Friday, February 14, 2020

Love Cats Slideshow 2020

CLICK ON PICTURE TO WATCH this little show!  It will be worth it! Here is the annual slideshow our human ignores us to make for our Facebook Friends.  They love being stars,  but WE do NOT love being TWO out of FIFTY!  We will be glad when its all over and she can pay more attention to US.  But at least we got to appear in a couple of slides.  Three bloggers are also in the's a surprise. Can you find them?

We are joining  Athena and Marie's Cat-urday Hop and The Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop this weekend, as our human is getting old fast and making slideshows takes her fur-ever!  We wish she'd hurry up and recover!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cattitude Contest Winners - 2020 "Oskat" Awards

It was a tough decision with 100 cat entries, all with dynamic cat-titude.  Finally, they were narrowed down to 18 and after much agonized debate our Facebook friends voted.  There was an additional contest for most acrobatic too.  Allie Spiegenhalter of Friends FurEver blog was the proud winner of the Acrobatics division after scaling the heights of an attractive cabinet.  

First prize winner , MUFFIN got a Peaches & Paprika 2020  calendar and the congratulations of over 20 friends. tThe runners up got, well, lots of glory and compliments.  But it was a fun evening for all,  We think cats SHOULD compete EVERY year for our own OS-KAT awards.  

SPECIAL AWARDS - Acrobatic Award

And Most Artist Cat Project (Paper Towel Art)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Oskat Awards Contest- Cat With Most Cattitude

You've heard of the Oscar Awards (tonight) but do you know about the OSKAT awards? 

It's true! Tonight a cat with the MOST CATTITUDE will be chosen on our Facebook page!  Contest Announcement below.  

A second winner, Most Acrobatic Cat will be chosen, too. 

We, Peaches & Paprika feel WE always should be the win-nahs, but our human is insisting to choose OTHER CATS! 

If YOU would like to enter your cat, apply on Oskat Announcement today on our Facebook Page before 3pm  with your most outrageous photo!

Today's Announcement:

Previous year's Win-nahs:

And sometimes WE get to to win, which is as it should be!

Who will the Winnah be toNITE?

We're hopping today with The Cat On May Head's Sunday hop.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Little Red Peaching Hood - Honoring Wear Red Day

I've always longed to be Red Riding Hood, even though I have to put up with being called "Peaching Hood..."  It's all good.  I am celebrating Wear Red Day which honors heart health and is the first Friday in February and you can read all about it and honor it by clicking the link.

Meanwhile, I innocently played may rightful role as Little Red Peaching Hood, only to learn that there is a WOLF in this story with big teeth  I meandered through the woods, basket in hand and entered a little cottage...well you can see what happened!  You never know what kind wolf  you will find....Cod knows what will become of me now!!!!
--Peaches the Cat

Note: Our human decided our story is artsy enough to join Athena and Marie for their Cat-urday hop!  Our human created my costume herself with photoshop.  She refused to tell me how Paprika ended up being the Big Bad Wolf. Woe is Me, Paprika's really sharp teeth. This is a Cat-lamity.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Kicking Up Our Heels at the Snooperbowl

We got the cheerleader jobs!  I have to admit we DID get carried away at the Super Bowl this year.  The Kitten Bowl didn't quite satisfy our need for adventure, so we got a better gig:  SNOOPERBOWL CHEERLEADER SUPER-CATS!  We use KNEW we'd find adventure this year at the snooper bowl...a bonanza for cats!  We got so excited we began to rise in the air...


Our human told us this was just a dream but when we arose this morning, Peaches was convinced we'd be Super Bowl Snoopervisers!

Later we learned our Purr-ticipation may be confined to the Kitten Bowl.  Mouses!!!

Later, we reconciled ourself to the realistic option of being in the Hallmark Kitten Bowl and we applied immediately

Here is our portrait, and we posted our trading cards below! 
Peaches "hot spot" is "being admired" whereas Paprika's joy is "Scaling the Heights." Nickname:  Paprika long legs.

Peaches' Trading Card

Paprika's Trading Card

You can join the kitten bowl if you haven't already by clicking on the link above.

Last but not least, we want to give you a memory flashback to a previous Super Bowl when we cats were not as cautious as now.  We were actually Fearless Feline Broadcasters!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Our 2020 Blogger Journey - Peaches & Paprika

A heartfelt thanks to Colby of the Puppy In Training  blog for picking up the ball and getting the 2020 Pet Bloggers Journey rolling. That was a really great thing to do. It's so wonderful so see everyone's challenges, accomplishments & activities this year.  I"ve learned so much from what I read so far.  Here are my answers:


This is our fifth year.  Our blog features the adventures of Peaches & Paprika, my two quirky tiger-calico sisters who were originally rescue kitties. Our blog is for entertainment and has no socially redeemable value.  
(Well we ARE told it makes people smile) We focus on celebrating "fun" holidays - such as Kite Flying Day, Cat World Domination Day and National Donut Day.  On Kite Flying day, for example, Peaches tries to fly a kite and is carried away into the sky while Paprika watches forlornly.  On Wine Drinking Day, Peaches & Paprika sneak into a bar. You get the idea. 


a)  My goal was to finish 2-3 books and i finished 2 books about Peaches & Paprika. I also got up to speed (well sort of) on how to query and write book proposals to agents & publishers.  I expect I will end up self publishing the books but its been a great exercise and learning experience. I did have an agent in the 90's so knew alittle about the process.

b) I joined Cat Writers Association & right before that  won a Certificate of Excellent in photo art for one of my posts

c) I also exceeded 10K fans on our Facebook Page,  although that was a mixed blessing. (more on that shortly)


That's a tough one.  I think I liked Springing Forward - Our Too Early Awakening (because it was funny) and Lazing Around With My iPad (same reason) and Without Ou Purr-mission (Home Invasion) because it detailed what our cats may go through when they have to change residences. 

4.  What was the biggest blogging challenge in 2019 and how did you face it?  

Challenge #1) Keeping my blog and Facebook page going while I was
      a) writing my two books and
      b) moving & changes residences.

Challenge #2) - Re-engaging my Facebook readers, because as soon as we hit 10K LIKES the reach dropped drastically (Facebook algorhythms) & I had to build up the page again.


Fresh content, good photography and writing, keep engaged, and keep posting, no matter what the H____  else is going on at the time.  


I'm more interested in writing books than in sponsored reviews though wouldn't be adverse to a sponsored post if the product were compatible with our lifestyle and the compensation could be agreed upon.  Used to be a Chewy Influencer and also a few other companies. But just for product exchanges.

7.  LOOKING FORWARD TO 2020, if you accomplish only one thing through your blog, what do you  hope it is?

I guess I'm an entertainer at heart. This will sound corny, but I really dig bringing joy, laughter and chuckles to as many people as possible. I love  creating content that warms  hearts even alittle--content universal enough to make them think of their own pets & how much we all have in common.


I started a mailing list in 2020 (Yeah, I know, FINALLY). 
I'm going to get through the hurdles of self publishing. I've joined two self publishing Facebook groups, I'm researching Amazon guidelines and more to take the first/second steps to get  my book out there so people can see it and read it! Many bloggers made comments on our 2019 challenge that were very helpful.


I'm not expert enough to answer this!  I do plan to educate myself more thoroughly through online groups and research so I can keep on top of all the crazy changes and meet the challenges whatever they are (or know whether I WANT to meet them!)


Only ONE?  I'm going to cheat and list two. What's the worst that can happen?

1) Getting a handle on the bells & whistles of mailing lists and how to get the most out of them & grow your readership.  Is there a "Mailing Lists for Dummies?" book?  Just started list last month and want to make the most of it. (and probably switch to a different service). I'm currently (but not or long) using Constant Contact for the phone support,but also researched Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Mad Mimi, Convertkit)

2) Self Publishing Hints on Picture Books: The hardest type book to convert to an e-book. Joined two Facebook self publishing support groups; any other info or shared experiences very appreciated!


Thank you for reading through my answers. I look forward to hearing from you and reading the rest of the fascinating and colorful journeys you all have been having. 

Carol Lowbeer, 
Mom of Peaches & Paprika

We are joining The Cat On My Head's blog hop today in addition to the 2020 Blogger Journey hop!

Graffiti Peaches - Cat-Ur-Day Art

I love blue colors in winters and thought you would like to see MY living room.  Our human who mistakenly thinks its HER room did not decorate it to my eclectic taste  ao I thought I'd apply a more artistic touch..  How do you think I did?  

You'll see a "quasi-cat" at my side.  That's "Calissandra" my sometimes companion who doesn't do much of anything but looks a lot like me.  I keep her around so I can "lord it over her" like I'm doing in this picture.

Today my human, inspired by Athena, Cat Goddess today, used the Lunatic "Graffiti" effect.  Do you kitties ever help decorate your house?

We're joining Athena's Cat-ur-Day Art Hop today!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Butler Service for Paprika + Friendly Fill-Ins

There is no reason you can't have Butler service if you just ask for it.  I have it here at chez Carol. Your dinner can be served ANYWHERE. Now I rarely enter the kitchen anymore because I have my human trained.  I INSIST on private Butler Service inside my purr-tonal winter cottage.   

How do I do it?  Well picture my human holding my chicken a la king dinner bowl in her hands and not finding me.  That's cuz I have gone inside my cardboard cottage. I meow softly.  THEN she sees me!  I require that she serve this meal on my front porch and then (if I like the meal) I will consume it inside.  You should try this with YOUR human!  She says I am being finicky and difficult.  I maintain I am

simply discerning with high standards. Besides my sisfur Peaches is a dinner thief. It's best to stay away from her at mealtimes. My human gets this.

I though you would enjoy seeing some more  of culinary activities inside MY HOUSE!

Now about YOU kitties?  Do YOU get butler service in YOUR house?  I highly recommend it! human finally gave me some "friendly fill-ins" to show off with complete which she got from her furriness at 15andmeowing and Four Legged Furballs  blogs.

Paprika's answers:
1. I am particular about where I consume my meals. As you can see...
2. My favorite dinner practice is Butler Service.  
3. The thrill of ascending onto my first door-top is a moment I can't forget.
4. Have you ever heard of Meowijuana?  Do you know where I can get some?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Dress Up Your Pet Day - Blue Bonnet Paradise

Hello, Peaches the "dressed up" cat here! We are not big "dress up" cats, but Looove our blue bonnet, which was a gift from Miss Ellen of 15 and Meowing when we first her at a cool cat fair in Massachusetts! We posted these photos in a previous year, but how can we resist sharing the again on such a momentous occasion as Dress Up Your Pet Day!
What I've always liked about this bonnet is it's cool "ear action"

and as you can see it looks just as scrumptious from the side!

The ear action is un-equalled, I tell you!

Now as you can (see (last two pictures) my sis-fur Paprika doesn't "get" the purpose of this item.  She thinks you're supposed to lie on top of it.  Hopeless case!  Now a cautionary word to the world at large! Be sensitive to your kitties' er, "inclinations."  Most do NOT like dress up.  There are always "virtual dress ups" which mom Carol likes to do most of the time.  Or your kitty could lie next to something festive.  What sort of "stuff" does your kitty like on him/her or to lie on top of?

Dreaming of Tuna - Happy Tummy Tuessday from Paprika

I'm dreaming too! Of TUNA! 
May all your dreams come true, whatever they are! Happy Tummy Tuesday! -- Paprika the cat

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Dreaming of 2020 - Catirday Art

Our human sometimes takes some serious chunks of to dream about the year ahead, and take note of visions and hopes for what will happen. Of course she wishes happiness, hugs and health for us and all her loved ones.  Now for us, we'd like a lot more play time with her.  She gets WAY too busy, sometimes....

We are joining Athena and Marie for their Cat-ur-day hop!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Houseplant Appreciation Day: Which plants are toxic?

Our human loves plants but since we also love them, she's migrated to mostly artificial.  Still, it's nice to think about those green growing things in the middle of winter.  She did locate an article of some HOUSEPLANTS TO AVOID though! Just click on the link for more info.  At Chez Carol, our human's house, she keeps only artificial plants these days.  That doesn't stop ME from pretending to take a bite if she's not paying enough attention to me.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

National Bubble Bath Day is here again!

Okay, so we know cats don't NORMALLY go for baths, but can't a gurrrrl indulge in a little fantasy here and there.  After all it IS National Bubble Bath Day!  As usual, Paprika has taken this activity way too far! - Peaches the cat

Okay so I DO get a little carried away with these activities.  But how many cats are nimble enough to get in this crazy position? -- Paprika the cat

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Festival of Sleep Celebration - Holiday recuperation

Paprika here! Our Sunday selfie is about the glories of sleep.  In fact, this weekend (January 3) is called Festival of Sleep.  At such a time it's absolutely unthinkable that a cat should have to get up any sooner than she wants to!

Our weekend started out with an activity I often enjoy, becoming a LUMP under the covers.  

 However I was discovered!  My human was not as pleased with my selection of sleeping places as I thought...

Would you believe she actually tried to get me to come out!  How unfair for a girl who's just trying to snuggle!
I explained to my human that I was purr-featly comfortable and happy in my digs & leaving was unthinkable.

For some reason she thought I was smothering which I debated hotly. Finally I BEGGED to stay under the comfy covers.

In the end, I had to actually recruit my sis-fur Peaches, to help me stand solid against the human so that we didn't have to get out of bed.  Peaches is much fiercer than me and as you can see we created a "united furr-ont."

Finally, we thought we'd entertain a couple friendly fill in's.

Paprika's answers:

I hope I always get to stay under the covers.
I hope I never have to ask Peaches for help again cuz she always lords it over me.

We're joining Cat on My Head's Sunday Selfie Hop today.  Are all you kitties catching a good snooze to recover from the holidays?  Don't you think being a lump under covers is allowable?