Friday, April 24, 2020

Hairball Awareness Day - Loving Our Brushing

Actions speak louder than words, and as you can see we cats make the most of this "holiday."  Hairball Awareness Day" which comes on the last Friday of every month is of particular importance to us (cuz our human HAS to brush us then) but truthfully we celebrate it all year long.

We kitties especially shed our hairs in

Spring and this day is dedicated to all humans knowing that and brushing us! If we try to accomplish the important task of licking our rapidly growing furs  all by ourselves we'll get the dreaded hairballs.
As you can see I'm in love with this pink brush - Peaches

Hairballs can be seriously injurious to our health.  There are many ways to prevent them: frequent brushings, special foods and many other means.  The nape of our necks and near our  tail are particular areas of need of brushings!

There are also special gels one can purchase at pet stores and special food for preventing hairballs.  

Our human uses the Fur-minator brush on me cuz I my furs grow really fast.  I love all brushes though. I'm particularly in love with my human's pink brush which I stole from her for our own use. Paprika feels the same.  So my human uses both Furminator AND our special "pink" brush.

Paprika's furs are much shorter than mine but she doesn't know that.  When she sees me being brushed, she comes and sits by our human's feet, pathetic and forlorn until SHE gets a brushing. 

My great accomplishment-using the pink brush by myself@ - Paprika
The pink brush is one of our great addictions. In fact if we see it lying around, we will brush ourselves with it.  We know how! 

Here is Paprika in this picture, savoring that brush!Please everyone.  Give your kitties lots of brushings this spring whether they like it or not!

Cats Go Shopping

I asked Peaches & Paprika to go shopping for me.  I should have known better! -- Mom Carol

Friendly Fill-ins

1.  If I couldn't live in my country I'd live in: Martinique! I'd love being near both ocean and mountains.

2.  I wish had kept my old diaries from childhood. Since age 9 I kept a diary  in which I wrote every single day. When I moved in with my husband I put the box with my old diaries & other stuff in storage.  The storage company lost the box! I tried for years to find them but never did.  I'd love to know what I had to say back then.

3. I would choose Ocean over Mountains. But I love roaring rivers too like the Big Thompson River in Colorado.  I would also choose humorous friends over non-humorous people. What's life without laughs?

4. Little tiffs  amongst friends don't matter in the long run.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Cats Just Wanna Wear Masks....

Peaches here!  Unbelievably, when our human had the bright quirky idea of cats joining humans in spirit and wearing masks, there was a mad rush of all our Facebook Friends to be in the parade. Who would've thought!!!???

If you would like to see our MASKED CAT PARADE
please click on the Masked Cat collage!

Of course it IS also Selfie Sunday following Cat-ur-day Art. 

So we decided to join both. But I am telling Paprika's about PROTECTION, NOT fashion!

Love, Peaches

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Our 3rd Annual Easter Parade


Here is our 3rd annual kitty Easter Parade of our Facebook readers.  Our human said she wasn't going to do one this year but our furrriends talked her into it!  Just think of all those captive humans at home having to entertain all their kitties!  This will help...

It's a well-spent 5 minutes! Our own Easter Greeting  is below!

We are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop.  This isn't the Easter we expected.  But we give thanks for all who stay safe during this scary time and wish for you to find  your own special happiness in one or more expected ways.

Photos of us for National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day! I am hijacking the stage from my show-offy kitties. This day is dedicated primarily to pets still in shelters, but I thought I'd share a very early photo or two of my and the gurrrls shortly after they came to live with me I'm holding Peaches who is quite happy, while Paprika is looking down and out at not being the one being held. She gets her turn soon enough! 
Paprika & Me (ready for take off)
This is the story of their lives..competition for real estate! But also you probably know, both Peaches & Paprika unbelievably lived in 3 shelters before joining me. (but before that in a private home who brought them up very nicely but unbelievably surrendered them when they moved overseas...)  
Peaches exploring while showing off white boots

 You can read more about this national day here!   Have a wonderful Cat-Ur-Day everyone!  

I hope you and your fur-balls stay safe and sound.

Love, Mom Carol

Doing the Bunny Thing for Easter

Oh no, Paprika's got me in trouble again!  I never said I wanted to do the bunny thing, but she said we needed a new adventure.  New adventure NOT!  At least since we look little "artsy," we can join Athena and Marie in their Easter celebration.  We THINK this is all about Easter!

Speaking of which, we are joining Athena & Marie for their Cat-ur-day art hop!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Cats of the Month - Tigger & Tony - April 2020

Our April  "Cat(s) of the Month" household features  the irresistible fur-balls, Tigger and Tony. They are the star players in the household of Robin Hote Drouin, who lives with her husband in a Missouri town near Kansas City.  

"Cat of the Month" is a new feature, spotlighting  some of Facebook Pages regular friends. Robin, Tigger and Tony often visit us on our page, and we sometimes think of them as our virtual boyfriends!  After all, they have all our colors of orange, black, white, peach and even a stripe or two.  They always have really funny  stories to contribute and they make our human laugh a lot! Now back to our stars.

Robin became a cat lover when she was 18 years old and a stray pregnant cat wandered into her backyard and gave birth to six kittens!  Robin got lucky because her mother let her take care of them!
"That was the start of my crazy passion for cats," she tells us!

TIGGER, the orange comedian who's livened up our page for over 2 years was a surprise gift from Robin's husband.  He'll  be 12 years old on APRIL 5 (Happy Birthday Tigger)!  

According to Robin, he specializes in "knocking things over" and the "creative tilting of lampshades!" In fact Tigger won our "Artistic Cat Award" earlier this year for his creative use of a paper towel. 

Posing for "cheesecake shots" also appears to be one of Tigger's specialties! 

We can certainly empathize with THAT specialty!

Robin loves his cute facial expressions and states that he enjoys holding conversations with her! We bet he has a lot to say!


Tony as Kitten
Tony, Robin's second cat is a specialist of original facial expressions, which he displays in all his photos.  He has a "consultative" look as if he would like to be asked for advice!

Robin fell in love with his photo on a shelter website and immediately went to adopt him!  Her story of that adventure is detailed in her own words at the end of our article.  

Tony's favorite activities are playing with balls, stuffed mice and scratching her husband's guitar.  (We heard a rumor that he plays the guitar secretly at night).  We would also add that another of Tony's favorite activities also appears to be posing for photographs, with a quirky, quizzical  expression on his face.
He had the same expression as a kitten!

How Robin found Tony

Robin tells an endearing story about how she first met Tony!
"After the death of another pet, the Lord started showing me a picture of a cat.  When I saw Tony's picture, that was the cat. I knew the Lord had chosen this cat just for me.  When I got to the shelter and held him for the first time, I cried. He was sick when I got him and I nursed him back to health at home. The minute he came out of his cage, this tiny little thing took complete control of Tigger!"

Before we close the story of Tony and Tigger, we want to show you a few pictures of them in "virtual costume" for they were frequent "stars" in our many slideshows.  Here they are a few photos  we could locate from "the old days!



Friday, April 3, 2020

Cat Spat - Too Much "Togetherness"

It was bound to happen sooner or later due to our "close proximity" and all those hours spent at home! We are both determined to stake out"the best seat in the house!"

Our human, as usual, over-reacted and tried to interfere.  We told her the situation was under control! 

Do you cats out there have these problems with your litter-mates, housemates and humans?

-- Peaches the Cat

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Cats During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Our human says we're safe for now. It's not for cats.  But cautious is our middle name and we prefer to keep our human company in her mask-wearing.  Plus we can pretend we are outlaws and bandits!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Kissed by a Giraffe - April Fool's Day

Our human decided to give us a treat
So she found a giraffe for us to meet
He gave us a kiss and that was BAD
A crazier day we never had!

Happy April fool's Day
We hope YOUR human didn't play any crazy tricks on you!