Thursday, August 30, 2018

Toasted Marshmallow Day

Hello, Peaches here!  Being as how summer is drawing to an end, I decided to take Paprika camping with me to celebrate NATIONAL TOASTED MARSHMALLOW Day.  She was, however verrrry slow to "catch on..."

Eventually, she caught up with and exceeded me in devouring the goodies!

Now that Paprika is "up to speed" with Marshmallow day activities we want to wish YOU a happy end of the summer, perhaps camping or devouring a marshmallow or two..or 3...or...

Today we're joining Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop. What are we thankful fur? 


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Kiss & Make Up Day - for Cats!

We are so glad this cool "National Kiss & Make Up holiday exists so we can easily smooth over the "ruffled furs" from our various, er, "scuffles." We really do love each other! Well most of the time. Also we feel this should be a holiday for cats, not only humans. Don't you agree?

One more of our favorite pix for the road!

Today's pictures  originally appeared on Peaches and Paprika on  Agust 25, 2017, and we edited our post since then!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Paprika the cat FLIPPED during Vet Visit

Paprika: "Flip, flip, flip, flip, that's all I hear about on TV this week. Well for your info, I, Paprika , the ultimate acrobat was FLIPPED myself at the vet so they could trim my nails! You see? Not every cat can do this so gracefully!" - Paprika

Peaches:  Paprika you are so clueless...that is NOT what they were talking about on the news this week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Take Your Cat To The Vet Day

We figured for this most important day which falls on August 22, we'd share our pictures from last year's vet visit from OUR perspective.  Our human thought it was a great idea, we didn't!
Of course on the way to the vet, me and Paprika sang the song of our people   It was scandalous the way our humans stuffed, yes stuffed us into something called "cat carriers." Outrageous, I say.
 --Peaches the cat

There were some positives at the vet. Of course everyone fell in love with me.  I enjoyed showing off my charms, as always!

I  hung out with Brittany for a while, talking with and entertaining her while we waited for the Doc.

After a few exchanges I knew I had a fan! Carol tried to hold me too, but I said to her: "I'm with Brittany now."
PAPRIKA was next at bat. She is a coward, just look! She will have to come out sometime.

The next event was a tummy exam for both of us.
 I, Paprika thought I'd get a tummy rub like at home, but no such luck. Check out how cleverly I've curled my tail around the vet's hand.  That's in case she gets too feisty!

I, Peaches, decided to put up with the whole thing, but was not particularly pleased.

At last I got to show off my white tummy & paws during the event! And of course I will later get my, um, revenge!
Finally we were pronounced as reasonably healthy kitties & allowed to go home and relax.  We plan to sleep for several days.  

Thank you for reading about our visit. We hope your next vet visit is smooth and respectful! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tummy Tuesday Face-Off

Peaches & Paprika have a difference of opinion in regard to Tummy Tuesday "back practices"

Paprika spares no effort to assume creative positions while Peaches disparages her efforts

Peaches: Pay no attention to Paprika's reassurances. She knows nothing & is just trying to impress me.

Paprika:  It's obvious who came out on top here. I'll say no more.

Happy Tummy Tuesday to all, though!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today we are wishing to honor our elegant black friends. Though often the last to be adopted, they are affectionate, elegant pets.  Here are some of our human's favorite black cat videos from Cole and Marmalade!

10 Reasons to Adopt Black Cats

9 Reasons Black Cat Owners Are Lucky

There is also a wonderful book we own by Layla Morgan Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101 called BLACK CATS TELL ALL 

Today we are linking to Cat Blogosphere where there is a wonderful article about Black Cats by Ellen Pilch of 15 and Meowing.

Go Black Cats!

Note: Since we are tiger calicos with beautiful black stripes & patches, we just KNOW there are handsome black cats in our ancestry!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

National Relaxation Day: Ideal for Cats!

National Relaxation Day! Ideal for Cats!  Need we say more...?  This beautiful frame is from Imikimi.  What are YOUR plans for Relaxation Day?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Caturday Art...Colorful Window Portrait by Human

Nothing like a colorful window portrait for a muggy august day.  Here I am staring at my human who is staring at me, camera in hand.  Camera, camera always the camera.  But I love it!  This portrait made by the Painnt Drips filter. Fun!

And this (below) is how she rendered it after the photograph!  Peaches...a star!


Athena & Marie's

Today we are joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop!

Friday, August 10, 2018


This is National "S'mores Day, that delicious combo of marshmallow chocolate and graham crackers toasted and melted over and open fire...YUM! Well believe it or not, we actually found a guest cat named S'MORE!   Here she is! 

S'More is one of our Facebook friends and lives in New Jersey with her 2 siblings & an additional cat...a purr-fect quartet! Here they are, enjoying S'Mores Day...

Well we have to admit, that is our fantasy of their S'Mores day celebration...they were just hanging out on their living room rug...but couldn't it have turned into a magic carpet & transported them to this campground?  

S;More & Family Original Picture

O well, we've given up the spotlight long enough! Tomorrow we return it to US, the rightful owners!

Respectfully submitted, Peaches & Paprika.

Today we're joining Comedy Plus' Feline Friday hop!
Happy S'Mores Day to all!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

National Book Lovers Day

Peaches the cat here! National Book Lovers Day is important here cuz my human  is an insatiable reader! I have therefore taken charge of her book collection. If I do say so myself, I am imminently qualified to protect them fiercely!

Apparently my sister Paprika is jealous of my book guarding job!

Paprika here!  I am far MORE qualified to guard books than my sister.  I do editorial work in my spare time. Why shouldn't I have that job?

Peaches: Because I say Not!

Also, as anyone can see I have an insatiable curiosity!

But Paprika will NOT take over my job.

To be continued....


Today we are joining Brian's Home Thankful Thursday blog hop and the  Cat Blogosphere hop & wish all a paw-some day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Happy International Cat Day to all fur-balls!

Hoping you celebrated this important day by obtaining extra treats or tummy rubs from your humans!  International Cat Day is celebrated worldwide & was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Well if it was up to us, every day should be International Cat Day!

Monday, August 6, 2018

National Sisters Day - Belatedly

Happy belated Sisters Day! Dang, our human had to rush off to work yesterday but we refuse to NOT celebrate National Sisters Day! I mean, really! So here we are, sharing a quilt while recuperating from creating the summer slideshow. As you'll notice scaredy cat Paprika has crawled under the quilt, but that's ok! - Peaches the cat

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer Slideshow of Our Furrrriends - Beaching and Gardening

We made a Summer Slideshow of our Facebook Friends this week and 3 bloggers are in it! Kizmet of ZeeZooey, Calista of The Cat On My Head blog and Allie of Friends Furever. We hope you will enjoy. You can watch it HERE or check out the "low res" version below! 

By the way we got inspired & created an EXTRA picture of beautiful Calista Jo!

Speaking of whom, we are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday hop!

Friday, August 3, 2018

International Beer Day

Since our human's name is Lowbeer, we thought it only right to celebrate INTERNATIONAL BEER DAY.  Little did we realize we'd have to go underwater and share the beer with critters! (unless we can catch those fish....)

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