Saturday, June 30, 2018

Flirting and Homecoming Cartoons

For the last day of Cat Adoption month, we describe our own adoptions! In the pictures below, I explain how brazen flirtation + pleadings resulted in a great adoption! 
- Peaches the Cat

This is the very first pic of me on Petfinder...taken by a talented photographer named Tara at Marys Kitty Korner.. My human fell in love with me instantly. I have to confess...I WAS flirting with the Petfinder photographer!

This pretty white Connecticut house, Marys Kitty Korner,  was our temporary home after our narrow escape from the NYACC Kill shelter in NYC.  We lucked out!

I stationed myself in the sunniest window in the house near 

the entrance so I could take sunbaths AND monitor visitors!

I made sure I was noticed by various "purr-formances" I gave

This is my sis-fur Paprika in the next room , always with the "woe is me" countenance.  I'm not too fond of this approach. Luckily she has ME to entice all the visitors!

Admittedly, we were both lucky to end up in these temporary digs...they even have a sun & playroom for us cats!

Finally it is time for an all out PLEA!

 A few last "moves" may be the clincher!

The "Pitch"!

Finally the time arrived, and we became "chosen cats!"

Once in our new digs, we wondered...was it fur good?

My first portrait at chez Carol!

RESOLVED! We're staying! Being allowed to explore was a very good sign!

Thanks to Marys Kitty Korner for keeping us happy and healthy during our wait for our Furever Home!!!

This weekend we are going to join Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop And Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop!  Happy weekend to all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cat Forgiveness Day

We were all set to sprawl out for Tummy Tuesday when we learned it is Forgiveness Day!  This day comes 3x a year but one cannot celebrate it too often. Without further ado, I wish to join the spirit of the day and make a LONg list of what I forgive Paprika for!

I, Peaches, wish to tell you, Paprika, my fur sib
  1.I furr-give you for your show-offy acrobatics
2. and jumping on doors where I can't get at you
3. For snarling at me when I was only joking with you
4. For pouncing on my back when I don't feel like playing
We are not kittens any more!

I, Paprika, have a few things I will forgive my big sis-fur Peaches for:

1. for being bigger than me
2. for trying to intimidate me by raising a white paw
3. For your overly showy flamboyant colors
4. For thinking the cat condo is all yours
3. For lying on your back all the time like a Femme Fatale

Come to think of it I don't know if I fur-give you fur THAT!

There is another fur-giveness day next month and we may have more to add to this list. 

Then again, maybe not!

Please forgive your fur-sibs, your playmates and your humans for all you can manage and you will be rewarded with catnip dreams....

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cat World Domination Day 2018

Cats RULE! 
Was there every any doubt?   We have been worshipped since day 1 and deserve every bit of it.

We almost forgot this until about 20 bloggers reminded us.  In a hasty dash not to be excluded, we dug into our human's "box" and found this verrry important picture from last year!  Hope no one minds.  This holiday is too important to misssss!
Happy Domination Day to all!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Happy National PINK Day!

Are we PINK enough? 
We ladies had never heard of "NATIONAL PINK DAY" but when our human told us about it, we couldn't celebrate fast enough!  For today, she used the Painnt Lysergic effect (what a name!) but it worked and we came out a nice sorta pinky color!

There are many ways to celebrate this national day, as not everyone can just "turn pink" the way we did!  

You can wear pink things
You can cook with pink (cookies with frosting, anyone?)
Or go to the park and find pink flowers...
Buy pink flowers for your honey...

Have a great pink day!

We are celebrating Caturday Art day today with Athena & Marie & look forward to visiting!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy Peaches & Cream Day!

Wow... there really IS a National Peaches & Cream Day. I think they named it for ME and I can hardly wait to celebrate.  My human says I can have one lick only but that's better than nothing! It's idea of a day in my honor that's got me all excited.  You can read all about this important day HERE! As you may have guessed, it's a day to get creative and make a recipe or two. 

Here are some ideas:

Peach Oatmeal
Peaches & Praline Waffles
Peachy Muffins
Peach & Banana Ice cream with cream & almonds...

Happy hunting! Since I can only have one lick, I hope you will celebrate it in my honor!

-- Peaches the Cat

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Kissing Quilt

What can be better than KISSING CALICOS? We're sharing the spotlight today. It's yet another smoochy fun holiday called "National Kissing Day" which is June 19.  There's ANOTHER kissing day, too, a big one called INTERNATIONAL kissing day next month on July 6 and we gonna celebrate THAT one too! Pucker up that kisser and go at it, we say!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day to all Kitty Dads

Our Facebook Friends' Kitty Dads
We wanted to do a special greeting to all kitty-dads, but weren't sure how to celebrate. Couldn't find any graphics which gave us ideas... so in the end, we decided to ask Peaches and Paprikas' Facebook friends whether any kitty dads were brave enough to contribute their photo to a celebration album. 

16 Brave CAT DADS and 27 fearless Kitties participated!  You can check out our  KITTY DADS' PHOTO ALBUM by clicking on its link. Meanwhile, Happy Dad day to all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

National Red Rose Day

Our human has always been a rose fan, so I volunteered ASAP to celebrate this day.  I am PUrRR, er THUR-illed to combine Red Rose Day with Tummy Tuesday.  By the way you can read all about this day HERE!  It was made for a cat like me. Check out the rose between my fangs!   Love, Peaches the Cat

Not so fast!  My sis-fur who thinks she is a famous celebrity is at it again, trying to steal the spotlight.    I am much more  deserving of it, because I have been photographed on my human's special  "Rose Blanket!" And check out my modestly yet artistically curled tail!  Try and match THAT, Peaches!
-- your good looking sisfur, Paprika

And just fur good measure, how 'bout some more real roses???

The last photo is the rose garden of my human's childhood in Oklahoma where she human grew up and helped her mom garden!  Of course we were not born yet!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Happy Hot Air Balloon Day

Little did we realize when we woke up this morning that our human had planned an unusual day for us. Hey, we cats dream of TUNA, CATNIP, TUMMY RUBS....NOT flying in the air. But our human read about Hot Air Balloon Day so we had no choice...

Monday, June 4, 2018

Happy Hug-Your-Cat Day

It's National HUG YOUR CAT DAY!  This is a LOoooove Day  as you can see!  My human loves my snuggling up to her but complains I take up all the room.

I think it's wrong to focus about taking up "too much room" when so much loving' is going on!  She should only think about ME, don't you agree? -- Peaches the cat

From Peaches' sisfur, Paprika:
Carol & Paprika

I am just as lovable as peaches but being camera shy, I am sometimes shortchanged on the "photo-ops." However my human DID sneak in this selfie while I was sleeping, then gave me a pretty Imikimi frame. - signed, Paprika the cat, Chief "Huggee"