Tuesday, July 26, 2022

New and Crazy Feline Postures to beat the heat


Paprika here. It's been in the 90's here on the East Coast and we cats must adapt ourselves accordingly. We consider ourselves as hot cats in that we "flow with the heat" and try out new, far out postures in the hopes of adapting ourselves to the smoldering summer temperatures! UPSIDE DOWN is one such experiment.  I couldn't quite get there, though.

I have been experimenting with a great washing effort.  My human insisted on photographing me when I was in a compromising position.  But one has to keep every part scrupulously clean in this weather. ESPECIALLY white feet!! -- Peaches the cat.

My "crooked cat look"Okay, it is time to to try a more experimental position.  I honestly believe I am a "cooler cat" when trying out this posture.  My human complains I'm really strange this week.  I think SHE is strange! - Paprika the Cat


In closing, we wish our fellow felines, ESCAPE FROM THE HEAT in whatever posture or activity you deem. a-Purr-preate!

Listen to NO HUMANS when it comes to your purr-sonal comfort.  They will only interfere!

Sunday, July 10, 2022

How we forced our human to celebrate our birthday!


We are 12 years old today.  And our human had her birthday on July 5. This calls for a special celebration, wouldn't you THINK?

But SHE was going to just do her computer stuff, go to a pool party and just forget all about US until I, Peaches, took action!~. Here is what I did:

I stationed myself right in front of her computer so she HAD to notice me!

Better yet, I made it impossible for her to see her computer!

Naturally I wanted to explore a bit while I was up there.

It is now time to reveal my STRATEGY!

Need I say more?  Our human gave in!

Finally:  a Celebration at last~!!!!!

I was allowed to celebrate in the style to which I am accustomed!

Once the party was over, I decided I liked hanging out by the computer and returned for a major stay.  My human now has no choice but to work around my presence here.  This never would have happened had she not IGNORED us!

Respectfully submitted, Peaches the Cat

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