Friday, March 17, 2023

Stl Catrick’s Day Video 2023

 Sharing our special St. Catrick’ Day 2023 videos to you. CLICK on the green link to see the show.  Enjoy! 


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Green Cat Contest Winners for St Catrick’s Day


Well, our human has “slipped out of the house again and was seen VISITING OTHER CATS!

This time (and we think she went too far) she insisting on starting  a contest for GREEN CATS (the nerve) for St. Patrick’s Day on her Art site, Fine Art America.  Over 80 cats entered (WE didn’t, cuz we are not nor ever will be green) and or human was very excited when she announced the winning cats.  We agreed  -- for St. Catrick’s only - to let her feature these talented artists and their, er, cats...because they were VERY popular and got more votes than any of the other cats.  We have to admit they are pretty fan-cat-ic!


1st place:  MATTHIAS HAUSER, “St. Patrick’s Day Cat

Matthias, our first place winner is a talented photographer from Waldenbuch, German, who loves to show the beauty of our world with the help of a creative eye. 

His work has been published in German and international magazines and he is also a passionate painter in the field of digital art and fractals.

2nd Place:  DENISE F. FULMER, “The Green Cat for St. Pat’s”
Create with Dream Wombo

Denise, who lives in South Carolina, is a long time artist and, though impaired with Parkinsons, continues to pursue her art with various apps including Dream Wombo, with which she created this 2nd place winner.  

She currently likes to draw cartoons as well, and has created numerous videos.  Her vision is romantic, whimsical and spiritual and she (of course) especially loves animals.

Vladimir Frolov - “The Green Cat”

Vladimir is from Moscoe and specializes in drawing and painting people and animals in an uncomplicated but powerful style.  Among his many colorful painted cats are orange, pink & blue cats with complementary backgrounds which are dramatic in their impact.


Well, those are the winners of the GREEN CAT CONTEST! 

If you want to visit their sites to see more of their work, all three artist links are above.

Fine Art America also has a wonderful collection  of COLORFUL CAT ART which you can access by clicking on this link!

And while you’re there:  here’s OUR link, cuz we KNOW you’ll want to visit Mom Carol’s Fine Art America gallery too! Mom Carol's Colorful Cats!

This gallery she did is called “colorful cats.”  Once in a’ll even see US!

Well, we hope you’ll give us plenty of credit for sharing the spotlight today (which we you know we hate to do!). But these other talented artists and their cat creations do deserve kudos..and we’re not too snooty to admit it.  

But now we’re going to snatch our human back and imprison her in the house with us because she owes us alot of petting, brushing and tuna for being “unfaithful & for straying and admiring cats who are not US!  Right? Right?

We are joining Athena & Maries CATURDAY HOP today so you’ll have a chance to view the special “green cat winners” so timely for St. Catrick’s Day...a holiday we ALWAYS honor!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Bloggers Orange Cats’ Yesteryear St. Paddy Slideshow

 A St. Catrick’s Day BLAST FROM THE PAST!  When I saw how many of your beautiful orange kitties were featured in this slideshow, I knew I had to play it again...though you may (and I did) have to get the Kleenex out, as a great number of these orange beauties are with us only in our hearts...


Joining Cat On My Head’s Sunday hop!

Love, Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Celebrating "National Fairy Tail Day" - Little Red Peaching Hood


As you can see, I have quite a tale, er "tail" to tell.  It's National "Tell A Fairy Tale" Day only they should have entitled it correctly, as in my title!  Every cat likes to know their tail I noticed.

Well my story is this:  I was ALL dressed up in my "LITTLE RED PEACHING HOOD" costume to celebrate the day.  I got let out for a change and went exploring in the woods.  Well after a little prowling, I became cold, since it's February and went to warm my TAIL - and white paws (not shown above). 

I found a cozy cabin in the woods. Purr-fect, I thought. I went inside and saw what looked like a kindly old lady cat so I approached.  Oh NO!  This creature was not kindly at all!  And her TEETH...very sharp and pointed.  I knew I had to get out of there.  In fact I think I recognized her.  Check out the picture above if you haven't already....

Oh NOoooo.......that "grandma" probably wants to try out those teeth on me...gotta get out of there....

If you'd like to know more about this national fun holiday, click the Tell A Fairy Tale Day link!

Today we are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday hop!

PS: We are having trouble commenting on some of the blogs lately, esp Wordpress but will do our best! Wishing you a blessed day!

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Five Free Ways to Celebrate LOVE YOUR PET Day!

 Early Celebration of "Love Your Pet" Day

Five free ways to celebrate...

LOVE YOUR PET DAY! (Tomorrow) . We decided to celebrate this im-purr-tant day EARLY by featuring ME! I have been known to "hold hands" (paws) on many occasions with my human. In turn she lets me show off my jelly bean pads. What will YOU do to show L-O-V-E to your pet today & tomorrow?

What are five ways to show "love" to your beloved fur-ball!

1) Don't hold back on the treats! You have some? Today's the day.

2) Give your cat a new paper bag! Cut two holes out of it. Catnip inside! You can also dangle feathers outside the "little windows" for a new game.

3) Give your cat a loving brushing!

4) Tell your cat something new you like about him/her. Chances are good they'll understand!

5) Bring out their favorite food. Tuna is ours!

PS from Paprika:  

There is no reason my sis-fur Peaches should get all the glory on this day. Feast your eyes on THIS picture featuring yours truly! -- Paprika the cat

PPS: Time to make a plan! How will YOU & your fur-balls celebrate this day?

Today we are joining the Cat on My. Head's Sunday Hop. Hello to al our Fur-ball Friends!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Creative Colorful Cat Contest Winners


So here's what happened:  Our adventurous human was not satisfied with US!  She had to go
adventuring in OTHER PLACES where she met OTHER CATS and their humans.  Thought as her real live house cats we don't approve of such venturings, there is nothing we can do about it.  We hereby grant her the floor....for Caturday only!

Full disclosure: Our creative human has an artist site on Fine Art America where she displays her artwork of not only cats, but other pets, landscapes, flowers, seascapes and much much more. In Fine Art America, there are contests, a place to showcase and sell one's art work and networking with other artists.


Last month our human held a CONTEST for creative and colorful art creations of cats. There were an astonishing number of entries. She planned to feature one cat but FIVE cats/humans tied for FIRST with the most votes.  Here are the talented winners (not necessarily in order of winning). We are placing their web links as well if you want to check out more of their talented work.


Eva Lechner, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Debra Kewley, Deborah League, Tatiana Travelways.


Eva Lechner's Portrait of a Siamese cat

Eva is a professional photographer from Germany with a special in nature, birds, animals and wildlife.  This gorgeous cat named Indigo inhabited a B & B in Alaska which Eva visited & the detail is wondrous. Eva writes:  I started photographing when I was 12 and since then its been my greatest Iove and passion."

Susan Maxwell Schmidt and her cat creation: ELECTRA

Susan writes: "I'm an animal person through and through."  Re cats:  "There is just something so elegant and even a little mysterious about cats that I just can't resist depicting them in all their sophisticated glory. "

Susan, who lives in Pennsylvania, also uses many digital apps collected through time & creates many of her masterpieces on an iPad.

She is an accomplished artist in many other areas: another favorite creative outlet is designing & crocheting contemporary knitwear.

Debra Kewley and her creation:  CAT IN A HAT

Debra writes:  "I love bringing a cat to life with my digital art!  Splash painting is featured in this digital cat and its colorful hat.  Deborah who lived many years in Florida, specialized in gorgeous seascapes and other beautiful scenes (including animals) & more recently in digital art. She's in the process of moving to Colorado where "the mountains are calling!" We can't wait to see more of her work.

Deborah League's creation:  GALAXY CAT

Deborah writes:  "While my subject varies, my inspiration is always the same:  COLOR - and the way it makes me feel.  From soft and muted to vibrant and everything in-between, color ... is a way to preserve memories, ...and even evoke sounds and tastes."

What a fitting statement for a winner of a "colorful and creative cat" contest! Deborah, who lives in Delaware, has made some dramatic and exciting explorations into the world of digital art, including many cat portraits, and her spectacular Galaxy Cat --with its blue predominance an myriad other glimmering colors--says it all.

Tatiana Travelways' creation: COLORFUL CAT

Tatiana,, has created a beautifully modern creative cat portrait, however, as the last name suggests, she focuses on documenting the many different and colorful places she's traveled with her art work, specializing in digital.  South America, both American Coasts and Europe represent only a few of the places she's visited and painted.

Tatiana currently lives in Las Vegas.  


We certainly hope you've enjoyed these portraits of OTHER CATS because hereafter, we intend to keep a tighter leash on our human, so she doesn't escape, go adventuring outside and...well, you get the drift!


We're joining the Caturday Art Hop with Athena Cat Goddess and her faithful Human, Marie.

Athena Cat Goddess Caturday Art Hop and also the Sunday Blog Hop with The Cat On My Head.