Their Story

Their narrow escape from "Death Row" in NYC - by Carol

I was taking a break from housecleaning and thought I’d indulge my never ending curiosity for “where were my cats before they came to live with me?”  I wish I weren’t so curious. After all I knew their owners lert them at a NYC shelter when they moved, I knew that. What I was curious about was how had Peaches and paprika become so well-mannered?  They almost always “mind,” if I say don’t do something they rarely do it (REALLY) and they NEVER go on the kitchen counter.  So far they have not clawed my sofa or gone anywhere else I told them not to.

Paprika 2012 at shelter
Well anyway…I had done searches before putting in “Peaches and Paprika”- no info, but then I remembered that it had been “Peaches and Tigger” before, I had renamed the girls.  I typed Peaches & TIGGER into Google and the first page of results showed nothing.  But then….as I went to Page 2, suddenly Peaches’ face flashed across my IPAD, taking up the whole screen. Then Paprika’s face, her eyes huge with fright.  The photos were excerpted from Pets on Death Row, a facebook page, of which I’m sure many of you know. But I had not seen it before.  The posts took place between July 1 and July 7. They were written by 25 volunteers at the kill shelter all about MY CATS The following day they were scheduled to DIE!  This brought chills to my heart but I could not stop reading.    Postings from Facebook "SAVED" Page- July 2012.  Here is the first post I read: 

"Peaches was so starving for attention it was very sad to see. It could of been because she was missing her housemate Tigger. These are two absolutely adorable, friendly, loving girls that should be growing up together. if you can find it in your heart to save these two delightful, loving girls "    and

First explorations
 in my home
"Peaches is just beautiful!! Please don't let her die. Please, someone in the NY area, give her a second chance!!! I pledge $30 toward her rescue. PLEASE HELP HER!"

Arrival & first night chez moi
Finally, they were both SAFE!  They had caught a cold from the other cats.  A wonderful lady named Joann who performs last minute miracles rescued my kitties, fostered them till they recovered from their colds, and then found them a home in a large white house in Granby called Marys Kitty Korner.  That is where I met them.  I had seen Peaches’ picture in Petfinder and fell in love.  And I went there to Granby to the white house and took them home.

I don’t think much about their past but often I see a far away look in Paprika’s eyes and I wonder if she is remembering the cold cement floor, the 
cage, the fright.  I will never know these things.  But I gather my kitties tight about me, just the same.  And I savor their purrs, their whiskers, their sweet dispositions all the more.


  1. Oh my cat! What a sad story with a wonderful ending. So happy you saved them from death row. It reminds me of how Ollie and Baggie came to live with us. They are two brothers abandoned when their owners had moved. You can read about their story on my Canada Day post if you'd like. I'm in love with Peaches and Paprika.

    1. Just saw this and so sorry for not answering earlier. Thank you for empathizing and we will look forward to reading yours. We could not believe our previous owners could leave loving beautiful kitties like us behind but, know the rest! Happy ending.

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