Saturday, June 29, 2019

Peaches First Month in New Home

While searching for a Cat-ur-day Art photo I came across this old photo of Peaches her first week here! It is close to my heart.  

She looks so different then! Slightly unsure of herself, wanting to please and stay in her new home.  Thinner, too! (Not yet her confident, cheeky slightly overweight self).

She and her sis-fur Paprika had been through so much before coming here.  THREE shelters & foster homes,  a night on the dreaded NYACC "to be euthanized" list and many journeys.

I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to adopt these charming sisters but I'm very glad they're here to stay!

This photo is slightly enhanced with Topaz & a vignetting effect but is pretty close to the original. We are joining Athena's Cat-ur-Day art hop and Cat On My Head's Hop this weekend.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Cat World Domination Day

Happy Cat World Domination Day! Our human has a cartoon she created for this special purpose honoring US and we won't let her post any other picture on this, our special day.  This picture is living proof that we, as cats, RULE THE WORLD! Don't you agree?

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Murphy the Lonely Orange Love Cat - Looking for a friend

I work part time at an assisted living community and this week met Murphy, who I gotta call the LOVE CAT. He, sadly, is lonely because his human is away having surgery and won't return for a good long while. Meanwhile he's being fed by allergic relatives but they're in and out really quick.  
Murphy is alert, healthy looking and love-starved!  Within 10 minutes he was on my lap trying to love, kiss and smooch.  I told him he was being a little forward but who can argue with a large, orange cat who wants to kiss you?

I'm hoping to find a better solution for Murphy, someone to spend a lot more time with him and a better solution is to find him a good adoption, as ihis human's future situation is uncertain.  Just thought I'd share this wonderful cat here in case others have had similar experiences of this all too often occurrence. ( I know CK has shared a heartwarming post from a while back that I read.) -- Carol the Human

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Happy International Picnic Day & Tummy Tuesday

Hot dogs anyone? Okay, so it can be an imaginary picnic.  But today IS both International Picnic Day AND Tummy Tuesday! A day to have a hot dog, kick up our heels and show a little tummy, all at the same time.  Paprika is a wet blanket sometimes, insisting on cheeseburgers and hamburgers instead. Happy Picnic Day AND Tummy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Kitty-Dad's Day!

Today we honor all kitty-dads and are posting a collage we made last year of the kitty-dads who were Peaches and Paprika's Facebook or blogging friends.  We have no kitty-dads in chez Carol, unfortunately or we'd honor them too.  Happy Father's Day to everyone out there today!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Bloggers Annual Cat-riotic Slideshow--LAST WEEKEND to purr-ticipate

Deadline approaches (June 24) to enter your cat in a colorful patriotic slideshow consisting of Bloggers only! Need at least 10 purr-tiipants to do the show.
How to purr-ticipate:
Email holiday graphic to our human. 1)Include the term "Catriotic Slideshow" in subject line 2) blog name & address 3) your name 4) cats' name.

Easiest to copy and paste the above into your email.

Special Offer: If you're not in the mood to make a holiday graphic, we can do one for you or use one from a previous year!

We are joining this weekend the Cat on My Head's Sunday hop!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Scary Side of Hot Air Balloon Day

Alas, the day started out differently. Our human was scheduled to take a ride in this device when at the last minute she CHICKENED OUT and made US do it.  Ever heard of a "scaredy-human?"  Well we can be good sports and looks like we have to! Now if I can dissuade adventurous Paprika from jumping out.  No Paprika...NOooooooo...

PS from our human: This cartoon last published last year but we thought you'd enjoy seeing it again!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Paprika's Hug Your Cat Day

Paprika the cat here.  I finally got to be the star of "Hug Your Cat Day."  It's about time!  Usually Peaches runs off with these plum gigs and its so unfair. So this very week I CHASED Peaches out of the bedroom, so I could have the human to myself. 

You can learn more about National Hug Your Cat Day here! Hug your hard is that?  I like to dream little during such love fests.

Yay! Am I a good "hugg-ee" or what! It's a very important day to show your love by one or many hugs.  Happy Hug yer cat day to all! 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Smell the Roses for June, Rose Month

At last it is here! June and NATIONAL ROSE MONTH!  Heard of "smelling the flowers?"  I'm into smelling the ROSES!  Is there's anything I like to do it's "sniff things." My humans tell me my ears flatten slightly while I'm savoring new smells.  However do not EAT, though!  and watch those thorns!  --Peaches the cat

Paprika the Cat here.  I heard all the fuss about roses and see no reason why this activity should be offered to my sis-fur Peaches. So I INSISTED in purr-ticipating.  Did my kinda "curly" ears! I got way involved with a yellow one, as you'll see here...but it's all good! - Love, Paprika the cat
Happy June and month of roses to all!