Monday, June 29, 2015

"FEEL THE LOVE" Slideshow for Our Companions

PAWLEEZ take a peak, even for a minute! It's Sanctuary life  from CAT residents point of view. MEOWS & purrs will be heard.  posted late yesterday. Our human won't pay attention to US till those"OUR COMPANIONS"cats have their day so PAWLEEZ take a so she'll start talking about US again! Signed, Peaches & Paprika!

PPS: That's Emily, another tiger calico (not us) in the picture.  Don't forget us!!

Here we are! Don't Forget Us!
Signed, Peaches & Paprika.
The above show is the shorter version. There is a longer version on our Peaches & Paprika Channel which will be shown at the Sebastian House visiting hours.  And if you click on OUR COMPANIONS link you will get to their website.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Looks that way...
Looks like we'll have to move
INTO that Sebastian House
if we're ever to see Carol again
For the final week of Adopt-A-Shelter Month, we're posting  a collage of Sebastian House as well as a slideshow which will be shown during visiting hours at the Sanctuary. It can also be enjoyed online. The "real cats" can be seen by contacting Our Companions!

Our companions Slideshow

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sebastian House celebrated on Father's Day

Peaches & Paprika glare before
introducing Sebastian House cats
The Cats of Sebastian House


Let it be known...We object to Carol's traipsing out to "Sebastian House for Cats" at Our Companions sanctuary in Ashford Connecticut again to take pictures of & consort with "other cats". She could have been playing with US or giving us extra TREATS. However, she HAS given us a part time job introducing the Sebastian House cats & their digs.  Heck, those cats lead a life of luxury. Better than OURS! We get paid for this.  1 salmon or chicken treat for each cat introduced (spread over a period of 2 weeks). Plus she promised she will not use the dreaded vacuum this week. And some of these kitties COULD be related to our missing Dad. Who knows? So here goes:

This is Snickers rolling around on the window sill in
a shameless bid for attention!

TA-DUM! The Cats of Sebastian House
This is our chief rival, Emily.  She is way too adorable.

Here are the pretty front steps to the house

Would you believe...bunk beds
and HAMMOCKS?? Hey we never
got any hammocks!
That's Roxie up on top.
Love those SHELVES!  Looks like these
two are trying to co-habit the same space.
Wouldn't be possible at our place!

Now Emilly is dancing atop the
cat condo...Is there no end to her
bids for attention?

This is Frankie. He is showing off the
multiple platform hang-out in the
new "catio." We have kind of a crush
on him.

Green-eyed Ashley is joining her boyfriend Frankie
for a game of...something! We are green-eyed ourselves over
all that grass and oportected utdoor space!
And handsome Frankie! But he is taken.

Frankie is apparently "getting' a little love."
Looks like a lot of it to us!

We kind of have a crush on this guy too - Maurice -
although he does lay around a lot.  We think our Daddy
must have been orange like Maurice
This is Mason, born without back feet would you believe.
It is amazing the things he can do, though.

Tabby's thrice daily brushing. Or is it even more often?
There is Mason's pal Snookey. They are being
royally entertained by the "staff."  WE would like staff like that.

A successful jaunt
 on yet another cat condo

Presenting Dusty the Cat. Soft, cuddly
and lovin' that sofa, obviously.

O Mi Cod, a CATHOUSE??? We want one.
We want one NOW!

That's It!

Well how'd we do?  Are the treats for us ready?  We'll start with the Salmon...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Peaches & Paprika celebrate INTERNATIONAL BOX DAY!

AT LAST! We have the blog to ourselves again.  Well, not exactly...There is a D-O-G lurking in one of these boxes.  We couldn't do anything about it.  So the best thing we can tell you is VISIT LUKE at Wag n' Woof see what  a dog would be up to on Box Day.  We're cats so... you know. We celebrate in our own feline way.  

So for International Box Day we got a gift from our human: TWO BOXES of equal size. Well actually they were BOX TOPS.  We think that's because we were being WATCHED.   The nerve. We were told to do what "comes natcherally" so here's how we celebrated.  (See below)

Peaches knows an opportunity
when she sees one!
Weather's Fine in Here

Make yourself at home, Sis

Time for a time-honored SNOOZE

Hello there!

But first...I'll say goodnight to my big sister

How 'bout returning the favor, Paprika?


Thank You thank you!
My turn to kiss you!

It's been a long time!

Wait! I wasn't finished yet!
Oh wel, we"ll all nap! zzz...

Knew I could get Peaches to kiss me!

We leave you with this thought....

There's nothing like a good old fashioned BOX
(or 2) to bring out the best in a cat like YOU!

Happy International Box Day from Luke, Peaches & Paprika to You! Come to think of it, since Luke has boxed us up, we will box him up! It's all in fun...Happy Box Day from US!

PS: Thank you to amazing Zoolatry for the imaginative graphic. We love it!

And Courageous Jan from Wag N' Woof has started a blog hop for all the animals. See Below!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cookies gives "Scratching Post Lessons to her three Crumbs (Part 3 of 3)

Cookie teaches her Crumbs, Biscuit, Keebler & Graham  how to use the scratching post

Here, our rivals, "the crumbs" appear for the last time.  Cookie, the abandoned Calico cat living in Our Companions Animal Sanctuary is giving her "Crumbs" their first lesson on how to use the all-important "Post" - something every good feline citizen MUST learn.

Come with me little one
This is how you do it!
Doesn't look too hard

I think I've GOT IT!
I hope they're gonna
remember everything!

For more information on Cookie and her 3 "crumbs" - Biscuit, Keebler & Graham, please visit the website of Our Companions Animal Sanctuary in Ashford, Connecticut.