Wednesday, February 28, 2018

National Tooth Fairy Day - Our Seasonal Gig

National Tooth Fairy Day

This is a cool fun holiday day which comes twice a year on February 28 & August 22. This year we were part of it! Read about the holiday here.
Nevertheless, when I awoke today and found ourselves with WINGS I  was worried!  But no, Paprika had just accepted a 
"temporary gig" called "Promotional Tooth Fairy." Twice a year one flies throughout the world to visit children who have lost their baby teeth.  Once we gather all the teeth we take them to a special secret place.   Then we go back to our regular lives.  Sometimes we leave them an extra present... like catnip!  Regular tooth fairies do this daily, we are just hired to promote the holiday!

I did feel quite glamorous though in my blue organdy and Paprika, who became a "certified tooth fairy" last year showed me the ropes.  Can hardly wait till August when we can do it again!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

These Boots were made for Napping!

Carol's pink, orange & green BOOTS: Every respectable cat needs a good pillow, I always say. What most cats don't get is a pillow consisting of their human's multi-colored BOOTS! Yes, our human, Carol, loves music and dancing and one day she left these boots out and, well, I'm NOT returning them! Move over, Paprika!! (She's taking up too much space, as usual!)

Happy Tummy Tuesday from Peaches the cat

PS: I'm safeguarding these boots for Carol so no one else will get them!  Like my sisfur.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Tell a Fairytale Day


What better fun way to celebrate a foggy Monday morning than National Tell A Fairy Tale Day!

Our kitty mom kept saying she had more important things to do. We say THIS is more important!

Having no human cooperation for finding fairy tales to tell you, I have taken matters into my own paws and hired a fairy tale author!  

Our first tale:  Mouse Capture in Paradise!

-- Peaches the cat!

The original cover:

Sunday, February 25, 2018

When Your Human Retires

Peaches' Life Change

I'm hoping I can get some advice here and appreciate any insights. Well my life has been turned upside down this month.  To a human, maybe not a big a CAT, cataclysmic!

Well as you know we are creatures of  habit and I had this nice little routine going on around 7PM called my "Welcome Ceremony." It was more than a routine, it was the high point of my day. But THEN, my human did something unexpected called "retiring from work." Never heard of it. 


But I continue...Before all this occurred I would wait & wait for my human to come home from work.  I poured my heart & soul into a joyful welcome that would melt anyone's heart.  I RAN to the front door when I heard her keys jingle, I stuck my snow white paw OUTSIDE the door as she opened it, then jumped on the entrance table, gave a glad,chirpy meow and communed with her. And her hats! 

It was the centerpiece of my life and our days together, the Welcome Home event. 


 BUT human usually comes home when I am SOUND ASLEEP! This leaves me in a quandary as to what to do.  Get up? Not get up?  Half get up?


And I miss it!

I  have tried to cope, but I am AMBIVALENT! Sometimes, l just sleep through her whole arrival (something I NEVER did) and hope she understands. She looks disappointed though so I don't think she does. Other times the lure of habit is too strong. Keys=Welcome time!   So, other times, not quite awake, I'll stumble out to the front door, looking quite dazed and "out of it."  I make a half-hearted jump onto the entrance table but my human can tell I'm "not with it" and orders me back to bed.

Should I interrupt my nap? Can't decide what to do. Why do things have to change???!  What do YOU think?  Shall I be more flexible? 
How do I become less confused?

Paprika's Dilemna

I, Paprika, have different priorities.  My crisis time is 10AM.  Peaches no longer plays with me in the morning (it was our little secret). So after my human's breakfast, I meow poignantly at HER.  At first she thought I was still hungry. Finally she realized, I wanted her to chase me around the room for half an hour  the way Peaches used to do.  Don't you think this is a reasonable request if a human is home?

Carol's Story

I'm so used to Peaches' welcoming me for 5 years at the  door, it's a shock to  find her sleeping on the job! Bless her heart, she really does try, & sometimes stumbles groggily to the door when she hears my keys, even though half awake.  Awwww.. now that's sweet!

7PM Ritual  and new Meowings:

Other times, suddenly at 7pm out of the clear blue sky & when I haven't left the house all day she'll suddenly meow loudly and run to the little entrance table wanting some loving. (usually I'm in the middle of making dinner!) Naturally I interrupt and...

 I'm also trying to get used to little Paprika's strange 10AM meowings which she never did before.  I can't say chasing Paprika around the living room is my idea of how to spend my retirement but... (Takes all kinds!)

My colleagues at work used to say al the time "Well now you'll get to spend more time with Peaches & Paprika."  Hah! Little did they (and I) realize ....

Hopefully we will all work it out though! 

 Right, Peaches? Right, Paprika?

Today we are joining the The Cat on My Head's Blog Hop & look forward to communing with our friends!~ Happy Sunday to all! And please let us know of any shared experiences you may have had when upsetting YOUR cats' routines!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Am I Blue? Am I Blue? - Caturday Art

From Paprika, Blue Cat

Am I blue?
Am I blue?
Aint't these tears in these eyes tellin' you

Am I blue?
You'd be too
If each plan with your man done felt through

1929 Lyrics by Harry Akst & Grant Clarke
Sung by Billie Holiday, Ray Charles & countless others

This could be sometimes be my theme song because, for real, I often feel blue and crestfallen.  Especially when my brassy bossy sister Peaches tries to out-shadow me. Sometimes I let her & just feel blue. Other times though  I show true spunk. I am a great "hisser." (only at Peaches) But ANYWAY, we purr-shaded our human to show more of our beautiful faces today, stripes, whiskers & all. This picture is done with the Painnt Software & the Shakespeare filter. 

Peaches below will be bragging about her photo I'm sure...

From Peaches:

I am happy to report that because of my extreme beauty, NO filter was used for MY portrait.  

Our human, Carol, took this picture near a window, with bright sunlight &  some artwork she'd done with photographs in the background. And I am the lucky recipient! I never need to "hiss" cuz I always have the upper hand. I will apologize later to Paprika for making her feel bad but sometimes I just can't help it!

We are joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop today and wish our friends a peaceful, creative weekend!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

National Love Your Pet Day

 Happy National Love Your Pet Day!  This is a day to cherish your pets everywhere and a special holiday is devoted to US! 

There are many ways to love a pet - treats, pets, extra attention...or it can be as simple as "holding paws!" I always have liked that.
-- Peaches the cat


Sometimes my human does like to include other animals on such a special day. There's nothing I or Paprika can do about it. She made this special collage of her neighbors pets, 3 cats from her favorite shelter ("Our Companions,") and, of course WE are in it. 

You can read more about this fun holiday HERE.

Happy Day to everyone and your beloved pets today. Of course for us bloggers its love your pet EVERY day!  What will you do for your pet today?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Paprika's cleansing Day

 Toe Day!

Each & every toe, I say! If there's anything I'm really good at, it's being limber enough to reach every remote part of my furred self! Apparently Peaches (who, between us, is a bit, um, overweight), has trouble appreciating this talent. I'm ignoring her - Paprika the cat

Peaches' Comments:

I've decided to disassociate myself with Paprika. She just does too many weird things like that back toe cleaning. Show off!

"The Birds" and My Displeasure

The highlight of this weekend has been bird-watching. But there were some big black things called "crows" hanging around...they were, um scary.  As you can see, I was very displeased with this experience. As a cat, I am entitled to be displeased, right?  - Peaches the cat

Bird-watching is not always this great experience you hear about!

It came to our attention that a certain human kept staring at us and pointing a flashy box at us.  Aren't we entitled to a little Down Time?

BTW, our human used Lunapic for today's Caturday Art effort - mostly the Escher effect. Just for a restful B & W change! You like?

We're joining Athena and Marie for Caturday Art today and look forward to visiting our furrriends!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Kiss

Today we're sending you our extra special favorite Valentines Card. 

We do use this card in other years because we love it so much and can't find one we like better. 

We tell you how the Kiss happened below!

The story behind "The Kiss"  

Paprika the cat here! We had just gotten back from our first vet visit. I'm not brave like Peaches so I was terrified.  I thought they were going to send us back to the shelter with the cement floor, like the last time we had a car trip. it turned out fine and we got to return to our new Connecticut home with the sunny windows. But it took me a while to realize that. Peaches my sisfur was comforting me after we got home because I was so rattled. I don't get a great kiss from her very often so I really appurrrreciated it. Thanks, Sis!  

Wishing you and your loved ones, furrrballs and human, many hugs, kisses & love for Valentines Day.

-- Paprika 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sending you LOVE!

SENDING YOU LOVE for  Valentine's Day tomorrow... 

I thought you  might like a glimpse of my pink toes right about now...he he! Just kidding...but seriously, we love you, our friends and wish you the best day ever. 
Happy Tummy Tuesday!

---Peaches the cat

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Flying a Pink Cadillac to our Love Shack

Hello, furrriends, did you ever ride in a pink cadillac?  Or drive one?  or FLY one?  I know I know we all hate cars, but if you have a pink cardboard love house you're trying to get to in the tropics, it's a wonderful mode of transportation.

This video made by our tireless human let us do all those things without having to get into a cat carrier!  You can view the high-res version HERE or click on the lower-res RF video above(2 minutes). Or just enjoy the pictures of our adventure. (But the vid is more fun!)

Our Story:

Our human rented this wonderful bird for us called a "pink caddy." Though usually reluctant in regard to big things with wheels, we overcame our normal timidity to give it a try-out!

The Love shack is in the tropics. A long ways from our home in New England. So naturally we dressed for the occasion.

And awAAAy we go!

We're a NATURAL behind the wheel don't you think?

True to its promise, this car DOES fly

Once at our destination we were greeted by the most purrrr-fect house in the whole world

I'm goin' IN!

It's Purr-fect furrr me!

I can see you, can you see me?

Oh NO! I think PAPRIKA is checking out the house!

O Mi COD, Paprika's taken possession!

I MUST get her OUT!
Okay, Come OUTA there, Paprika!
Not budging? I'll huff & puff and...
BLOW the house DOWN!
THERE! That's done!   Roof gone.
Oh NO! Paprika's staying inside anyway without the roof? Come outa there, Paprika, now!

I'm lovin' this house, it's the purr-fect place for a nap, peaches! - signed, Paprika the cat

Now that our big trip has been reported, we are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop AND Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop & wishing all a wonderful pre-valentine weekend. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kitten Bowl and Super Bowl Announcers

Okay, this is BIG.  we've been asked to try out for the job of "Super Bowl Announcer," as the previous ones (conflicted humans) quit in protest.  However Paprika canNOT seem to get with the program! A hopeless case! - Peaches the cat

Our totally cool graphic today comes from Imikimi (we doubled it). And what better day to "announce" our new professions than to join the Cat on My Head's Sunday Blog Hop!