Thursday, December 31, 2020


We are having our 2nd annual  MEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION on our Facebook Page TONITE where fearless cats agree to change their colors for the night.  White cats become pink, Grey cats become lavender or green, and if you are a striped cat, anything can happen!  Anyone who is a friend of our Peaches & Paprika page can purr-ticipate!  We limit the show to 30 cats and it will be published at 12Midnight!  If interested in YOUR cat being in the show, visit our Facebook Page & you'll see the details.  

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Celebrating All Year Long - Last Book Give-Away Weekend

 Christmas is behind us, but Peaches and Paprika keep on celebrating all year long.  We are offering CELEBRATING ALL YEAR LONG this weekend  free of charge for the last time, so if you haven't grabbed your free copy of the E-book we hope you'll take this opportunity.  A paperback book is also available!

To whet your appetite, here is a book description & some preview cartoons!


Once the Christmas holidays are over, Peaches & Paprika, two funny sister calico cats have you covered! "National Hangover Day," on January 2 (too much catnip?) comes next, followed by Bubble Bath Day on January 8 and National Hugging Day on Jan 21, to name a few! Later in the year, on Hot Air Balloon Day, the two cats are transported against their will into the air and on

Popcorn Day are "attacked" by giant flying kernels. And haven't you always wanted to know what two cats might say to each Other? “Celebrating All Year Long” is written in Peaches & Paprika’s own voices and their sometimes dry, sarcastic conversations as well as their festive cat costumes, backgrounds & crazy postures will make you chuckle. Readers called this book "full of

joy and light," "couldn't stop smiling" and "endearing." Celebrating All Year Long combines all of the holidays featured in the cats' 4-book seasonal mini-series into a full year fun holiday book featuring 230 pages of photo color cartoons presented in a whimsical, light-hearted manner. It’s a must for all cat lovers with a sense of humor and makes a unique gift for your cat lover friends!

You can see a short book trailer of our book here, should you be hesitating! 

We are joining Athena and Marie's and The Cat on My Head's blog hope this weekend!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Happy Holidays from our Gingerbread House...Yes Again!

We fell so in love with this gingerbread house, we INSISTED our human use it agin for Catmas.  As usual, she gave us our own way.  Happy holidays to all of our friends.  We are wishing for you a peaceful holiday season!  As for us, we're going to consume this yummy house like really soon!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

6th Annual Bloggers Meowy Catmas Show

With a crazy storm bearing down on the Northeast, figured we better post our Bloggers Meowy Catmas show before the power goes out!  Just click on the link above and you'll see it!  Comments on youtube appreciated! Happy Holidays to all! 

Carol, Peaches and Paprika 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Tummy Tuesday Long-Cat Paprika


Good morning, Paprika here! One thing I love about CATMAS is I get to hang out on colorful blankets.  This is one our thoughtful human especially bought for me.  

Though I may not be as glamorous as my flamboyant sis-fur, Peaches, I can strrrrrretch with the best of them!   I try and try to get the best of her, and I think I've done pretty darn good here.  But all to no avail!


Happy Tummy Tuesday to ALL.  
Peaches is mistaken.  As usual.

-- Paprika

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Gotcha Day: Our Narrow Escape Eight Years Ago

From Mom Carol: 

On my top list of burning questions was and  is: What were Peaches and paprika like as kittens?  How could their humans give up such loving animals?  What happened between then & our meeting?  I got the answer to the third question when I did a Google search & found out ASTONISHING REVELATIONS about MY Cats on the internet.  But first, I want to (today only) offer you a FREE E-BOOK about the kitties journey entitled Our 1st Year in Connecticut. Just click the link, then select "purchased with 1 click" but it will really be FREE today.  After that, I will let Peaches & Paprika tell you in their own words about the rest. You're up, gurrrls!

From Peaches & Paprika:

It's our Gotcha Day! 

 We are celebrating our "Gotcha Day" with  The Cat On My Head's Sunday Blog hop... our eighth year with Carol in Connecticut.  We almost didn't make it out of New York City though...

Our Narrow Escape from NYACC in New York (Our Story)

We were "Peaches & Tigger"in the old days & we had a narrow escape in NYC before moving to Connecticut. We were even on  "death row" for a while. Our previous 
owners surrendered us to a shelter in NYC when they moved to Puerto Rico. I guess they thought we'd be adopted right away since we had such beautiful calico colorings with gorgeous stripes.

Our Narrow Escape from NYACC 

We were "Peaches & Tigger" in the old days & we had a narrow escape in New York City before moving to Connecticut. We were even on  "death row" for a while. Our previous owners surrendered us to a shelter in NYC when they moved to Puerto Rico. I guess they thought we'd be adopted right away since we had such beautiful calico colorings with gorgeous stripes

But NO ONE came to get us and day after day went by. We were besides ourselves with grief and terror. Finally the shelter put out a notice: we were now on "death row" - a place for cats no one comes to adopt!  We were due to be put to sleep the next day!

Death Row," Facebook & Loving Volunteers

The good part of the story starts now.  Hundreds of loving volunteers watch the "death row" item in Facebook. They share kitty stories, post loving words & make donations. We were lucky and captured the hearts of many. Here are some of the pleas posted by those who helped (you may need to enlarge)

After many of these posts, we were "pulled" (SAVED) by a wonderful foster organization in Staten Island. Paprika and I had caught sniffles in the shelter and this wonderful foster lady named Joann nursed us back to health.Then she brought us to Connecticut to Marys Kitty Korner, a no-kill shelter.


Firting & trying to attract adopters
For 6 more months 
we stayed in a large white house with 50 other cats while awaiting forever homes.  I, Peaches, was in charge of captivating humans. Of course I did antics daily in a sunny window where I could attract visitors and pick the best! MOL.

Then we met Carol. She had fallen in love with me the week before after seeing my picture on the internet.  Who wouldn't? And then she came to meet me and my sisfur Paprika (then named "Tigger") in that white house. Of course I could not leave without Paprika. So Carol took both of us home.

In Connecticut

Our explorations in the new home
Of course, being the lovable furries we are, Carol loves us both and we're awaiting our 8th Christmas here.  We have taken over the house, believe me!  We set the rules, although we still haven't come to an agreement on the quantity of tuna  being served here...

We are joining The Cat on My Head blog hop today & look forward to the holiday festivities!

In honor of this momentous occasion! we are also giving away a free ebook of our journey, entitled Peaches & Paprika: Our first Year in Connecticut which is now on Amazon.  Please click here for the free download, good until midnight tonight 12/20/20.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Bloggers Holiday Slideshow Deadline Coming Soon

Reminder to dear blogging friends!  Three days more till Slideshow deadline!  We love it when everyone purr-ticipates!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Happy National Gingerbread House Day

 Aren't the holidays wonderful?  What with Chanukah (Catukah) and Catmas, there is no end to the goodies in which we are privileged to partake.  So our human threw caution to the winds and got us this delectable house to inhabit.  Smells heavenly. Then she said she was going to consume it...what kind of unfairness if that? We were told if we were good and stay here long enough for a photo-op, catnip treats are in the offing.  But should we believe her?

Some cool facts about Gingerbread Houses & National Gingerbread House Day:

1) Gingerbread houses gained recognition after Hansel & Gretel, the famous fairy tale, was published by the Grimm Brothers!

2) There is a Swedish tradition in which people use gingerbread to make a wish.

3) The largest gingerbread house is 2520 square feet large, 21 feet high, 35 million calories & is located in Bryan, Texas, 90 Miles Northwest of Houston - According to the Guiness World Book of Records.

Now that you know all that we know...we are joining Athena & Marie' Cat-urday Hop today!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

National Brownie Day - Brownie Fantasy

I WAS going to just sleep or celebrate Tummy Tuesday...
but then a delectable day was called to my attention.  BROWNIES!  How many of you do NOT like brownies?    Of course we cats cannot REALLY eat them, that's why my picture is called a "Brownie Fantasy."  But you peeps are allowed to bbuy, bake and  imbibe in as many brownies as possible today.  More about National Brownie Day HERE! - Peaches the cat

Sunday, December 6, 2020

2020 Cat Bloggers Holiday Show Announcement

 It's "That" time again!  Your cat(s) can be stars (and we hope they WILL be) again in our 2020 show which will be shown Christmas Eve!

Easy instructions:

1. Make Holiday Graphic (if you feel challenged in this regard, WE will do one FOR you.) Just let us know.  You can also use your holiday header if you like!

2. EMAIL to Carol, Mom of Peaches & Paprika at the address in the announcement

3. Include:  Blog name, Blog address and Your name

4  IMPORTANT:  Put the words "HOLIDAY SLIDESHOW" in your email title (or we may miss it)

5. Deadline:  December 16.

See you there!

Mom Carol, Peaches & Paprika, Calico cats of distinction

Friday, December 4, 2020

Peaches & Paprika's Book Give-Away

Okay, guess we misunderstood.  We thought Carol was playing a joke and trying to GET RID OF US!  We trembled in our boots! (well Peaches did)

No No She yelled at us, I'm just giving your NEW BOOK away!  CHILL!

Ohhh...we said.  Saved again!  We were fools to have such a negative mind-set.  Once re-assured, we calmed down and Mom Carol gave us our scripts to read so we could tell you how the contest works.

Peaches:  So SOMEONE WILL WIN our new paperback printed book, Peaches & Paprika Celebrating All  Year Long - 100 crazy holidays celebrated in color cartoons!  The paperback book is 156 pages & otherwise retails for $19.62,

Paprika: And here's how to win:
1) Download the E-Book version of this book either Friday Dec 4 or Saturday Dec 5. (12 M PST)  (Mom Carol is foolishly giving it to you FREE on those days only.)  Use this link:

2) Post here, the name of your favorite holiday in the book, its date and why you picked it  (National Chaos Day?  Hot Air Balloon Day? Doughnut Day?  Pick One out of the 100 holidays.) (okay, you can pick two at the most!)

3) Winner of the paperback book will be picked from among the comments at random & announced Sunday evening, December 5.

4) Book will be mailed to winner by December 7.

Mom Carol:  You did a good job, gurrrls! 

That's all there is to it!  So at the very least you, our blogger friends will  get a free e-book, but you might also get lucky and win the free paperback which like we said above retails for $19.62 (yeah we know its costly, there's a lot of color pictures...but it's worth it! 

We are joining Friday Blogosphere's hop and also Athena & Marie's Cat-ur-day hop. Note: Free e-book download is only for 12/3 and 4, after that it will revert to its regular price of $5.99.