Sunday, April 24, 2016

A-PAW-logies for a brief absence

We didn't do it!
Howdy. Peaches & Paprika, here! Our human,Carol, got a little scratch on her eye while visiting the eye doctor. Ouch!  It caused her eye to swell, giving her some temporarily blurry vision which is improving. 
 Nope IT WASN'T US, honest!  We never use our claws for such things.  ANYWAY, she asked us to A-PAW-logize for not being around as much as usual.  While pictures are easy for her, reading print can be challenging.  So she'll still be there, just "less" for a couple of weeks.

And now for the blog hop-an event we love! Please visit the other amazing animals on today's Cat On My Head's funderful Sunday blog hop

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Peaches' Paperwork Protest

Peaches, never one to hang back, is spurred on, by her little sister Paprika's tax day rebellion.

There's no reason My little sisfur Paprika should be the only one  protesting  our human doing her taxes AND ignoring US!  Here's a box of Carol's expenses I can occupy

Why...I can fit in here! Could even take a nap in this shoebox.  Even though
I weight 12 pounds.  ZZZZ....

What does it matter if I CRUSH this red box?

My beauty routine & Furrrr maintenance comes, er...furrrst!

WHEW...that was really CRAMPED! !  I much prefer reclining in more luxurious surroundings!

After all, I think it's TUMMY TUESDAY!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tax Interference by Cats

Paprika put her paw down! She was determined I would NOT finish my taxes.  It was no easy task to persevere.....

It didn't end there...

Her motives were clear....

She made sure we had a VERY long "Play Session"

Cats can be so unrealistic, don't you think?

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lights Camera Action!

Paprika joins the Photo-shoot

Since our human has been out of sorts lately and neglecting her "visual arts," I, Paprika, decided to join my sisfur Peaches in a photo adventure.  I did a better job than Peaches, right?   The green enhances my green eyed personality.   If I could only learn the art of hiding my privates...but I'm told that's a human thing and doesn't matter for cats.

These are my sisfur Peaches photos from HER previous photo session. I think MINE are much better don't you?