Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing all of our blogging friends a happy day and remembering those who fought for our country and freedom!  It's valued now more than ever!

We're hoping to get an early start on our Catriotic slideshow early. See badge below by Zoolatry. 

Please send us a patriotic link for our show or email us. ANY patriotic graphics is fine.Just need kitty & blog name address. Though deadline is not till mid-June, its fine to send it now!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Catriotic Slideshow - YOUR cat invited!

Catriotic slideshow....

YOUR  Cat(s) invited!...Seeking patriotic pix of YOUR cat starting NOW!


1. Email ANY patriotic-themed graphic of your kitties to: 

- can be Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, 4th of July 

OR: you can send a link of your blog where the graphic appears. Can be last year!

2. Include: Cat's name (if very many can be just blog name), your name, blog address

3. Slideshow will be in July, but early start gives more time.

4. If you live in another country we welcome YOUR patriotic graphic, too.

Thanks to wonderful Ann at Zoolatry for this fun graphic. Peaches & Paprika are NOT as innocent as they look here!

And natch we are joining The Cat on My Head's for their Sunday blog hop!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Look of Love - Peaches the Cat

Peaches: The Look of Love
This is my human's absolute favorite picture of me. I helped her take it the week she brought me home with my sisfur Paprika.  After I set paw in her nice digs, I showered her with kitty affection (rubs,kisses-the whole arsenal) giving her what she calls my "adoring look."  

She likes to dress up my photos with artwork (this one's from IMIKIMI) to spare me wearing silly cat clothes but I don't's all for the sake of art, right?

Paprika my sisfur will tell her story another time. I paid her plenty - my green catnip mouse and 4 pumpkin treats - to let me have the spotlight first.

I know I am a greedy cat but I DID take this selfie, honest! For those at Blog Paws, we blow a kiss.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Catnip Tummy Tuesday from Paprika

I was inspired by Cat on My Head's "Niphead" post to post my old picture inside a Purrpak box in years past.  Here I am zonked out after intense nipping.
- Paprika the Cat

No way, Paprika! I will not let you have all the limelight when I was totally blissed out myself! 

- signed, the one & only Peaches

Proof I was there: you will see that Paprika is totally beside herself, while I was the rational one in this transaction!
- Peaches

Happy Tummy Tuesday to all from two Nip-Heads!

Peaches & Paprika

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Kitty-Mom Day!

We love hangin' out with our human kitty-mom and even holding hands, er, paws! We hope you do too.  It took me two years to get used to the idea of sharing her with Paprika but now we have our territories: I get the right shoulder & Paprika gets the left. Never the t'wain should meet. Works for me! As long as Paprika doesn't bother me. But I digress. We mainly want to wish all our furrriends a truly happy Mom's Day, whatever you do!

-- Love Peaches the Cat

Above you will see our nightly configuration.  Aren't you impressed we took a Selfie? 
He He...Love, Peaches

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to our Kitty Momma Friends

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all Kitty Momma's! We included a rare photo of the of us all together (not an easy selfie) and dressed it up with a frame and a colorful fabric border. Wishing all of you happy get togethers with those you love, whether they be animal or human!

Sunday, May 7, 2017


We want to pay tribute to our friend, Flynn today.  He was Peaches & Paprika's first "orange virtual boyfriend" & one of the first blogger kitties who wrote us. For this and for the reason and the fact he was a wonderful boy, he will forever live in our hearts.

 Well I was thinking about the above and decided to make a graphic or two in his honor!

I made this one first, because we always see Flynn enjoying the out of doors and especially trees and grass
Then, I wanted to look at some other pictures through the months and years and I picked out some favorites and made a collage.

Needing a break I left the computer for a few minutes and when I returned THIS is what I found:  kitty Paprika sitting on my desk &  fixedly staring at Flynn on the screen.

(photos of Paprika NOT photoshopped! She stayed there 15 minutes...

I could not get Paprika to budge.  finally she turned around and stared at me with flattened ears!  I imagined her to say:

And eventually,

She turned around to face the computer again!

Perking Up Ears!

Finally she turned away from the computer
Peaches, though in another room, was looking dejected as well!

So we part company for now and wish our dear friend Flynn a true reunion with Eric and those of us on earth behind will hope for him the happy romps they could not take together  for a long long time. We send hugs to Jackie & her family. And we will hold her beloved furrball gently in our hearts and watch for cameo "Angel Flynn" appearances.

Love, Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de Mayo we Love

Wishing a very joyous Cinco de Maio Day to all our friends. As for us, we're on our way to get ANOTHER cool drink. Please join us! 

We were torn by indecision over sunglasses vs none. But after taking an official vote, the sunglasses won.

Our Other Picture

We felt bad the sunglasses would hide our beautiful eyes, though, we decided to include our original pic where we are staring haughtily at the camera. After all, what is Catitude all about?