Sunday, December 18, 2022

Cat House Contest - Friends of Peaches & Paprika

Well last year we decided to try something new: A cat house contest!  Over 12 cats applied for winning this honor and here they are!
We kicked off the festivities with an announcement!

Here are the winners! And the other house-beautiful contestants


There were THREE Honorable Mention Winners too!

Not to mention there were two DIS-HONORABLE MENTION WINNERS (see below)

These two felines broke the rules!  Which were it had to be a house, not a tree or box. They were pronounced, "OUTLAW CATS."  

There were a few other contenders as well:

We were very grateful these friend-cats brightened up our page, blog and life with their colorful and interesting houses we'd never seen before.

In conclusion, the only thing we have to say is      "Vive Cat Home-Ownership!"

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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Cat-House Caturday - Peaches & Paprika's Houses


Every cat should have his/her own house, we say!  So we have decided to declare this day a least for us.  In our years of residence at chez Carol, we've frequently inhabited our OWN real estate.......what else is a self-respecting cat to do?  

We also are posting cat-houses of our friend-cats who follow our page.  The spice of cat life is alittle variety....

Here's one of our all-time favorite houses (the red one) below because it's a 2-story!

At our insistence, our human graciously consented to name this Caturday a Cat-house holiday!

We have two more houses to brag on - Gingerbread Day specials.  It's all good!  Very Good! Yum!

Coming tomorrow:  The Cat Houses of Other Cats...


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Saturday, December 10, 2022

10th Anniversary of our Gotcha Day!


Peaches the cat here with a tale to tell and never-before pictures to show. We can hardly believe it, but it's true.  Ten years ago on December 10, 2012, our human brought us home.  Before meeting our lucky human rescuer, Mom Carol, though we got stuck in 3 shelter and had a narrow escape
 from death row in NYACC.  Here's a little of our story!

sad Peaches at shelter
We started out in captivity at NYACC....our previous owners were sweet and kind and we became sweet cats...but alas, they moved out of the country and took us to....NYACC...where we got shelter colds..
Paprika at Shelter

We don't mean to depress you on a lovely holiday weekend but THIS was our home then...

Yup, we were there.  We never showed these pictures before...we were embarrassed, but this being our 10th anniversary, we wanted to share our story with you.

So AFTER we had those shelter colds, they put us on the "Euthanasia" list called "Death Row" on Facebook.
The good part of this was that they posted these pictures of us online and many readers AND shelter volunteers fell in love with us and posted nice things about us.  Here are some of the things they wrote!

As a result of these poignant posts, many readers pledged funds to save them and they ended up getting SAVED by an angel named Joann from Feline Rescue of Long IslandThis wonderful new foster lady named Joann nursed us back to health and brought us to Connecticut to Marys Kitty Korner, a no-kill shelter.

Marys Kitty Korner:  Our temporary home with 50 other cats

For 6 more months we stayed in a large white house with 50 other cats while awaiting forever homes.  I was in charge of captivating visitors. Of course I did antics daily in a sunny window where I could attract visitors and pick the best ones! MOL.

My Sunny Window Antics

Then we met Carol. She had fallen in love with me the week before after seeing my picture on the internet. (of course I WAS flirting with the photographer.) And then she came to meet me and my sis-fur Paprika (then named "Tigger") in that white house. Of course I could not leave without Paprika. So Carol took both of us home. We DID have to state our case and ASK, though.

Mom Carol and US (above)

Our first portraits chez Carol with huge eyes below:

Look at. my HUGE eyes!

Our first night here was rather scary...(Paprika was afraid to come out of her box)...though we WERE given our OWN room...complete with scratching post...soft rugs, food, treats and toys. It was called "bathroom." We weren't sure at first...but eventually we were brave enough to venture 

out...a wonderful new world awaited us!

A question remained that first day:

Of course, being the lovable furries we are, Carol told us she wasn't letting us go anywhere! She loves us both and we're awaiting our 10th Christmas here. 

Our Explorations....

One last confession:  I did go out of my way to love bomb my human with award-winning moves..I was taking no chances!  Here is one of my early efforts...I gazed into her eyes and tilted my head in that certain could she resist?

Then there's THIS posture....

 We have taken over the house, believe me!  We set the rules, although we still haven't come to an agreement on the quantity of tuna  being served here...

We're joining Athena Cat Goddess and The Cat on My Head's blog hops  today to celebrate...and to give thanks for those joy-filled 10 years...

Love, Peaches (on behalf of Peaches & Paprika)

Friday, December 2, 2022

We Celebrate Faux Fur Friday!

 First Friday in December is FAUX FUR FRIDAY ... and Oh what a holiday for cats.  Of course we's superstars today cuz we have REAL furs!  
Here are some other cameo shots of US. (There's one where our human tried to "horn in!"

Mom Carol should have known better.  She can NEVER look like us. Though we understand she might want to!

who wouldn't?

Being bonafide tiger-calicos, we're deeply into tiger as you can clearly see!

But we were told, there's more to cat-hood and "Faux Fur Friday" than being a tiger....there's LEOPARD & CHEETAH to think about! 
I, Paprika, DO appreciate the thought of Leopards...even though....

I don't know what THIS next fur is, but it sure feels fine! - Peaches the cat

Shhh...we heard through the cat-vine there are OtHER furs to luxuriate on...

But whatever fur, you're handing out on, you'll agree that these soft textures encourage a good cat-strrrretch!

Read more about Faux Fur Friday here!  It started in the 1920's and was really a go-to apparel in the crazy 1970's!  And it spares our furry friends from getting bothered with trying to get their furs away from them...a boon to us Fur-balls, don't you think?