Animal Portrait Gallery

Photographing animals is my great love and I have created animal portraits of many species, wild and tame, from cats to dogs, horses, cranes & even ducks! (The ducks were pets). I also donate pet portraits to good causes (feline causes given high weight!) when I see one. Here are a few of my, um, "subjects:"
Chloe, Mokie, Tessie and Cocoa, 2 Ragdolls adults & 2 Maine Coone Kittens
Will reveal how I got them all to pose in a future post!

Fergus, a gorgeous Maine Coon rescue cat, now adopted
Walters and Judy loving it up

A rare white Mandarin, pet of a friend (they are originally from China)

Rodney, Rescue dog at "Our Companions" in Ashford,
in the arms of Krystal, the canine caretaker

Hunter, the howling husky. Lives in CT,
photographed as part of an auction donation

Two Wood Ducks nibbling and "loving it up" at
LRWC in Litchfield, CT
Beautiful Cocoa, now travelled to Rainbow Bridge

Frank being tickled by Midge (formerly a rescue dog, now
greatly beloved

"Card", the cardinal who visits me every winter.
Or is this his brother?

Two crowned cranes (originally from Africa)
in a courtship ritual at Livingston Ripley Sanctuary

Mokie, one of the first cats I fell in love with
in Connecticut. I did his portrait as part of a silent auction donation

Loveable Lacy - the successful
winner of my pet portrait services at
a recent auction
Violet at "Our Companions" animal sanctuary. (she's since
gone to her "Forever' home
Beautiful Misty, a sweet calico awaiting adoption at
"Connecticut Cat Connection" in Windsor, CT
Robert, my backyard Carolina Wren friend
who loves to pose for my camera

Wood Duck trying to stir up interest in a
nearby prospective mate  (wild)

Loveable Lacy again, looking for LOVE!

Sean & his devoted companion, Shelby, now, alas,
gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He was so beautiful,
inside and out.


  1. Great Photos!!! You have a wonderful talent!

  2. I remember the wood duck from the US postage stamp some 20-25 years ago.

    1. Thank you for visiting! Yeah wood ducks are the loveliest!

  3. Gasp - these photos are gorgeous. You certainly do have a way with photography.

  4. I had seen your gallery of animal portraits and i can say that your photos are really gorgeous. You have a wonderful talent.