Sunday, March 29, 2020

Our 5th Blogoversary - Wow!

Peaches here and...What! Our FIFTH blogoversary!  Not to be believed. But it's true, our human is actually celebrating her 5th year.  Fortunately, since she has US, she has been continually inspired to share us with the world!  And having such a friendly blogging community around us means we feel appreciated!  Our only gripe is that she promised to find us virtual boyfriends and has procrastinated doing so. We have a weakness for orange cats, but would consider any candidates which represent our many colors: black, white, gray and definitely tabby!  so..if you are one of those, please contact her!

Although our blogging visitors are about the same as last year ( less than the year before), exciting new things happened.   

1) Our human joined CWA, the Cat Writers Association (she was looking forward to attending her first meeting in New Jersey). 2) We entertained our blogger friends with 2 slideshows this year, a "Cat-riotic" celebration and Meowy Catmas. 3) Also our Facebook visitors, increased from 10,000 to 11,500.  It's a challenge to keep our Facebook friends engaged and our human kinda has to turn cartwheels to do so (we help her), but its still a nice cozy group. We'll tell you more in our retrospective.

 4) She also finished two books about us, one of them illustrating all the holidays we celebrated and all our kooky costumes.  Now she has to deal with publishing them. (long story but starts have been made). 5) She started her first mailing list and newsletter! 6) Lastly (unless we think of something else) she created her first calendar late last year!  

In August-September our world was turned upside down because our human did something reprehensible to us called "MOVING."
We have forgiven her, but it turned our lives upside down for sure. 

All of us want to give a group hug to everyone who contributed to our amazing blogging  world by arranging group activities like special days, secret santa, Christmas Card exchanges, a calendar,, the Cat blogosphere and more!  We can't thank you enough.

March 2019 - March 2020 Retrospective

We like to do a retrospective each blogoversary of the past year's photo highlights so here goes!

April 2019

We started off the year in jail!  Yes we were arrested for Tuna Theft and some other things, only to find out it was April Fool's Day and just a joke!  We got let out of jail really soon!

Easter came shortly thereafter and we entertained our Facebook furrriends with a gala Easter Parade, giving one hat apiece to many enthusiastic Facebook readers. Then we let them strut their stuff in a musical slideshow!  Here are some of our good-looking fur ball friends. There are a few bloggers involved too!

May 2019

We enjoyed our Kitty-Mama Day celebration as it always gives  an excuse to snuggle with our human! As you will notice we BOTH like to lay our heads against her cheek  Its a good thing she has two of them!

National Bird Day

We noticed there were birds in Carol's computer and we had a fine celebration looking for them!

3rd Annual Rainbow Memorial

For the third time we honored Angel kitties. Sadly many of our blogger friends lost dear friends in the year before our memorial. Among them: Lone Star Cats, Zoolatry, The Cat on my Head,  15 and Meowing, Friends fur-ever, Dash Kitten, Island Cats, Brian's Home, Timmy Tomcat, Bionic Basil and more. 

June 2019      National Rose Month

I was proud to stair in  National Rose Month  and I made certain that may sister  Paprika's picture was smaller than mine!

July 2019

In July we hosted & created a "Cat-riotic Slideshow"
for all our blogger friends. Heartiily enjoyed by all!

August 2019

August was the start of all our moving woes because our human put her condo up for sale, involving strange visitors called "realtors" and having to be displaced during an "inspection." And THEN there was packing!

All this upheaval, however did not prevent us from observing World Lions Day on August 8 (even though we are tigers). Our human found these lion costumes on Amazon & could not resist...

September and "The Move"

Before the move

After the move: confusion and more confusion 

October 2019

FINALLY we and our human both settled down to enjoy the view in our new digs.

And of course we would never overlook Halloween!

November 2019

We hosted a contest on our Facebook page spotlighting cats with, um "unique talents"

 That's Raz from Friends Forever above, in case she looks familiar.

Thanksgiving 2019

We took a chance and dressed up for the big event. I was very nervous about it, though. Not Paprika. She's a born outlaw.

December 2019

In December we created & hosted MEOWY CHRISTMAS slideshow for our Blogger Friends. Almost 50 bloggers purr-ticipated!

And there was Secret Paws...Friends Fur-ever was our generous Secret Paws!

January 2020 - Painted Cat Show

We started of New Years Eve & Day by hosting a WILD psychedelic slideshow for our Facebook group. Here they are, looking multi-colored!

February 2020

February was BUSY! We celebrated the Super Bowl as very talented cheerleaders!

The Os-Kat Awards

Hot on the heals of the Super Bowl came the annual Oscar awards, and we had our own Os-Kat celebration and gave out awards. 

Our Announcement:

A couple of the winning cats

Finally in February came Valentines Day and another slideshow! - our 3rd annual LOVE CATs show!

Are you still there?

If you are, we would like to offer you a drink. Some catnip beer, perhaps?  How about a little Riesling Purr? Though Cat's Happy Hour is normally celebrated in November, it's never too early!  

Seriously, we want to thank you for staying with us, for reading our retrospective, and for all your support, friendship, hosting of events, creativity...and, well, just for being YOU!

Love, Peaches
PS: Now how about finding us those boyfriends?

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

7 Ways to Respect Your Cat today!

A Major Day

Good morning, Paprika here! For the all important RESPECT YOUR CAT DAY I have assumed a position atop my favorite leather chair which commands respect!  This is a verrrry important day in which we cats are elevated to a noteworthy level.  I am going to make sure my human knows about this holiday. I will suggest some ways for her to respect my sis-fur Peaches and me!

What YOU can do to respect your cat today

1) Keep us from being bored! Play a new game with us.
2) Give us one of those cool little "cat houses" where we can hide out.
3) Pet us in our favorite way - ear scratching is mine!
4) Open the window (make sure you have screens) and let us see what's going on out there
5) Don't hold back! Hand over that favorite treat!
6) Give us serious "wand toy" time even if it bores you!
7) Get silly with us. We are silly cats.

We should love to know if YOU have any favorite ways to respect YOUR cat!  After all, you hoo-mans are experts!

We're joining Athena & Marie's artsy Cat-ur-day Hop today!  We used the software Painnt for todays picture.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Social Distancing for Cats

Our human told us about this new practice. We do wish to get in the spirit & purr-ticipate!  But there should be modifications for cats don't you agree? 

In addition to Cat Blogosphere, we're also joining Brians Thankful Thursday Hop! We are thankful to be home and together. (Though little apart)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Working from Home - by Paprika

Paprika here! Well my point of view is, if the human is at home, we should help her with everything, don't you agree?  I was thrilled to see a pile of socks yesterday and immediately went to investigate. This used to be my specialty!


Sock Sorting By Paprika the Cat

I then realized there was much work to be done.  I stationed myself in the correct place to begin and surveyed the items...but alas, my joyous task was not to be.  "Paprika, MOVE!" I heard my human say.  I remained steadfast. 

I thought she would come to her senses so I again offered my valuable services. No one knows SOCKS as well as I!  She tried to move me but again I refused to budge.

I am devastated!  I have been informed she wants to do this task herself.  Sometimes I just don't understand the peeps. They don't know what they're missing.  If she's going to stay at home all the time at least she could let us PURR-ticipate!  Don't you agree?

-- Paprika the cat

Monday, March 23, 2020

Cuddly Kitten Day Parade - Peaches & Paprika

We are having a CUDDLY KITTEN EVENT on our page today in honor of Cuddly Kitten Day.   If YOU have a picture of any of your cats as kittens you are welcome to post his/her picture in the comments on our Facebook page along with name. We will probably have a parade tonite, if enough kittens! Just click on the picture or the CUDDLY KITTEN link to purr-ticipate with your kitten.  No prizes, just fun in these trying times.

PS: if you'd like to LIKE our page while you there, that's cool!

PPS: Also I thought I'd post a picture of the first tiger calico I fell in love with as she inspired me to find Peaches.  This is Annabel Lee an adorable miniature drama queen, just a few months old. She was a tiny feisty little tiger calico girl in a shelter when I met her. And when I picked her up and held her she immediately kissed my hand!  I hadn't owned a cat in a long time and I was smitten.  I wanted to adopt her asap but the person rehoming her was adamant she could only go to a home with a mellow dog or
Annabel in her temporary home
 laid back male cat.  I begged and begged but it was not to be!   I visited her often though and found she was eventually adopted by a family with a yellow lab and found divine happiness there.  By then I was hooked on tiger-calicos and narrowed my search.  And then I met Peaches, my own drama queen!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

When Life Gives You a Lemon Make Lemonade

We try to find silver linings and look at the bright side of things.  Take this "staying home all the time."  It can be a drag to see our human all day long. Well she lamented a bit but then we all thought, hey, our Facebook readers are also  and we searched our way to find new entertainments for all of us.

We decided to start a Cat of The Week feature, where we feature one of our fans in depth each week - whatever they want to reveal about themselves or their cats.  We all know each other by now from our slideshows, so it's a wonderful opportunity for everyone who follows our Facebook page to get to know each other better.

Of course that's only 52 cats featured and there will be many not featured. But everyone voted to do it so (gulp) we're moving ahead!  We also have impromptu contests from time to time.  

This week we're focusing on "Most Create Goof Off Cat" to celebrate National Goof Off Day (today) and will celebrate Cuddly Kittens Day tomorrow!

We're joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday hop today! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Our Wild St Pat-rick's Day Yesterday

Good morning, Paprika here! St. Patrick's Day turned out to be far wilder than we realized. We have some serious sleeping to do to recover!  It started out with a simple prayer and blessing.  We all felt that was the right way to respond.

Our trip to the Cat Bar

But then our human wanted to go out and celebrate at a local restaurant and they were CLOSED due to something called a Pan-demic.  What the Claw...? 

After serious investi-cat-ions, we found that  CAT BARS were still open! Catnip Beer was freely flowing  Well we told her we'd represent her by attending a party and making merry. 

Trapped but then Escaped

Unfortunately  Peaches talked me into over-indulging. THIS is what happened.  The big question:  how to extricate myself?

A local CAT-ron at the bar finally helped me crawl out. But not before I'd done some serious celebrations with the catnip beer!  You can see the state I was in below.  

My human told me I was over-doing it and looked like some kind of were-wolf!  Nah...I greatly enjoyed the after-effects!  I hope where-ever you are, some joy came your way on St Cat-rick's Day!

-- Paprika the cat

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Stl. Patrick's Day Blessing

Irish Prayer

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow.
And may trouble avoid you

Wherever you go

Wishing all of you a safe and blessed St. Patrick's Day, light, love and laughter all year long.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

St. Catrick's Day Parade 2020

Just click on this picture to see our St Paddy Day slideshow starring our Facebook Friends. It's worth it! One blogger cat is in it.  Hint:  It is a fine-featured light colored female cat with a distinctive expression, belonging to a renowned blogger.  

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Girls Scouts Day is not just about cookies!

Our human was a girl scout, was YOURS?  We maintain that cats should honor most of the human holidays and there are even organizations for cat scouts!  Many of our owners were active in scouting when growing up.  The girl scout motto is Be Prepared.  Unlike Paprika's "take," it is NOT all about selling cookies. Here is some more information about NATIONAL GIRL SCOUTS DAY:

"A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency." 
-- Girl Scout Handbook, 1947

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Monday, March 9, 2020

International Women Cats Working Day

We believe in celebrating important holidays such as   International Womens Working Day which was yesterday.  We were overwhelmed adjusting to the time change  so are celebrating today. We do not want to miss this important holiday which focuses on women AND work.
 We, as lady cats, work harder than you think.  Take being adorable for example.  It  doesn't just happen by itself.  I have to position myself artfully, get that certain "look" in my eyes, and maintain the posture.  You think I am doing a good job?  -- Paprika the cat

Well, I guess its not hard to tell what I'm working hard AT!  Relaxing!  You think it's easy to relax with all that goes all around me?  Rustling papers, humans running around and trying to talk to me...and cat knows what else!  I think I'm doing an excellent job. -- Peaches the cat

As usual with Peaches working at "relaxing" the hard work all comes to me.  I must sort papers, walk on papers, push papers off the desk, hit the water glass with my tail so it tips...well you see how full my days are! But as a working woman, I take all these res-pawn-sibiltles very seriously!
-- Paprika the cat

We hope all you lady cats took a bow on IWWD yesterday!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

OUTRAGE - awakened early due to Time Change

 We were sleeping peacefully at the usual time, 6AM, when we were rudely awakened by our human who told us it was 7 and we HAD TO GET UP.  How RUDE!  Our human said it was time to "spring forward."  We don't believe in that stuff.  She can "spring" all she wants, we know what time it is and its time to stay in bed!

Our human did do this cartoon of us last year, but the more things change the more they stay the same...alas. Happy Sunday anyway. We hope YOU didn't have to get up early!! 

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Green Peaches - Cat-Ur-Day Art

Green Peaches!  With a certain holiday approaching, I took a notion to "green-ify" myself.  Due to those spik-ey furs on my back, my human said I look little evil!  But it's HER fault!  When she comes in out of the cold and pets me, my furs rise straight up! Static Cling, they say.  I should tell her to stay away from me till she warms up. But she cannot resist me when I come to greet her at the door....At least today she gave me an orange bow tie to wear so I could look respectable. Does YOUR kitty ever get those furry spikes????

We are joining Athena & Marie for their Cat-ur-day Art hop today! (PS: we used the green-if-y filter from...painnt or lunatic.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Can Cats be Dentists? National Dentists Day

What is you were in the dentists chair and looked uptown find your cats have become dentists? Is it a dream?  Have cats really broken into the dental offices and taken over their equipment?  We love paying dress up and thought we'd help pay our cat food bills by going to work!  Our horrified human, however, looking up from her dental chair, told us this was not a good idea!

In all honesty, we were just celebrating National Dentists Day!  Time to pay tribute to those hardworking souls who save our teeth!  

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Peaches celebrates Multiple Purr-Sonality Day!

Which is the "real" Peaches? Okay I admit it, I am a little hard to predict.. Okay, very My human tells me I am MUCH more moody than my sis-fur Paprika and she never knows what to expect from me. One moment I am lovey dov-ey, climbing on her lap and purring really loudly. The very next moment I am sprinting around the house howling and the next I might be glaring and giving her "the look" because my dinner was too skimpy. And then there are my "calendar girl poses. You never know what to expect from me. My human may have doubts but I maintain that's part of my charm. I am the purr-rect candidate for Multiple Personality Day, celebrated on March 5. It also honors those who suffer from this disorder. How many purr-sonalities do YOU have?
I am joining Brian's Thankful Thursday hop cuz I'm thankful there are many of me! (I'm not conceited or anything) - Peaches the cat

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Leaping for Leap Year - by Paprika Long Legs

There no better way to celebrate leap year than to LEAP!  There are many ways to handle jumping and leaping.  One must PLAN the leap, for example and carefully plan the logistics and spatial arrangements. (Is there a place for ME on that bureau/door/bookcase/kitchen cabinet?) Then one must execute it!  Once completed and one is I'n the coveted "high place," there's the joy of looking smug and gloating and you may want try going every higher!

And of course what goes up must come down.  Sometimes its  easier to ascend than descend.  One must identify a landing place. There may be obstacles. One must plan carefully.  I hope you weill enjoy this very short video which chronicles our LEAPING JOURNEYS AND ACHIEVEMENTS!

Signed, Paprika Long Legs