Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day to all

Wishing all of you laughter and love for valentines day.  And we lucked out! Below is a special valentine from our new furr-iend/guy friend, gorgeous SIMON from Brian's Home blog.  We hope he doesn't mind our adding ourselves to his pawe-some valentine!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Peachy Love

My human thought that title up, I would never have been so corny!  I woulda just said...
SENDING YOU LOOOVE...on the day before Valentines!

Love, Peaches the cat

Monday, February 11, 2019

Computer Clean-Up Day

Today, the second Monday of each year, is a day that every cat fears "COMPUTER CLEANUP DAY."  On this day, humans try to get rid of accumulated junk on their computers.  But WE are on her computers. Do we have something to worry about?
 Our first thought of delaying possible deletion disaster was to DISABLE THE COMPUTER MACHINE!
 We then decided to divide up the "protection" tasks!
 While Peaches guarded the laptop, I, Paprika, took control of the computer. And I DO mean control!
 We also jointly decided we could catch our "human fly" with a little "honey," always a successful tactic to maintain control.  I could not go wrong with a little kiss - Peaches
Or one could simply look beyond "cute." - Paprika
 In the end we decided "one cannot be TOO careful" and we guarded BOTH computer and laptop with unswerving fierceness.

But then we thought it best just to ask the human:  Are WE on the deletion list?

Whew!~~~!!!  Having had what we thought was a narrow escape from virtual extinction, we were quite relieved and decided after al the excitement, we would, you guessed it, take a nap.   That was close. See you later!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Love Cats Valentine Facebook Friends Show 2019

We thought you would enjoy watching our 2nd annual LOVE CATS SLIDESHOW (click on link) for our Facebook Friends and several bloggers who are Facebook friends are in it too this year - Trouble from 15 and Meowing, Raz from Friends Fur-ever, Mudpie from Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & MeowsParsley from Bionic Basil, Teddy from https://onespoiledcat.wordpress.comTwo Spoiled Cats and Pia from Colenhaus Cats
 You can watch by following the link (high res) or, if short of time, watch the lower res uploaded version HERE!

If you watch the youtube version (Recommended!) , we appreciate your leaving a comment there!

We joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday hop today and look forward to saying hello to friends. Happy Valentines Day to all!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Valentine Homeownership for two cats

Hello,Peaches here! Did you know we are HOME-OWNERS?  We got this CAT-umptuous Valentine house from a dear friend a few years back and are having an exciting time remembering our, um, explorations.  Home-ownership is NOT SIMPLE when there are TWO cats!

Here are some pictures as to how I, Peaches, took ownership of this house and little about the competition I had to endure...
I first entered this house
And gracefully took passion

Here I am!
Not bad! Sniff...

But then there was an my sister Paprika!

Cione Outa there Paprika, or I'll....

Blow the House DOWN!

There! THAT's Done!

Paprika, that house has no ROOF.  Come outa there IMMEDIATELY!

I'm gonna stay in here, like, Fur-Ever! - Paprika the Cat

We're joining Athena & Marie today for the Saturday Art hop hop!  I mean, THIS is an artsy house, don't you agree? - Peaches the cat

Friday, February 8, 2019

National Kite Flying Day Backfires!

Kite flying experience #1

HELP!   Today we were introduced to some "flying things" that we thought were birds.  But they were NOT birds.  

Of course my greedy sister GRABBED one and you can see what happened!  

Our human says we will take kite flying lessons soon to celebrate National Kite Flying Day properly.  


At LAST! You see what a few lessons will do. This is a GREAT sport for cats,  And it facilitates bird watching! Secretly, we are hoping to catch a few birds up here!

Holy Cat!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Sweet cats resting up for Valentines Day

We have been busy gurrrrls and are resting up from our Super Bowl antics. AND getting in the mood for Valentines Day--which we call LOooove Day---one of our favorite holidays.  Are you fur-balls out there getting ready to be sweet???

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Superbowl Katz

I found a great bowl to celebrate "Super Bowl Sunday" but my human for some reason was not happy!

 It's time for my nap, though.  Beauty rest comes FIRST!

Uh Oh. That Scoundrel, my sis-fur Paprika is trying to UPSTAGE ME!

Never one to be daunted by little competition, I donned what I thought was the proper helmet!

Paprika here! Peaches may be a coward and with her pink bicycle helmet but I know what to wear when I'm deep into athletics! Check out my peach FOOTBALL helmet and supreme gamesmanship!


We're joining The Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop! And now to check out the other kitties....