Saturday, May 18, 2019

Orange Celebration for Crockett

Dear Crockett, we love you and miss you, and wish to offer you this tribute in your honor!  We have a weakness for orange kitties and you were the most beautiful orange of all!  Thinking of you this May 18th!

We are going to join Cat On My Head's blog hop Sunday too. R.I.P., Crockett, kitten forever!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Love A Tree Day

Hello all, Paprika here.  Today is a wonderful day when we can celebrate the beautiful trees all around us.  Of course Peaches, above, has to show off & take everything literally!  Ignore her and enjoy the trees!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Straw Hat Day

At last! The sun is finally out again in Connecticut...just in time for Straw Hat Day.  But wait!  We don't LIKE the feeling of straw on our tender furs. Nevertheless we try to cooperate with our human when possible. Not that we always do.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Kitty-Mama Day to all

Wishing all my fur-riends, fur-balls and humans a wonderful kitty-mama and mother's day!  We are going Cat on My Head's Sunday hop today and look forward to saying hello.

Saturday, May 11, 2019


For Caturday Art we are celebrating National Twilight Zone Day,  that cool show our human used to enjoy in the 60's.  Did anyone watch it too?  Anyway we're always up fora little experimentation so decided to go along with her Twilight Zone Katz idea.  Though we feel little weird doing it.  Anyway we just might join the Athena & Marie's art hop today! Hello to all of you from the TWIIII-LIGHT ZONE!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

National Bird Day

So today is a VERY special holiday cuz it involves those wonderful feathered creatures we just salivate over. 

As indoor cats, however, we celebrate by watching them on CAT-TV!  

There is always the chance, however, something more could come out of it!

Today we are joining Athena and Marie's Cat-urday Art Hop

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

National Hairstylists Appreciation Day---Celebrated by cats!

Hello, Peaches the cat here! We always wanted to be redheads! And on National Hairstylists Appreciation Day, it looks like we got to do just that.  Okay, so I settled for strawberry blonde because of my ginger spots and my sister Paprika got to be the over-the-top Redhead...but it's all good!  This is the second hear we got to celebrate this fun holiday!  Tomorrow...back to reality....

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pet Parent Day Selfies - A little exre love!

Hello, Peaches here! Today our selfies celebrate  Pet Parents Day! (Last Sunday in April).    It was not easy to grab this selfie but I snuggled extra close to help. Today gives you an excuse to give your fur-alls an EXTRA tidbit of love -  treat, extra round with the wand toy, an automated toy inside a paper bag?

Picture 1, on my right! : This is the way I assist my human
s trip to slumberland - I snuggle against her cheek for 20 minutes, purring loudly.  It works most of the time! As you can see from this recent photo, my charms still work!

Picture 2:  On my left:  My shy sis-fur Paprika. The reason her eyes are closed is that her eyes are ALWAYS closed when there is a camera nearby.  

I ALWAYS get the right side of our mutual human, leaving the left to Paprika.  We know our places!

Our human is lucky to be acquainted with such great cuddlers! Now its time for OUR treats. How will YOU celebrate Pet Parents Day?

We are joining Cat on My Heads Hop today!

Friday, April 26, 2019

hairball Awareness Day -- and we love it!

This is SUCH an important day!  We kitties shed and shed in Spring and this day is dedicated to all humans knowing that and brushing us and paying attention to the fact that if we try to accomplish the important task of licking it all ourselves we'll get the dreaded hairballs.  Hairballs can be seriously injurious to our health.  there are many ways to prevent them like frequent brushings, special foods and many other means.  Nape of our necks and near tail are particular areas of need of brushings!

Our human purr-tonally uses the Fur-minator cuz there's nothing like it.  AND we have taken over a pink brush previously belonging to her cuz we felt it should be Our brush. As you can see I'm in heaven when brushed!

Please everyone.  Brush your fur babies a lot this month, whether they like it or not.

Now I, for one LOVE it and would like a brushing at least every day.  In fact I meow and ask for it!

Hello, Paprika here.  As you can see we BOTH love the brushings!  And though I have shorter hair than conceited Peaches, I am addicted to that pink brush, and, when possible, take matters into my own paws.  I could spend all day with brushes if she let me.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Paprika in Tulip-land

We thought we'd celebrate our favorite flower today, the tulip! It's not quite tulip time yet here in the East but it's my human's favorite flower. She bought  me this cool tulip bedspread. Of course I went to sleep on it immediately in the middle of my Face-Wash!

Speaking of tulips, there is a month-long tulip festival going on in the Netherlands...wish we were there!

To close, our human wanted to share a favorite photo she took in a previous years of the tulips in Elizabeth Park which is very near us.  Can't wait for next month to see them again!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My wild Wednesday - by Peaches the cat

I was NOT pleased at being ignored.
Today I tried a new prank.  I thought it was very funny but my human did NOT. 
YOU be the judge.

Now Paprika & I were trained NEVER to use our claws on the humans. 

I DO use my claws when kneading bread on my human's shoulder so I THOUGHT she would have a sense of humor and go along with my little joke.

I had to take matters into my own paws
So,here's what I did:  my human was IGNORING me and doing something called "work" at my computer.  I meowed but she did not answer me.  I could not tolerate such disrespect so I played a little prank on her.

I went back out to the living room. Then, to GET HER ATTENTION I RACED back to her home office, LEAPED upon my cat condo next to her desk and stuck only ONE tiny claw into her forearm.  Chuckcle chuckle.  NO HARDER than when I knead bread on her.  A PINprick.  But She thought it was funny... NOT!

 She had not expected my little claw maneuver,  and gave me H____.  With a murderous look in her eye she yelled loudly, chased me out of the office and SLAMMED THE DOOR!  
Life is never fair

Obviously she can't take a joke. To show my disapproval for the whole situation I went to the very opposite side of the condo wanting no more to hang out with her and her "office."  I have my pride.

We did make up later, as we always do.  What choice does a cat have, she's in charge of the cat food.  But seriously, don't you think  my little "doesn't hurt a bit" one-claw attack was funny?

-- signed, Peaches the cat

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

National Lovers Day

Happy National Lovers Day!  There is no reason Lovers DayLovers Day should not be celebrated by cats, don't you agree? So we thought we'd catch a quick smooch. Don't tell, though!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Honoring the Earth on Earth Day

Hello, Paprika here.  That's me on the right. This is a holiday which means multitude this year. Our earth is is danger and this day reminds us to honor, protect and stick up for the environment!  This holiday is celebrated in over 19 countries, we hear!

As you have noticed, my sister, Peaches often goes overboard, thinking she must literally hug the earth.  But you have to admit, she's getting into the spirit of things.

We posted a similar graphic last year but we know you won't mind!  Wishing happy Earth Day to all!We love this holiday!  

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Our Easter Dilemma

Well, here's what happened!  Seeing that those Easter "bunnies" were stealing OUR thunder, we tried out this special Ear Tonic yesterday.   And THIS is what happened!  Now how to extricate ourselves from this situation?  Meanwhile Happy Cat-ur-day & Easter Weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

International Juggling Day

Happy International Juggling Day to all! Bet you didn't know we were accomplished Jugglers.Since this holiday falls in the middle of Easter week, we decided to juggle EGGS. Hardboiled of course. Bet you didn't know we were so talented...we did DROP a few, though...

Sunday, April 14, 2019

My Selfie for International Plant Day - Paprika

Hello, Paprika here! For my selfie today, I want to celebrate International Plant Day which was yesterday.  Real plants, artificial plants, we both  adore them ALL!  My human won't even keep real ones around for that reason.
Let me share with you a little plant story of mine and Peaches...........whenever we want our human's attention BAD, like when she's attending to something other than US, we approach the nearest artificial plant and pretend to take a bite out of it.  She falls for it every time.  In this picture I am NOT taking a bite of anything.  But my human thinks I look guilty.  What is YOUR opinion?  We are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop today & look forward to seeing y'all there! 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

National Peach Cobbler Day

This is a day that no cat named Peaches can ignore! Or any Peach colored cat!  It's time to think about and dream about Peach Cobbler.  Do you think my human would let me have just a taste?  After all!!!!

Read more about Peach Cobbler Day 

We plan to join 
Athena and Marie's Cat-ur-Day Art Hop today!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Happy National Pet Day to pet lovers everywhere

Well, we WERE going to take a well-deserved day off, but then YOU KNOW WHO advised us it as National Pet Day! She even made a collage for the occasion and EVEN included D-o-g-s! Good thing she made a little room for US or we woulda had to rebel!

Happy National Pet Day to everyone!  Yet another day to hold your furry one close to your heart!

In thankfulness, we are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Happy National Sibling Day


We love 'em, we hate them, but we are never without them! Giving a toast to all sis-furs and bro-furs everywhere!  As for Paprika and I, we may fight, we may kiss, but our relationships are always complex.  But time to put all little squabbles aside and celebrate OUR day!  - Peaches the cat

Saturday, April 6, 2019

National Siamese Cat Day Parade

Happy National Siamese Cat Day to all!  This is the day we celebrate these elegant cats. also known as “Meezers! ” on our Face book page Siamese Cat Celebration. If you have Goddess-Kitty You are invited to post a pic of YOUR Siamese in the comments on our page. If we have 10 or more there's be a Siamese Parade!  Here's the address:

Meanwhile, we would like to introduce FANG, our human's past kitty who at one time was the love of her life.  

We hate to think she had another love except US, but that's hwe have to accept these things.  A long time ago, our human lived in NYC in the Village & that's where Fang lived too. FANG's Dad was pure Siamese, his mom a tabby.   He had a large family: Chang, Ching, Sin, Ming, Ling, Cling. Fang was VERY clever! His favorite "hiding trick" was to curl up on a plate in the kitchen cupboard and close the cupboard door after him! We opened the cupboard door to set the table for dinner and...aaaaargh!

PS: Fang sometimes looked very fierce if our human paid attention to her other cats when she got home.  He was very loving bu very intense!

We are joining Athena & Marie's Cat-urday Art Hop today.  Happy National Siamese Cat Day to all.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Peaches and Paprika Arrested - in Jail!

Locked up for No Reason
The Human we were not Pleasin'
Catnip crimes we HAVE committed!
And to Tuna theft we admitted
Could we really have broken SO many rules
Of Course Not!  It's April Fool's!

Wishing all of you an awesome A.F. Day. Hope not too many tricks are played on YOU!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Condo Control Day - Cat-ur-day Art

Paprika here! We cats have always had a "thing" about who's in control....WE are, of course!  

 This holiday was originally started when then-Pres Reagan was shot & recovered, however, we, as cats, have decided to take it over & use it as an occasion to strut our stuff! - Paprika

That Paprika-cat, above, has nothin' over me!  I just climb atop the condo, assume my "Fierce Peaches" look and...well you see the ambiance!

Our human used Painnt-Poster effect to get us looking like this!

We should call it "Condo-Control!" Cuz when we're up in our condos, we, um, well we RULE THE WORLD!    What do YOU cats do to assume control? - Peaches the cat


We are joining Athena & Marie's Cat-urday art hop today!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Smoke & Mirrors Day - by Peaches the Cat

Peaches here! We're back...or at least I'm back...with another weird holiday.  

This one is a doozy...its called Smoke and Mirrors Day! All about magic...Of course I, as cat, make magic every day!

But ANYWAY... I was so proud of myself, having ascended to the TOP of Carol's mirrored closet...then I noticed something funny...

there seemed to be ANOTHER CAT there with me! 

 I looked...and looked...and finally found her! 

She's obviously related to me somehow, as she has similar markings....

 If YOU go climbing around atop a mirrored closet, you never know what you will find there...

Love, Peaches the Cat

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Respect Your Cat Day!

Did you know today is 
"RESPECT YOUR CAT" day?  Well it is!  That is why I feel totally confident expressing my dominance over Carol's office and, well, EVERYTHING!

Peaches feels the same but it's ME who can really get up there ON TOP! - Which is where I belong!

-- Respectfully submitted, Paprika the Cat

HELLO, Peaches here.  I have my own way of commanding respect.  I simply remain seated, er, lying in the central focal point of the room, i.e., central office chair...and refuse to move under the "what's yours is Mine" rule.  

I don't have to get on top of things to command respect! MOL...

-- Disrespectfully submitted, Peaches the Cat

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Quirky Country Songs Celebration - Singing' The Blues

Did you know that today is...celebrating Quirky Country Music Song Titles?  

We chose an easy one: "Singin' the Blues" by  Marty Robbins. The lyrics are:

'Cause I never thought that I'd ever lose
Your love dear, why'd you do me this way
Well, I never felt more like cryin' all night
'Cause everything's wrong, there ain't nothin' right
With-out you, you got me singin' the blues.
Now the moon and stars no longer shine
The dream is gone I thought was mine
There's nothin' left for me to do
But cry-why-why over you
Well, I never felt more like runnin' away
But how can I go when I couldn't stay
With-out you, you got me singin' the blues.

What is YOUR favorite country song?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Purple Peaches

Just call me "Purple Peaches." This day is to raise awareness of Epilepsy by wearing purple.  Although I have no purple in my wardrobe, I have done my best to surround myself with purple to honor this day. I even have my own purple blanket!  You can read more about this day HERE! 


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Our 4th Blogoversary

Holy Cat is it really that time again?  Good morning, Peaches here! As alpha cat in the household, it's my job to make all announcement and instigate all celebrations.

Believe it or not, this is Carol's 4th Blogoversary  We can understand why she wants to write about US! What confuses us is if OTHER cats get involved.  More on that as we go along.

Several milestones this year!

 1) Carol had a blog makeover by talented artistic Debbie of Glogirly Design. Those cute pink circles around us, surrounded by peaches & paprika didn't happen by accident! 

2) Carol's photo-art of me & Paprika for National Button Day won a finalist place in the Cat Writers Association contest. Boy were we happy! She's going to be hard to live with now!  She never would have been a finalist for anything if not for us! We'll point out the photo later

3) Carol started working on her first book about...guess who?  She's hoping some of our Facebook readers who say they love us so much will be interested. She is starting to read up on a world totally new to her! 
4) We got more popular on Facebook, and our LIKES went to over 10,000.  It sounds good but is a mixed blessing.

5) Our blog got less traffic than last year despite our prancing around in cute costumes but our human says she is working on some new approaches. We'll see!

Carol wants to thank everyone who contributed to our blogging  world by hosting blog hops, putting together books, Christmas Lists and other's definitely a group effort!  She was going to put together a list of names but since she is a totally cluts she will probably leave out someone so pawleez consider it a group hug!

2018 - 2019 Retrospective:

We like to do a retrospective each blogoversary of the past year's photo highlights so here goes!

March 2019 photos

SPRING FORWARD TIME - Our human tried to disturb our beauty rest on this day, claiming our clock was wrong. Clock, Shmock! I told Paprika: "ignore her."

We also hosted a really cool MEOWY GRAS Parade of our Facebook readers for Mardi Gras. Everyone was all excited about it.  This is one of the occasions where we feel the slideshow should have been all about us. But she insisted o involving other felines.

April 2018

An extremely important holiday took place in April:  my namesake, PEACH COBBLER DAY! You can see why this was a "MUST CELEBRATE!"

Hot on the heels of Peach Cobblers Day, came NATIONAL HAIRSTYISTS DAY. Paprika and I had a great time playing dress up!

May, 2018

In May we came back to earth abruptly because it was CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM DAY! I tried to instruct Paprika on etiquette for this activity but she was impervious to suggestions.

National Wine Day
As you can see, I know how to enjoy myself!

2nd Annual Memorial Honoring

For the second time, we honored kitties belonging to our Facebook and blogger friends. 

June 2018

Imagine our surprise during HOT AIR BALLOON DAY when we found ourselves suddenly in the air!

And for FATHER'S DAY, we honored the many KITTY DADS of our friends. there were more than we thought!

July 2018

Summer is filled with exciting opportunities. To celebrate BARBERSHIP QUARTET  day, our human recruited Bionic Basil from the Bionic Basil blog & one kitten friend of hers.

Creative Cat Event

We also celebrated BODY PAINTING DAY by "painting" many cat friends and having an unbelievable slideshow!

August 2018
Lots of great summer holidays came along like this one.  It was not easy to teach Paprika about marshmallows, though....

We continued to celebrate Tummy Tuesday throughout the year!

September 2018

 Our Rosh Hashanah celebration was met with great enthusiasm.

Paprika's Dental Surgery

In September my sister Paprika had a couple teeth pulled. The big  news is, she was given her own TENT afterwards to rest in. And I, her big sister was not permitted to enter.  The nerve!

October 2018

An important holiday awaits us in October!

Our 2018 Halloween event
We also hosted a Black & Orange Cat Spooktacular for our Facebook friends and interested bloggers.

November 2018

National Button Day
This was one of our Uber cute pictures.  It's the one that placed in the FINALS of the CWA contest.  Don't we look like sweet little innocents?  We're not that innocent!

For a brand new excursion, we tried out Cyber Monday, hearing about free catnip...we think it was a come on though and we couldn't get into the computer to get the catnip out...

December 2018

December was a fun month for all cats!

SECRET PAWS...YUM!  both packing & receiving provided incredible thurrillls!

At long last Christmas Eve arrived and we crawled into our stockings...I was a bit worried 

We then made a slideshow of all the other Bloggers' Card who was enjoyed by all!

January 2019

January brought snow, birds and National Squirrel Day!

Another January holiday we could not resist was Bubble Bath Day!  Paprika took it little too seriously ...but that's how she is!.

February 2019

In February we lost friend Wally of the Island Cats blog and a great loss to our blogging community it was indeed.

What a sweet month is February indeed, otherwise. A time to show love!

What another wine holiday?

If you've been patient enough to read this far we want to compliment you on being he most patient reader in the world.  Would you like some PINOT MEOW to celebrate with us?  Maybe some Cabernet Claw?  

Most Patient Reader Award

Thank you again to all for all the camaraderie, support, blogger hops, events, and I hope we hope to keep blogging a long long time!

We are joining the Cat on My Head's Sunday blog today and hope to say hello  to all our friends.