Sunday, September 25, 2022

Autumn Tortie and Calico Slideshow...Blast from the Past


Good morning, how well we remember when we told our human she should create a slideshow JUST for calicos like us and sorties..I mean really, its obvious!  Our autumn colors are Purr-fect for a show and naturally she agreed.  Here's the show that WE created, though she put her name on it. (we don't think that was right.

But please do watch and enjoy it...sadly, a few of the gorgeous beautiful fur-balls are no longer with us and that made our human cry when she watched it again.  We can. understand that!  But even for those fur-balls no longer with us it is a beautiful tribute.  

We posted this in the two Facebook groups our human belongs to as well!

Love, Peaches & Paprika

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

New and Crazy Feline Postures to beat the heat


Paprika here. It's been in the 90's here on the East Coast and we cats must adapt ourselves accordingly. We consider ourselves as hot cats in that we "flow with the heat" and try out new, far out postures in the hopes of adapting ourselves to the smoldering summer temperatures! UPSIDE DOWN is one such experiment.  I couldn't quite get there, though.

I have been experimenting with a great washing effort.  My human insisted on photographing me when I was in a compromising position.  But one has to keep every part scrupulously clean in this weather. ESPECIALLY white feet!! -- Peaches the cat.

My "crooked cat look"Okay, it is time to to try a more experimental position.  I honestly believe I am a "cooler cat" when trying out this posture.  My human complains I'm really strange this week.  I think SHE is strange! - Paprika the Cat


In closing, we wish our fellow felines, ESCAPE FROM THE HEAT in whatever posture or activity you deem. a-Purr-preate!

Listen to NO HUMANS when it comes to your purr-sonal comfort.  They will only interfere!

Sunday, July 10, 2022

How we forced our human to celebrate our birthday!


We are 12 years old today.  And our human had her birthday on July 5. This calls for a special celebration, wouldn't you THINK?

But SHE was going to just do her computer stuff, go to a pool party and just forget all about US until I, Peaches, took action!~. Here is what I did:

I stationed myself right in front of her computer so she HAD to notice me!

Better yet, I made it impossible for her to see her computer!

Naturally I wanted to explore a bit while I was up there.

It is now time to reveal my STRATEGY!

Need I say more?  Our human gave in!

Finally:  a Celebration at last~!!!!!

I was allowed to celebrate in the style to which I am accustomed!

Once the party was over, I decided I liked hanging out by the computer and returned for a major stay.  My human now has no choice but to work around my presence here.  This never would have happened had she not IGNORED us!

Respectfully submitted, Peaches the Cat

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Monday, May 30, 2022

6th Annual Kitty Rainbow Memorial Slideshow

CLICK ON LINK TO WATCH SHOW!  So many kitties crossed the bridge this year.  Here are the kitties of Peaches & Paprika's friends, and some blogger friends as well!  Please have a handkerchief handy when you watch.  Mom Carol cries every time she watches it even though she made it. (with OUR help of course!) - Peaches and Paprika

PS: The illustration is of our very first Rainbow Memorial Show (not this year!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

6th Annual Rainbow Memorial Show


Hello all, for the 6th year we are going to honor kitties of our blogger and Facebook friends.who crossed the bridge since our last honoring in May 2021. 

  If you are a blogger & like to have your kitty included and you haven't been in our previous shows, please contact me via comment, or, best, you can post your kitties photo and date of passing on our Facebook page (click on link below)

 Or if its easier you can post a link to your Angel Kitty here in the comments.  Deadline:  May 28!!

If your kitties were in previous shows, reposting not necessary, as we will be showing all the shows on Memorial Day!  Condolences to all who are missing their companions!

Hugs, Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Saturday, March 12, 2022


 ORANGE CATS St PADDY DAY SLIDESHOW (Bloggers & other friends) I made in 2017 revisited. Thought I'd play this just for memory fun, then found myself with a box of kleenex because many of the beautiful orange kitties have crossed the bridge. 

Happy St. Paddy Day to all, may you and your beautiful furballs here or over there be blessed!  

Among the bloggers' cats in the show are beautiful orange cats of Sierra M. Koester,Sharon Keenan,Kimberley Harriskat bird, Nancy Brown Teri Glazebrook, Tom Blue,Ellen Pilch,Sabina Ayne,Deb Barnes,Pamela June Kimmell, Cheri Lincoln,Rene Schweitzer,Lorianne Miller,Carole Cole,Abby Smith,Sue Grybel Doute,Jackie Avery

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Girl Scout Day Arrives

Peaches the cat here.  That's me on the right. You know what day it is!  Girl Scout Day and time to DO GOOD DEEDS FOR OTHERS!  Of course Paprika, as usual, is in her own zone.  she thinks its about selling cookies!  I've tried to explain to her, but the verdict is...she just doesn't get it! What good deeds will YOU do for others today, you kitties?  How about an extra head butt or your human?

We are joining Athena and Marie today for CATURDAY FUN!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Tell A Fairy Tale Day - Little Red Peaching Hood

 My human tells me today is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day, and she just HAD to create a tale with US in it.  She's partial to Little Red Riding Hood, but I, Peaches the cat, told her it was LITTLE RED PEACHING HOOD ---- or else!  

Little did I know that I would have to deal with a big bad WOLF and it turned out to be my allegedly"little' sis-fur Paprika!  I never never realized what sharp teeth she had.  I better stay clear of this tale....Peaches the cat

Comment from Paprika:  "It is clear Peaches has underestimated me!"

You can read more about "National Tell A Fairy Tale Day" here!

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Sunday, February 20, 2022

National Love Your Pet Day - A Bonus for Kitties!


We don't need a special day to get lots of love but it doesn't hurt!  Here are several vignettes our human put together featuring our love for each other...which you can see is alive and well!

This is me, Peaches & Carol. As you can see we like to hold hands, er paws.  I am always careful to use "soft paws" though occasionally I will extend just a pinprick of a claw--for special interest! -- Peaches the Cat

Paprika here.  I am sleeping blissfully on my human's chin the way I like to do frequently. Luckily for me, she doesn't mind a bit!

Here is another picture of me, having a blissful rest on my human's chin.  What are humans' chins for, anyway, if not for cats to nestle against them? -- Paprika the cat

We are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today. Happy National Love Your Pet Day to all and my you love him/her fiercely!  Give extra head scratches!

Friday, February 18, 2022

Punchy Peaches and Practical Paprika celebrate National Drink Wine Day


Today is NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY!  It's little different from National Wine Day which is in May because on THIS day, the glories of mood enhancement are actually illuminated & illustrated.  

Wine can be enjoyed by cats and we have our OWN wine.  Have you tried PINOT MEOW, REISLING PURR or CLAW CABERNET?    Have you heard of any others?  

Now I, for one, Practical Paprika, have always been able to hold my kitty booze.  Not Peaches.  Punchy Peaches overdid it (like she does everything) and is literally floating away!!

-- Respectfully submitted,

Paprika the cat

Monday, February 14, 2022

5th Annual Love Cats Slideshow

 Happy Valentine's Day to all! Thought you'd enjoy seeing our super special LOVE CATS slideshow featuring forty loving fur balls who are Peaches & paprika FB friends.  Our own Sharon's REESIE is one of the participants!


Carol, Peaches and paprika

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Snooper-Ball Sunday - we cheer the players!

Good morning, Paprika the cat here.  The best way to stand out in a crowd, according to Peaches is to jump high in the air, wearing the costumes of the day.  On this occasions, we have selected our teams to honor the occasion.  We got our Hunan to take this "preview" photo of us. Note how my blue and gold RAMS costume fits purr-featly whereas plumb Peaches can hardly squeeze into her Bengals duds!

It started out early in the morning when we received a secret summons....

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Happy Freezing Caturday!

 The temperature in Connecticut hovers around ZERO (0) today and its best to be flexible.  Though we don't normally believe in "hats for cats" we might make an exception for such a freezing day.  We're joining Athena's Caturday Hop and The Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop to say hello to other freezing friends.  What are YOU doing to keep warm?

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Winners of my Colorful Creative Cat Contest in Fine Art America

 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.  Last week in addition to the Bloggers Painted Cat Mew Year
I decided to do something different:  I created and hosted a CONTEST entitled 'COLORFUL CREATIVE CATS'

  Artists and photographers belonging Fine Art America were invited to participate allowing 2 entries per person.  We had 193 entries & voting by Fine Art America Members  took place on the 3rd day., Today I am featuring the First and Second Place WINNERS by popular vote - both a sampling of their art pieces and some information about the talented winners.

1st PRIZE WINNER:  Jutta Maria Pusl

CAT MOMMY by Jutta Maria Pusl

Jutta Maria Pusl, born and living in Germany, enjoys painting, drawing and taking photos from childhood on. She studied educational sciences in Munich with a main focus on arts and worked as a teacher also teaching art. With the computer era she discovered the digital image editing and began to experiment with photos and fractals. Soon also 3D graphics have fascinated her. The computer has become an important medium to express herself artistically. She also paints in acrylic, oil and watercolor and takes part in an exhibition once a year.   She as kind enough to answer a few questions for me!

Q-We notice that your beautiful artwork “Cat Mommy” was created as an original art piece in acryllc and pen. What inspired you to create this piece and tell us about what it was like to create it?  The inspiration for 'Cat Mommy' was a little sculpture. I'm always looking for ideas for images with cats. I love cats and they are my favorite subject for paintings. 

NIGHTLY MEETING by Jutta Maria Pusl

Q- We love the diversity of your art 

collection. On what area and subject are you currently focusing? Currently I'm working on an acrylic painting with the subject autumn.

Q- You have many outstanding animal portraits. What interests you about painting and/or photographing animals? I think it is because I love animals and I like to watch them. 


Quinkles The Great - By Dee Davis

Dee, who lives in Minnesota began drawing pictures at age three when hery dad, an art teacher, put a pencil in her hand, gave her some paper and a few basic lessons in drawing. Since then she's been fascinated with the artistic side of life, studying, viewing and participating.She has worked in colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor and oil doing landscapes, portraits, abstracts and whimsy. She donate 20% of her profits of Imaginary Cat sales at FAA to the Humane Society and the ASPCA.

Q-We love the sheer WHIMSY of your work. What inspired the creation of your central character - QUINKLES- from whom many of your other cats (characters) sprung, such as El Gato? I began my cat series with Barthol O'Mew..just for fun..then added el Gato Artisto, Hamlet and so on... Although I like working in Acrylic, OIl, and Watercolor, these cats have been my most enjoyable works, and I plan to add more in the future

Q-We noticed this artwork and many others are done with the medium of colored pencil. We

love that. What do you like about using colored pencil? do you use any other mediums? Colored pencils are so clean and easy..I often start a picture, not knowing exactly how I will finish it..then it can become a puzzle for a while as I decide on the final colors, and background items. a mouse? a bird? a terradactyl? 

Q-What do you like about drawing cats?  My home is full of cat, cards, little figurines. I have had several cats in the past...and I pampered and adored them, however I am catless at the moment and I do miss having one or two. 

Q-Any other comments?  Best wishes to all cat lovers on FAA and Facebook and throughout the world ! 

3rd Prize Winner: Kathy Kelly

Kathy is a photographer turned digital artist from the U.S. She has a wonderful portfolio of animals, nature and other topics. We may do a fuller feature at a later date. Her portrait "Whiskered One' is a beautifully detailed picture of a close cropped cat portrait.


In case you're wondering more about FINEARTAMERICA, I will give you my link as well.  I have had a blast turning my seascape, landscape and yes, CAT photos into paintings and this is a wonderful place to display (and sometimes sell them!  Each art piece can be a drawing or poster but also a coffee mug, face mask, blanket and much more.  It is a fun place to be selling artwork.

Carol Lowbeer's Fine Art America Site


Today we are joining. The Cat On My Heads Sunday Hop and wishing everyone a wonderful New Year 2022.  May at least one of your dreams come true.