Sunday, January 21, 2024

LOLA Tribute and our belated MEW YEAR SHOW

What’s going on here?  

Uh this is what it’s all about!
It was a shock to us to learn about 

LOLA The Rescue Cat’s flight to the Rainbow Bridge after she seemed to be improving.  This SO hit home because LOLA and we, P & P) lived briefly at the same  kill shelter in NYC.  We’re about the same age. We even partially shared a rescuer-person.  More on that later.  Therefore our human could not think of anything else but Lola and us and spent a long time reading her story and re-reading LOLA’s book. Anyway, we cats know all kinds of things, you humans don’t know we know and when I saw my human read Lola/Mom Dawn’s last post, I came to lay by her side to comfort & tell her I would still be at her disposal. You can see my left ear crinkle with the news!  

Anyway we want to tell Lola’s family, Mom Dawn and sister Lexy that we are with them in spirit, as fellow NYC shelter survivors!  Lola and Lexy were in our very last “Mew Year” slideshow which mom Dawn saw but we didn’t get to post here b/c of Youtube glitches.  But we’ll post it at the end.  Meanwhile, to honor Lola we thought we’d post her picture (before & after the Jan 1 makeover

& also Lexy for solidarity & to show her bravery in purr-ticipating!

Lola’s Mom Dawn was instrumental in the Rescue world and we commend her so much for the good she has brought to the world.

We also cannot help remembering (and briefly commenting that Janice Rossel, mentioning in LOLA’s post as being so instrumental in saving her, this same Janice (at the same time as countless others) was instrumental in saving US while we were on death row at the kill shelter too.  Here is the link we read from that long ago FB Post in 2012made by the same dedicated NYC volunteers (including Janice) regarding me, Peaches...Janice’s share is the 3rd one down.

We hope our share of Lola's December antics in our slideshow are not’s the last interaction with her and we remember with warmth and love.

For those interested, here is the Mew Year’s slideshow which we posted to Facebook (and Dawn enjoyed) but which we could not post before this to our blog due to a Youtube sharing glitch. (The FB post was directly uploaded)
Click on arrow to see Mew Year Show in which Lola & Lexy appeared.

Signing off and please remember always to hold us fur-balls close, we’re together all too briefly (1)  and pawleez play little games with us even when you’re not in the mood!

-- Peaches and Paprika

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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Our human’s venture into NON-CAT art!

It was bad enough when our human’s featured OTHER cats than ourselves.  Now she’s taken this neglect to a New Level - she’s creating art of NON-CATS!  We tried to stop this dis-loyal activity and could not. In fact  she asked us to post a video she made of sea creatures of OTHER Artists!  O Mi Cod.  Here’s the link which the vid should follow.

rates a group of artists on Fine Art America who specialize in SEA ART - Seashells, Sea creatures like octopus and more.  She insisted on our posting this slideshow so here it is -  above.  Click on it to see what mischief she’s up to. We had no choice but to post this as we rely on her for food and drink.

In a desperate effort to retain attention, we tried
 crawling into her monitor but got 
booted out by her computer software.

MEANWHILE...we have devised ways of staying on her radar.  Here’s mine:  I lie RIGHT on her computer with my tail on her keyboard.  don’t you think that’s appropriate?  (our human doesn’t)

Woe is you think she notices me now?
-- Peaches the cat

And I, Paprika monitor her wearing apparel at art galleries.  I’ve got to do something to keep artistically busy.  But seriously as long as she feeds me on time, I don’t care about this as much as my reactive sister Peaches.

This looks like a good selection - Paprika the cat

Even tho we don’t agree, we’ve been asked by our human to please check out her slideshow.  But that’s ok if you don’t want to, you can always look at US!

My keyboard glamour shot - by Peaches the cat

Love, Peaches and Paprika

PS: We’re joining Athena and Marie’s creative Saturday hop.  We’re desperate for the company of REAL CATS!

Wel have

Monday, January 1, 2024

 Happy New Year from Us and 12 brave bloggers who were not afraid to change their color for the new year! Happy 20241