Wednesday, June 19, 2024

MY DREAM BOX - for International Box Day!

 Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for organizing this important day.  It brings back fun memories...when we were brand new blogger kitties, we got to "star" in an International Box Day event...we'll try to find the graphic and post it...

Well today I d decided to share one of my favorite boxes...MY DREAM BOX!  Isn't it beautiful?  What do I dram about in this box?  Well, there's tuna...and thinking of sunny windows...memories of catnip...I wasn't always so comfy...I try to forget my shelter days and my dream box helps me do that! Love, Paprika the cat

PEACHES THE CAT HERE.  I have a different opinion about boxes.   I think a box is where one should creative and experiment with different positions.  check on my "moves" below.  My sis-fur Paprika should be more inventive - like me! 

-- Peaches the cat

HOW about This position?
Or THIS one?

But BOTH. of us have fond memories of our very FIRST box day way back when...Ann of Zoolatry kindly put us in the graphic...made us feel part of the community...BUT...we had to share the scene with a D-O-G!  (Luke). (We DID get to know him later and found him courteous and well mannered...)

Ah, such memories of box day...thanks to Ann.  We still ADORE this picture!

Love, Peaches and Paprika

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Kitty Dad Day!

 This year we did our first "Kitty Dad" Slideshow to honor those gentlemen who love their fur-balls, cuddle and care for them.  We wish we had included more Dads, as kitties and dads are no longer with us....

Of course Mom Carol could not resist putting tighter one of her artsy cartoons - again featuring "OTHER CATS..."  5 men and 11 cats!  By sheer purrr-severehce I was able to purrr-suade my stubborn human to include me, ME, Peaches and my little sis-fur Paprika in the cartoon...after all...who is this blog ABOUT?

I'll give you a hint...US!

That's Paprika sitting on the lap of someone she never met before while I have the place of honor in the middle of the room (even though I did have to sit on the floor). I am pleased I was able to give commentary on the cartoon as it made me feel part of things.  Even though I was a little sarcastic. (ME?)

But anyway we hope you'll watch our Kitty Dad slideshow...these dads are really touching!

Love to all of you dads today!

Peaches and Paprika.

we will be joining you know who on their Sunday blog shop!