Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our New Valentine House

 It's still February, we can still "do" Valentine activities, right?  

Well guess what we got from a dear friend as a belated valentine gift.  A pink house!  The house was especially for me, Peaches (NOT Paprika) so as soon as the humans assembled it I lost no time...

A girl should always look in all directions when crossing the street or entering a new house so I checked it out completely!


I then allowed my picture to be taken..Ta-Dum! - It's ME, Peaches, right?
Whoops! Heard the doorbell.  I'll be right back.

Oh No!  I was only gone a minute and...
There is someone ELSE IN MY HOUSE


 O Mi cod,I KNEW there was someone in there!  It's PAPRIKA! Out, Paprika! And now the roof has collapsed....
 Alas, Alas....I'm leaving!

Being as how that house Peaches thought was hers has been deroofed and demolished, I, Patient Paprika 
will wait here while the humans reconstruct it!

It's a perfect fit for ME, Peaches,don't you think?

Don't get too comfortable Paprika! I'll be back soon.  REAL soon!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 Our human got really lucky last month and won a MEOWBOX at Sweet Purrfections' Give Away.     
Since our human had surgery in early Feb, she's just now getting back in the swing of things. Oh well, we got the box finally!

Meowbox is a cat subscription box, full of surprises, toys and treats, delivered to your door every month!  

So though we had to wait a little while to explore this intriguing box....we DO wish to share with you our joy in exploring it Here is what transpired:

Peaches, what's in it, do you think?

Paprika, you're too cerebral.  Watch how I strategically place my left paw on top of the box and begin explorations ..its all in the foot action

Peaches I learned to READ when YOU were wasting so much
displaying your white paws. It says, "MEOWBOX."

Never mind all that "Reading," Paprika! It takes a "WOMAN OF ACTION"
to get to the bottom of things.  Watch THIS!

I'm intrigued by that pie-shaped blue thing, Peaches. I'm leaning toward BITING IT!

Ah, here's the whole array of goodies, Peaches! Since YOU haven't learned to READ I will read it to YOU!

 A Loofa Cat ticker Toy by Multipet, Cocochia Bakes, a Wooly fun Feather Barrel, the Maui Meow's Cat-Nips, the Spot Pillow Puff Catnip Cat toy.  And an ad for Kuddly Pet Care is here. It's for 24/7 access to vets.  Never know when we might need THAT! And lastly, look at this little card, saying "Happy Mew Year!"  

And check out our Names, Peaches & Paprika on the lid.  Leaves no doubt it's OUR box!  They KNOW us there!

 WAY too much reading, Sis! 
My approach?  DIVE RIGHT IN!

Hmmm...Isn't this red pie-shaped toy similar to that blue one you
were trying to bite?

Come to Mama, you beautiful red & blue thing!

It's MINE now!\

But WAIT! There's MORE...

A Loofa Cat Kicker toy! Can't wait!

Hah! I, Peaches have obtained my GRAND PRIZE!  it CRINKLES when I touch it
I'm not letting Paprika NEAR it, that little shrimp! 

WHOaaaaa! Savin' the best for last!

Just cuz you're bigger than me, Peaches, doesn't mean you
get all the goodies!

Whew! That took a lot of energy.  Now Drifting off
into that delicious catnip stupor we love!

Keeping the Meowbox, though, within striking distance!

Happy Mew Year, Meowbox!!!


We did not receive compensation for this review, but did win a Meowbox
as part of a bloggers' giveaway!  You can ores your own meow box by clicking on the link above!

Tummy Tuesday Cheesecake Pix

There's nothing like a tummy rub, we always say, WHEN we're in the mood for it, of course! Our human has been accommodating our wishes lately and we persuaded her to share these photos so you can admire our very different undersides!

I, Peaches, confess that what I most adore are chest rubs under my two front arms.  Wow! Here I am, hoping for one!

I, Paprika prefer the "traditional"!  Many have admired my surprising marked orange and black tummy patterns and I lose no opportunity to show them off!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Paprika helps Rainbow Bridge Dogs Slideshow


Human's Note:

Whenever I even THINK of working on the Rainbow Bridge animals' slideshow, (first the cats & now working on the dogs show), Paprika is on my lap purring before I know it!  She snuggles her wam comforting furry self against me so it is easier to work peacefully.  It's as if she senses the emotion behind putting together the video!  I find my cats (and this could go for all animals) amazing in their sensing what is going on, on a deep level!  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vintage "Love" Frames - Peaches

Spring it is a-comin!  Thought I'd combine valentines with spring and Love Your Pet Day in this lovely Imikimi Vintage Frame for Caturday Art . Featured:  Me and Peaches "Hanging Out"! Paprika photos coming tomorrow!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pets and the People Who Love Them

Our human wanted to put together this collage to honor  "love day" for a long time...finally she got around to it. (Hint: we're IN it on top!))

Happy Valentines Day to all!


This is a card related to the one posted yesterday, an earlier version.  

Love to all!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentines Weekend - The Kissing Calicos

Peaches here.  that's me on the right. You may wonder why I am kissing my sister Paprika.  Well it happens sometimes.  A rough day,  a morning at the vet,  we all need a kiss or too here & there.  So Paprika, Happy Valentines Weekend. You're not a bad sisfur, even though you ARE a "scaredy cat." 

Paprika signing in.  Once in a while I get lucky & steal a few smooches from my gorgeous sister,Peaches. Sometimes I even get an Ear-Wash! If she weren't so busy trying to impress our human I bet she'd kiss me even more.Oh well, once in a while will work! Happy Valentines, sis. I love you!

Peaches & Paprika: We want to wish all our blogger friends a happy weekend too.  Although we can't run right out there and kiss you, we think you're all the peachiest! (from us that's a high compliment!) (okay so it's a little corny)  Smoooooch!

Human's footnote: Okay, I confess, I  used photoshop.  The photo was taken after Peaches and Paprika were recovering their emotional balance from a fearsome vet visit. In such moments they invariably "comfort" each other before returning to their usual sibling rivalry.  I never know ahead of time when they're going to smooch of course, just try to have a camera nearby. After the "smooch" I superimposed the heart design behind them.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The REAL Authors of the Bloggers Rainbow Slideshow

WE made that  RAINBOW BRIDGE REMEMBRANCE SLIDESHOW for bloggers' kitties who crossed in 2015.   (Click on link to see it)
Don't listen to our human Carol who takes credit.  She could never have finished without our  support, and, yes, technical expertise!  I, Paprika perched on her desk, and learned to man ("cat") the telephones so our human  wouldn't be interrupted. A lot of people were surprised when I meowed into the phone, but let them be. 

My sisfur Peaches, made sure that our human didn't cry too much while finishing by constantly entertaining her and making kleenex runs.  when our human went to sleep, we continued to work on the keyboard.  You'd be amazed at what cats can do when they put their whiskers to it.  

Anyway she asked us to post it again on the Sunday blog hope in case there are bloggers whose kitties are in the show but who missed it.    See Link above!

Best regards yours truly, 
Artists and Authors,   Peaches and Paprika

We are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday Blog Hop. Please check out all the other adorable animals below!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

2 Remembrance Collages 2015 Rainbow Bridge friends

Remembrance Collages our human made for fellow kitties who crossed the bridge in 2015! Thought we'd show them for Caturday Art Day.  They were made with PicMonkey a program we're getting to love, despite the strange name.  The collages were made to accompany the slideshow of this week honoring our fellow kittens  We will be doing one more post of the slideshow for the hop tomorrow. Meanwhile, please visit the amazingly creative &  arty felines  for today's Caturday Art !