Monday, May 30, 2022

6th Annual Kitty Rainbow Memorial Slideshow

CLICK ON LINK TO WATCH SHOW!  So many kitties crossed the bridge this year.  Here are the kitties of Peaches & Paprika's friends, and some blogger friends as well!  Please have a handkerchief handy when you watch.  Mom Carol cries every time she watches it even though she made it. (with OUR help of course!) - Peaches and Paprika

PS: The illustration is of our very first Rainbow Memorial Show (not this year!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

6th Annual Rainbow Memorial Show


Hello all, for the 6th year we are going to honor kitties of our blogger and Facebook friends.who crossed the bridge since our last honoring in May 2021. 

  If you are a blogger & like to have your kitty included and you haven't been in our previous shows, please contact me via comment, or, best, you can post your kitties photo and date of passing on our Facebook page (click on link below)

 Or if its easier you can post a link to your Angel Kitty here in the comments.  Deadline:  May 28!!

If your kitties were in previous shows, reposting not necessary, as we will be showing all the shows on Memorial Day!  Condolences to all who are missing their companions!

Hugs, Carol, Peaches & Paprika