Thursday, April 30, 2015

Welcoming new residents Peaches & Paporika

Where are we?
Our first trip to a new room
Giving thanks for my lovely two felines and remembering their first day at Chez Carol in 2012..  They howled all the way from the shelter to my house, but goodies awaited! 

Hello World
I'm liking the feel of this reddish thing
For their first night, they stayed in a their own private "suite" - a specially cat-furnished bathroomI Plush rugs, fit-for-a queen scratching post, toys, food, water,  litter box, soft beds, they had it all! And the next day...a human all to themselves!  After a night in their private suite, they decided to "explore" the next day and boy did they explore...every inch of my condo.  To my joy, they avoided the "under the bed" location which many "new" residents reside. 

Look Peaches,  pillows matching our colors!
This looks like the best room to use!
In the next post, I will share the eye opening experiences I learned about their 2012 shelter days just recently.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Peaches unseats Paprika from penthouse perch

 Peaches & Paprika's sharing the "penthouse condo spot" together...NOT!  Please watch the 8 second video of big sister Peaches uprooting poor Paprika from the coveted penthouse spot.  Talk about a sense of entitlement! Peaches mistakenly believes all the furniture in the house belongs to HER Here is a youtube link if you can't see the video on your iPad:

They look content...but that will soon change!

Paprika: It's so nice up here... 

Is Peaches coming up here to kiss me?

Oh no she's trying to get my spot! 
Bye Bye Paprika...the penthouse is MINE!

So all you cat-owners whose generous kitties share that penthouse spot with one another...rejoice!  Aint always that

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Peaches "On High"

So what if it was an easy climb, I get credit don't I???

I got really tired of hearing all about Paprika and her "high places" and acrobatics, so I decided to occupy a "high place" of my own, atop the kitchen cabinets!  

My hostess Carol says "this doesn't count" as all I had to do with jump on the fridge  and from there to the cabinets. But I think it's worth something, don't you?  


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feline Filters & Reflections...Caturday Art

1. Hey that's US through the slider door..... just trying out different filters and effects today to entertain you and US!


Two furry females with special effects and a frame or two...

which is your favorite?

The original photo...nice enough, no special effect, just an artsy camera shot of two furry ones, thru a glass door...well there might have been an extra flower or two...
The original photo

Friday, April 24, 2015

Paprika scales yet another Bookcase

Acrobatic Paprika likes nothing better than to scale the heights of the highest shelf...with the ultimate goal of reaching the ceiling one day...she is almost there!
Here I am on top of the living room

For a short video skit  to music click on link below:
Peaches and Paprika Channel
It's a loooong way down...but I don't care

For those in a hurry here are a few pictures of "the event" to give you an idea.... 
My sister Peaches...such a coward!
I hope I didn't do anything wrong.,,

What shall we do for an encore?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Laundry Day Assistance

Paprika hiding behind the sheets
Peaches stretching out on the temporary bedspread
Thursday is laundry day at our house.  We love to help Carol on this day.  

Every hostess needs help sometimes. There are new sights and thrills and wonderful clean, puffy piles of sheets to lie on. 

I, Paprika, like hiding behind piles of blankets & pillowcases while Peaches celebrates by stretching out on the temporary bedspread.  She's so lazy. 


Paprika the Cat

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Art of Flirtation - by Peaches the Cat

My most popular position!
Hi, Peaches here! I am delighted to show off my my charms without my sister Paprika cramping my style. I'm a consummate flirter and could give lessons on "how to attract humans." 
Lying on my back is one of my most successful positions. 

Not always that easy
One must do it properly! For one thing, if you've got good  toe-pads this is the time to show them off. Also, you should turn your head to look at the camera, not just stare  at the ceiling. This is calling "engaging with the photographer." Also one must  try new positions from time to time so as not to bore one's fans. See, it's complex!  But don't you think I do a great job?

Getting there...

THERE!  My new upside-down position

So what do you think?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Safe in the arms of my Sister! -- by Paprika the cat

Safe in the arms of my sister
Wow, my sister is finally giving me a hug.  It's about time.  Now my day is complete!  And on top of it, we have a new calico quilt to enjoy!  Signed, Paprika the cat

Drifting off peacefully



Yay! Peaches & I are friends again!

What're YOU looking at!!!??

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Enjoying Spring Time

Happy Spring time!!!!       

Wishing all of the pleasures of the springtime season for you, my friends...from Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Friday, April 17, 2015

Karate Kick kalico style - by Peaches

Hah!  Well the girls USUALLY get along, but there are those, um, "moments...".  Check out the action in this 6 second wrestling match featuring a Karate kick calico style by Peaches, followed by tiny Paprika trying to pounce on the kicking leg. The videos don't show on iPad so if you don't see them click here

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Connecticut Cat Connection by the Waterfall

Carol has been ignoring us for days while she writes about all these other cats.  How would YOU like pictures on your loved one's computer of possible rivals?  What if she tries to take that pretty calico home? However she's told us that CT Cat Connection is a special place where other kitties just like us can find "forever homes" just as we did.  So I will tell Paprika to try and be patient. We'll have to put up with her divided attention a while longer. . If you look at Carol's video and all these cats get adopted, maybe we can have Carol to ourselves again!  Sigh....

Signed, Peaches the Cat

Interference with Taxes

AHA...this folder is what's distracting her 
What, we're not enough for you now?
When Peaches and Paprika saw I was coordinating my old   taxes to prepare this year's return, they lost no time in preventing me from beginning this work. 

Somehow I persevered, finished and mailed the tax return, no thanks to them!!
By sleeping on her materials we'll take over the paperwork don't need taxes, Carol, you have US!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Cats of Connecticut Cat Connection

Carol wouldn't let us come with her, but we could tell when she got home that something was different! And it was! She was with other cats! 

 At first we were outraged, but when she explained she was just photographing these kitties to help them get adopted, well, we're trying to be generous about it. She asked if she could show them on our blog and, well,...if you MUST, Carol! Signed, Peaches and Paprika