Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Special Happy Meowleen Video

Happy Meowleen! We made another SPECIAL MEOWLEEN VIDEO this year featuring 50 of our Facebook Friends, and some very special bloggers purr-ticipated too!  You can watch the low Res version here,
 but clicking on the MEOWLEEN link above will get you to our youtube channel which has the best resolution!
Wishing all of you a happy, spooky halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Getting In A Halloween State of Mind

Enough about "Moving Woe" our human says, its time for the big "Meowleen Holiday."  Time to get in a Halloween, er, "Meowleen "state of Mind.  I purr=sonnally believe my hissing stance far outweighs Peaches' snarl...but what do YOU think?  We are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today, and wishing all a Happy upcoming holiday!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Moving Part 4 - Overcome by Boxes

Peaches here again! We never thought there could be such a thing as too many boxes...but there IS! Once we finished our sofa naps we entered the kitchen and...well a cat cannot even get a decent cat meal here...only boxes! 

 I searched around for a box on which to establish "headquarters." This necessitates a "high" box with a good view on which to display my charms. Here is my first effort:

 Paprika, always a hunter, decided a further exploration was in order. I was in complete agreement.

 I located an ever higher box with a superb vantage point.  The box was labeled "dry foods." This sounded promising...


Paprika decided to continue the search!

 Leave it to Paprika to try and upstage me! She DID find a nice alternative perching place! Show off!

I decided to look around myself and found a REALLY promising box...upside down CHEWY!

In the end, Paprika deserted me, which was very unfair of her.  If a cat is trying to explore a place they should not wander off to ANOTHER place. Don't you agree?

Paprika here. That Peaches is so obsessed with boxes she does't realize there is a delectable BEDROOM nearby...

signed, Paprika, Chief Exploress

We thank you for reading our umpteenth box story of the past month, and soon will be celebrating events of a more serene Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Up To No Good - Cat-Ur-Day Art

There is only one thing to do when there are nothing but boxes around:  look for treats and catnip!  I prefer to hang out in an elevated position while my sis-fur Paprika does all the work. This rendition of our explorations was done with Painnt software.Thanks to all for your good wishes after our move. We'll be posting some moving cartoons tomorrow! 

Meanwhile, Happy Cat-Ur-Day to all.  

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Moving Part 3 - Introduction to our New Digs

Well it happened!  Moving Day arrived. Our human (now called our IN-human) went and did it and we had to leave our beloved home.  Can you believe?  Here am I, Peaches, hiding deep in the sofa before "they" took it away. I hoped against hope that if I stay in the depths of this sofa that our human will have to stay here too. I was wrong...

One look out the window presented me with THIS shocking view!!!

Our IN-human had the nerve to be happy about the whole thing, calling it an adventure!  We'll "adventure" her!

The movers would not move US so our human had to make a trip back to our old home to get us.  But even though she escorted us to our old sofa and tried to make "nice-nice" we knew better. She'd put our sofa in a NEW PLACE which smelled different. We immediately turned out backs on her to show her how we felt about it.

Inspite of wanting to stay mad, we finally became exhausted by the mere thought of all the boxes around us.  

"Long legs" Paprika assumed her curled up position while I, true to form took up most of the sofa.

We will have to wait till tomorrow to poke around all those boxes and strange rooms. Meanwhile....

We thank you in advance, those who've read this far, for your empathy and compassion. I mean, after ALL!