Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Scrapbook of the Gordon Gang


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Cats of the Month share "together" time

The Gordon Gang's Last Days on our page:  Once again, our human Carol wants to share "other cats" inspire of our objections.  Well the blog will be ours again, and SOON! These others are worthy of tribute, though. Though 5 out of the cats were strays found in cold weather and brought inside, they've forged friendships!  and enjoy the social atmosphere of the household, many making their own special friends. Mickey, Bailey and Shedley hang out together on a sumptuous cat tree (see below), while Shedly also enjoys perching on Mike’s back! Cali and Shedly both specialize in “beseeching looks.” We know from experience these tactics work!

Note: the most sociable of all, Shedly, was found badly injured alone in a shed.  Check her out now!

PS: WE would NEVER share the same shelf on a cat tree.  Maybe for a micro-second. Takes all kinds!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Peaches misbehaves, steals tuna sandwich!

Okay so I’m not perfect.  Paprika and I were brought up to be  "little ladies" During the entire time we lived here I have never set a paw on the kitchen counter nor tried to steal a human meal. 

That all came to an end yesterday when  a temptation too overwhelming to resist was suddenly presented to me.

You see our human eats these delectable sandwiches but we know better than to ask for a bite.  Cod Forbid!  She doesn’t mind us sitting on her lap though.So this time I was hanging out on her lap minding my own business while she chomped away on…a TUNA SANDWICH!  And THEN the phone rang and she forgot all about me and the sandwich. Well now I was faced with a TUNA TEMPTATION which overpowered my better judgement.  Before I knew it I had casually leaned over and begun consuming the meal of my life!  But then I was confronted with my human’s horrified expression and I knew  I was in for it.

Well it's all over now but...Would I do it again?  You know it was so delicious I just might. There are limits to how much temptations a cat should have to resist.  Don't you agree?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

September Cats of the Month: "THE GORDON GANG"

September Cats of the Month - The Gordon Gang
Believe it or not…Our Cat guest(S)  of the month is..are SIX CATS! 
They DO belong to one owner, the Gordons, who often lovingly rescue cats in need right out of the freezing cold and foster them in their own home. 
Mike is my colleague at work and he loves hearing about US so we are returning the favor! 

Our September guest cats' names are Shedly (named for being found in a shed!), Mickey, Cali, Bailey, Teddy and BlackJack. Of course sometimes the fosters could become permanent residents… I counted six cats now in the Gordons home. But its possible there is a 7th! Each has his or her own "hobbies,"  ranging from cat towers to heated sun baths and bird watching, but they all get along! (well, usually) The collage we allowed our owner Carol to make for them show some of their different activities and personalities!  We have cautioned her not to spend too much time on these "other cats" but we don't know if she will listen.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Peaches featured in her first art exhibit

When I heard Carol was putting together an autumn photography art exhibit, I meowed:

THIS CAN NOT happen!  Not without MY participation.  I mean, what are my vivid colors FOR, if not to enhance an autumn show!  

Not being an "outdoor" cat, I persuaded my human to visit the fabric store...she brought me this leaf fabric ..and I proceeded to deliver my best poses.  What do you think?!

Here are some of the other pictures in  he exhibit which accompany me! Carol took these photos in Connecticut, where we live and some of them have what we call "virtual painting"

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Reunited at last: Peaches, Paprika & Carol

Peaches (left), Carol & Paprika  (right) reunited
Finally! We got our blog back because our human returned from her "trip." Thought it'd never happen. This is US after our human deserted us overnight earlier this summer without consulting us... preferring the beach in Massachusetts. Boy were we happy to see her!  I, Peaches took the left shoulder while Paprika snoozed on the right. What better use of a sleepy afternoon? -- Peaches the cat

This is where she went when she deserted us.  Don't you think WE are more scenic?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

GUARDIANS OF THE ROSES - August Cats of the Month

ARE these cats "guarding" this sumptuous rose garden or WHAT!! We have graciously allowed our human, Carol to feature a guest cat in our Facebook page each month.  We have mixed feelings about it, since Carol took advantage of our generosity and has been featuring TWO cats each month. Oh well, hopefully she'll appreciate US when it' all over!  Carol asked us if this once in a while we would share our blog space with these invader "katz of the month". Oh, All-RIGHT. SOMETIMES only! Anyway, here is a nice collage Carol did involving ROSES.

Our August guests belong to Rosarian Marci M., who is Pres. of Ct rose Society & was for years the rosarian at Elizabeth Park, one of the country's largest munipcal rose gardens.

Carol photographed her cats a few years ago while photographing Marci's sumptuous rose garden...and has always thought of her cats, Rajah and Missie, as...guardians of the roses! Below is a collage Carol made for her August spread plus some individual shots of Marci's cats and roses.