About Paprika

Paprika is the perpetual kitten, always up for a Play session.  She often has a dreamy worried expression on her small face and reminds me of a Keene character from the 70's with her huge round eyes.  v She excels in acrobatics, especially "door climbing"  and pouncing on her sister Peaches. (Peaches is not pleased with this interchange). When she lands on my lap she is as light as a feather, it's as if she has flown through the air.  She has a high squeaky "meow" and sound-wise, specializes in the "PRILL," a combination purr, trill, and meow.

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  1. Paprika oleoresin is an extract from the fruits of Capsicum annuum and is primarily used as a colouring agent in food products. Paprika is rich in vitamin C which enables the body to absorb iron and helps prevent anemia.