Sunday, September 15, 2019

Lazing around with my iPad

Good morning, Peaches here. My human suggested I move so she could make her (my) bed.  Are you KIDDING? was my reply.   

It was necessary I finish cat games on a very important device I discovered...the IPAD

I know I can figures this out if I persevere...

It's settled! The ipad and I are together now.

No hope  I say for getting  me out of here till I'm ready! Isn't this what lazy Sunday mornings are FOR?

We are joining The Cat on My Head's Sun day Hop today. I recommend all kitties stay in bed like me!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

My Rug and I'm Sticking to it!

Good morning, Peaches here! My human is starting to pack stuff for her move!  Aaaagh! Check out the empty bookcase next to me!  Well she's not taking this rug cuz it's my favorite! And the rug next to it, too! Sometimes a cat just has to take action.  Note my new "protective posture." I made it up myself in order to secure this rug and any others I like.  Wouldn't you do the same?

When my human saw me in this funny position she said "hold it!" while she ran to get her camera. Being  a considerate cat (and always up for a photo op) I cooperated by staying this way for 5 whole minutes with my legs extended forward while she took my picture.  How many cats would be so accommodating?

Today we are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday hop, hoping for empathy and hugs. Have YOUR cats ever made a move?

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cat-Ur-Day Art - my late summer portrait - Peaches

Thought I'd stop in for a quickie to celebrate Cat-ur-DayArt day. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 
-- Peaches the cat

Monday, August 19, 2019

Celebrating Aviation Day #nationalaviationday

 My idea of celebrating National Aviation Day is riding IN a plane...whereas Paprika's idea is writing ON it! Show-off!

Okay so I finally purr-suaded my sister to ride with me.  It wasn't easy...

Happy Aviation Day to all!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Real Estate Woes Continued...My im-PURR--fect Hiding place.+ Friendly Fill Ins

Continuing our real estate saga, resulting from our human putting her home on the "market" (whatever that means)...

The invasions from aliens continued for a while. (We consider creatures who are not OUR human as aliens).  So of course we had to HIDE during the multiple invasions. Well here's the deal. I thought I'd found a PURR-FECT place to hide. Covered with a long white piece of clothing in my human's closet. I was however AGHAST when my human showed me this picture.
Betrayed by my white feet!  

Seeing that the "jig" was up, I hastened to vacate my less than Purr-Rect hiding place.  

This week, we were "in the mood" to purr-ticipate in Miss Ellen's Friendly Fill-ins--for which we thank their creative  creators!  These answers are from me, Peaches

1. I love it when my hiding places are NOT discovered_
2. I know it’s time to vacate certain hiding places when my white boots give me away!
3. Others come to me do not come to me when they need "how to hide successfully" lessons.
4. We should never take our human for granted. We discovered this fact when the aliens arrived (see above) who did not cater to our needs as she does. In fact they wished we'd leave!

We're joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday hop as we want you to know we're being put upon by forces from above and that's why we've been absent a lot. Hopefully you kitties all survived similar exas-purr-ations!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tell-A-Joke Day

Wishing all a happy Tell A Joke Day!  Do you like our little joke?

National Tell-A-Joke Day was yesterday but we were VERrrry busy hiding in closets from our visitor invasions (called real estate prospects) so we are celebrating it today!  Somehow we've managed through all the hard times not to get mad at each other. Do you like Peaches' new hairdo?  I arranged it myself! - Hissingly yours, Paprika the Cat

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Without our PURR-mission! Home Invasion!



Fellow fur-balls listen up! We here at Peaches and Paprika home have been subjected to the most unfair and inconsiderable of circumstances.  For 10 days, strange humans, not related to OUR human have been traipsing through OUR house.  We have been forced to hide in dark corners and closets to avoid detection, as we do not know their intentions.

Our human tells us she has listed her CONDO FOR SALE!  All we know is, we've put up with a lot of home invasions lately. Our human says they're called "realtors' and "prospective buyers."  Is that the same as "criminals?"  True, they have not tried to harm us, but you never know their intentions.

I thought I had a great hiding place in the closet under some jackets.  However, my human informed me, she could see my snowy white boots under the jackets and little of my striped tail.

We will report back soon to let you know what happens!
-- Peaches the cat.



Wait till you hear what happened today.  Our human suddenly stuffed us into containers, and wheeled us off to a strange place.  She called it "neighbors' house."  She did this WITHOUT OUR PURR-MISSION. Is there no end to the indignities we suffer here?  We arrived at a strange location, and were escorted into something called "neighbor's bathroom."  Our human unzipped our jails (carriers) and said we could come out but we saw nothing around us we wanted to come out TO so we stayed in the carriers.  At least we were safer there.  We moaned and howled a bit more because we were disoriented.. Our human returned to our new quarters to comfort us, whereupon she was reprimanded by her neighbor for paying us too much attention!  The neighbor who thought she would be getting some kitty love, urged our human to encourage us out into the living room. Well, against her better judgement our human agreed. Out we crawled....Paprika was having none of it and made a beeline for underneath the sofa which was exactly what our human knew she would do.  I, who am a brave cat, prowled around the kitchen and dining room, meowing with all my diverse meows especially the poignant meow (mrrrrowwww???) , because I had a lot to say about this situation.  My human again tried to comfort me and converse with me but was interrupted by her neighbor who had decided to regale the human with her life story.  No interruption for kitties!  


Once back in our OWN turf, we let our human know in no uncertain terms, our opinion of the whole episode which she irritatingly called "our adventure".  Hrrrrmph! No WAY!  We sulked for at least 5 days, including scowling at her with flattened ears.  From time to time, we fastened her with our best "How COULD you?" looks!  She better not pull this trick on us again, or we could do worse here!  Grrr...Mrow...


More Scowls Galore!

We thought you was our Furr-end!

The things we use endure as cats...

Today we are joining Cat On My Head's Hop so we can garner some sympathy from the cat community at large...sob....

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Happy World Lion Day

Our human thought it was O so cute to get us these lion costumes she saw on the internet so we could celebrate World Lion Day - August 10 is the day where these awesome majestic creatures are honored.  We TOLD her we were tigers but lions, but she urged us to get into the spirit of the game!

To tell you the truth, we really enjoyed these costumes cuz they were soft to our furs and felt kinda comfy.  Paprika even roared a couple of times in a voice I'd never heard.  All in all don't you think we are fearsome felines or what!!

Here are a few snapshots of "us" getting ready for our 
"Queen of the Jungle" photoshoot...

Needless to say with all the effort our human had to go to, to assemble us in these costumes, she purrr-suaded us to join Athena's Cat-ur-day Art hop.  We ARE artsy today! -- Peaches the cat

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Cool Cats on a Hot Day

Peaches the cat, here.  There is only one thing to do on a 100 degree day...chill, luxuriate and stretch out I say! 

This is the life I say!  Look at that fine leg-stretch I got going on!

Paprika here.  I'm no show off. There is nothing like a leopard spotted CAVE on a hot day, I say. This is mine and I'm staying IN it. I don't need to show off like my sis-fur.

Peaches the Cat here again.  I decided to try a variety of creative positions since I saw my human still lurking about with the flashy box

Here is one I considered quite creative.  My human told me I was showing off again but I don't care! --Peaches

Not content to stop at one weird position I decided to try a new one, rotating my torso and flattening one ear.  She said I was over-doing it. Hrrrmph!

Paprika here again.  My sister can act silly all she wants.  I got the best spot in the house.  And I can look out and see what's going on!

Well now that our "COOL CAT SELFIES" are "hot" off the press, we are hastening to join the The Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop.  Happy Blogoversary, guys!

Friday, July 12, 2019

My New Moves - by Peaches the Cat

My initial Stretch

This week my human spent some time looking at cutesy pictures of OTHER CATS her Facebook friends sent to her for Pet Photo Day.  And she ignored ME, her OWN cat!  Not only that, she locked me & Paprika in the bathroom while she did something called "Carpet Steaming". Hrrrumph! When we got out, I decided to take immediate action. I knew to get her attention back I had to do something NEW. so How do you like THESE moves? The first picture was my initial stretch on a hot day...once she looked my way I then gave her what I thought was the quintessential Pose.  

My Second Pose

The above pose was popular but was she happy? NOooo! She complained my tail was out of sight. 

My Final Pose
 My final pose with TAIL showing is above.  Howze THIS?

My human enjoyed my new moves and FINALLY took my picture which she hasn't done in some time. It's
a shame I had to work so hard for her attention. 

How did I do? Which do YOU like best?  

Love Peaches the cat

PS: We're joining Cat On My Head's Sunday Blog Hop today. What are YOUR creative positions for beating the heat?

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Cat Bloggers Cat-Riotic Slideshow 2019

Click on Picture to see Slideshow
 It's fourth of July and time to celebrate with another slideshow!   Here is a 3-minute colorful musical slideshow we made of about 15 bloggers.  Just click on the picture and it should get you there.   

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Peaches First Month in New Home

While searching for a Cat-ur-day Art photo I came across this old photo of Peaches her first week here! It is close to my heart.  

She looks so different then! Slightly unsure of herself, wanting to please and stay in her new home.  Thinner, too! (Not yet her confident, cheeky slightly overweight self).

She and her sis-fur Paprika had been through so much before coming here.  THREE shelters & foster homes,  a night on the dreaded NYACC "to be euthanized" list and many journeys.

I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to adopt these charming sisters but I'm very glad they're here to stay!

This photo is slightly enhanced with Topaz & a vignetting effect but is pretty close to the original. We are joining Athena's Cat-ur-Day art hop and Cat On My Head's Hop this weekend.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Cat World Domination Day

Happy Cat World Domination Day! Our human has a cartoon she created for this special purpose honoring US and we won't let her post any other picture on this, our special day.  This picture is living proof that we, as cats, RULE THE WORLD! Don't you agree?

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Murphy the Lonely Orange Love Cat - Looking for a friend

I work part time at an assisted living community and this week met Murphy, who I gotta call the LOVE CAT. He, sadly, is lonely because his human is away having surgery and won't return for a good long while. Meanwhile he's being fed by allergic relatives but they're in and out really quick.  
Murphy is alert, healthy looking and love-starved!  Within 10 minutes he was on my lap trying to love, kiss and smooch.  I told him he was being a little forward but who can argue with a large, orange cat who wants to kiss you?

I'm hoping to find a better solution for Murphy, someone to spend a lot more time with him and a better solution is to find him a good adoption, as ihis human's future situation is uncertain.  Just thought I'd share this wonderful cat here in case others have had similar experiences of this all too often occurrence. ( I know CK has shared a heartwarming post from a while back that I read.) -- Carol the Human

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Happy International Picnic Day & Tummy Tuesday

Hot dogs anyone? Okay, so it can be an imaginary picnic.  But today IS both Internationa Picnic Day AND Tummy Tuesday! A day to have a hot dog, kick up our heals and show a little tummy all at the same time.  Paprika is a wet blanket sometimes, insisting on cheeseburgers and hamburgers. Happy Picnic Day AND Tummy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Kitty-Dad's Day!

Today we honor all kitty-dads and are posting a collage we made last year of all kitty-dads who were Peaches and Paprika's Facebook or blogging friends.  We have no kitty-dads in chez Carol, unfortunately or we'd honor them too.  Happy Father's Day to everyone out there today!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Bloggers Annual Cat-riotic Slideshow--LAST WEEKEND to purr-ticipate

Deadline approaches (June 24) to enter your cat in a colorful patriotic slideshow consisting of Bloggers only! Need at least 10 purr-tiipants to do the show.
How to purr-ticipate:
Email holiday graphic to our human. 1)Include the term "Catriotic Slideshow" in subject line 2) blog name & address 3) your name 4) cats' name.

Easiest to copy and paste the above into your email.

Special Offer: If you're not in the mood to make a holiday graphic, we can do one for you or use one from a previous year!

We are joining this weekend the Cat on My Head's Sunday hop!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Scary Side of Hot Air Balloon Day

Alas, the day started out differently. Our human was scheduled to take a ride in this device when at the last minute she CHICKEND OUT and made us do it.  Ever heard of a "scaredy-human?"  Well we an be good sports! Now if I can just talk adventurous Paprika from jumping out.  No Paprika...NOooooooo...

PS from our human: This cartoon last published last year but we thought you'd enjoy seeing it again!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Paprika's Hug Your Cat Day

Paprika the cat here.  I finally got to be the star of "Hug Your Cat Day."  It's about time!  Usually Peaches run off with these plum gigs and its so unfair. So this very week I CHASED  Peaches out of the bedroom, so I could have the human to myself. After all since she lost a couple of pounds there's only so much face space! 

Yay! Am I a good "hug-ee" or what! It's a very important day to show your love by one or many hugs.  Happy Hug yer cat day to all! 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Smell the Roses for June, Rose Month

At last it is here! June and NATIOAL ROSE MONTH! Heard of "smelling the flowers?"  I'm into selling the ROSES!  Is there's anything I like to do it's "sniff things." My humans tell me my ears flatten slightly while I'm savoring new smells.  However do not EAT, though!  and watch those thorns!--Peaches the cat

Paprika the Cat here.  I heard all the fuss about roses and see no reason why this activity should be offered to my sis-fur Peaches. So I INSISTED in purr-ticipating.  Did my kinda "curly" ears! I got way involved with a yellow one, as you'll see here...but it's all good! - Love, Paprika the cat
We are joining The Cat on My Head blog hop today!  Happy June and month of roses to all!  

Monday, May 27, 2019

3rd Annual Kitty Memorial Show

Please click on the icon below to view the show!

Here is our 3rd annual Kitty Rainbow Memorial Show.  We invited many of our blogger friends to purr-ticipate this year so the show is about half bloggers and half Facebook friends.    Again,Just click on the picture to see the show!  Blogger friends include Lone Star Cats, Zoolatry, The Cat on My Head, 15 and  Meowing, Friends Fur-ever, Dash Kitten, Island Cats, Brian's Home, Timmy Tomcat and more. 

We hope you will enjoy the video but offer condolences, purrs and prayers to those who los their dear friends this year and in years past.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Rainbow Memorial Slideshow Announcement

Hello all, for the 3 years we are going to honor kitties who crossed the bridge of our blogger and FB friends.

  If you are interested in having your kitty included and you haven't been in our previous shows, please contact me via comment, or on Facebook, or you can post your kitties pic and date of passing on our 
FB page.
 Here is Peaches & Paprika's FB link:

 Or if its easier you can post a link here in the comments.

If your kitties were in previous shows, reposting not necessary, as we will be showing all the shows on Memorial ?Day!  Condolences to all who are missing their companions!

Hugs, Carol, Peaches & Paprika
PS: Here is list of some bloggers in previous shows so if your name is here, your kitty is already included!

Lorraine Miller - Rosie
Melissa Lapierre - Tara and Truffles
Pamela June Kimmel - Sammy
Sharon K Spiegenhalter - Tamil & Sniffles
Ellen Pilch - Lucy, Stinky
Colehaus Cats - Maxx
Dashkitten - Peanut
Jans Funny Farm - Cameron

Others: Kashim, Georgia, Moosey, Mr. Kitty, Raven, Radish