This is Peaches, she has flamboyant calico colors of ginger, cinnamon, white and in true tiger tabby style: black and grey stripes. She is confident, sassy and flamboyant. Her favorite activities are Being Admired, Posing for "photo-ops" in adorable positions, and Harassing her sister Paprika. Her motto is "If it's a lot of work, don't do it." She is super affectionate and greets me every day with kisses, purrs, rubs and delightful tummy displays. She is a creature of infinite variety with a wide diversity of sounds...including "muttering" and "sputtering! if she is displeased with something!

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  1. Peaches, I think we would get along marvelously based on your profile information. And we would sure make a handsome couple. I would have no problem admiring you. I will be calling as soon as a Cat Scout activity or some other blogosphere activity becomes available. With best regards, Cooper Murphy 💐