaches is overdoing it, myself!

I just hate the way she hogs all the photo-sessions...AND
the bed. May as well nap.

I prefer a more subtle approach, myself

Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Cat-Of-The-Month - Tilly from England

October Cat-of-the-month: The beautiful Tilly
We're proud to present Tilly,our ravishing gorgeous October guest cat on our Facebook page.. We allowed Carol to welcome Tilly since she is also a Tiger-Calico, only with long hair! (to which we aspire one day) She is an international cat belonging to FB friend, Laura Jayne Heap who lives in England. Tilly is one of our FB kitty groups and we have been admiring her for many months. Tilly has an amazing tail like a plume (we are trying to grow ours longer) and has the sweetest expression.According to Laura, her proud owner, Tilly, when a little kitten, fell asleep on Laura’s shoulder and they have been in love ever since! Laura says, Attached is a collage we allowed our owner, Carol to make. We want to take a special tonic so we too can grow a "mane" and tail like that! Whada sweet cat! (not as sweet as us of course)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Carol meets Ellen P at "MEOW" Catshow

Carol Lowbeer and Ellen Pilch at NEMO cat show
Our human came back very happy a few days ago from a "Cat convention"  by  NEMO (New England Meow Outfit)where she met up with Ellen Pilch, "kitty-mom," of some of our cat friends Milly, sammy and Jinx to name a few.  Ellen has the nifty blog 15 and in which these and many other cats "star." So anyway the "meow show" (it's really called NEMO - New England Meow Outfit - was a lot of fun.  We met a wonderful feline artist name Suzan Dudula a nifty Massachusetts artists who also paints horses!

Suzan Dudula and her artwork

Lucky kitty getting chin scratch from empathetic judge,
Carla Bizzell in household pets judging

After fun with the vendors, we visited some of the cats in attendance and watched the fun judging of "household cats" and also the kittens judging.

Last but not least we got to enjoy the cat costume event.  "Jake from State Farm" was the contest winner (see below!)

"Jake from State Farm" - winning cat from Blog,
 Life with Abys

I think this cat is hoping for a singing career

How long will this costume thing last anyway?
I'm tired of pink

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Autumn from Peaches & Paprika

You are waking us up out of a sound sleep--- WHY?
How do you like this autumn print our human obtained ESPECIALLY FOR US. We think it offsets our charms perfectly.  We would have liked it better if Carol DIDN'T wake us up while we were napping.  Such nerve!

Well now that we're awake, we want to tell  you that we Luuuuvvv Autumn!  More autumn celebrations to come...

Note how I, sedate Paprika stay in "my" basket while my annoying sister Peaches sprawls out all over the place.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Photograph Me Peaches The Cat

I am NOT in a photo mood.  Do I look like I want my picture taken?
We cats all have to put our foot down at times about our photographer-humans!

Peaches: Here I am smoozing with the camera again while my sister Paprika is 
her usual "PHOTO-PHOBIC" self.  Lookit that flat right ear!!
Then again...I hope to draw the line on any more photos today!
I am NOT in a photo mood.  Do I look like I want my picture taken?

There are ways I can PREVENT taking this
pillow and....

Grasping it forcefully in my paws 

Voila! The pillow is in front of me!

Is it safe to come out?

Can't you see it's time for our NAP?