Sunday, July 18, 2021

How I Greet My Human - by Peaches the cat

 No point in mincing words, er positions.  I like to get REALLY comfortable in summer. And when my human comes in the entrance door, THIS is what she sees!

All well and good but I overheard my human talking about ME to a friend, describing my "outrageous" posturing and saying I should be, er, more "modest."

All bets are now off! I WILL not let her see my beautiful white chest any more this week. She doesn't appreciate me.

In fact this human needs to be taught a lesson. I won't let her see ANY of the good parts this week.

Signed, Peaches, outrageous cat

Hello Paprika the cat here.  I don't indulge in Peaches-type dramas.  I just yawn & greet my human NORMALLY. Peaches needs to stop the dramatics. - signed Paprika the cat.

We are joining the cat on my  head's hop today!