Sunday, April 30, 2017

Happy Early May Day

Happy upcoming May Day! We had a grand  time chasing butterflies and wondering what it is like atop the maypole! But we'll never know! It wasn't quite the right grabbing texture fur climbing!  Wishing all a Happy May Day & weekend!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy National Arbor Day

Wishing to all a Happy National Arbor Day!   

In researching National Arbor Day we found out that though it's a national holiday, states actually celebrate it on different days, some in Marchor April and a couple in May. 

For more about National Arbor Day (April 28), check out this link!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cat Amazing-Puzzle Review-#Chewy Influencer

Told by Peaches the Cat

Imagine our delight at getting a new toy with treats inside it!   

We got to play with Cat Amazing's "Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle" as part of the CHEWY INFLUENCER program from Let us tell you it made MAGIC out of our afternoon! 

( You will GASP at the end of our little tale...but of course we'll tell you, our friends,  ALL!)

CATAMAZING supplied the inventive puzzle
box while our human supplied the treats!)
The flat orange and white mailer with a cute kitty pic warned us we were in for a good time.   The puzzle maze was easy to assemble taking just minutes.  

Paprika, my sisfur (below) was the first to investigate but I took care of THAT!

Paprika:  There's treats in here and I am the one to retrieve  them!

As usually I persuaded Paprika to let me go first!
I've got this, Paprika!

Peaches: A Little PAW ACTION is the way to proceed!

Paprika: I love those butterflies on the side of the box! I can pretend I'm outdoors!

Peaches: On second thought, wonder if my head will fit into THIS hole!

Hola it works!~ I'm going IN!

Yay, it's WORKING! I've got the whole box on my head!

 Darn! Rebuked by my sister Paprika AGAIN!

Well, although I took charge and "did it all wrong," is there really a wrong?  Didn't I defeat the system, find the treats and conquer the challenge?  YOU decide!

PS: After turning the box upside down, we saw this little instructional sentence...WHOOPS!

More cool facts about CATAMAZING:
  • There are four levels of difficulty: beginner, medium, advanced, SECRET...



  • The box is made from 30% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable. Printed with certified metal free links so its safe for your kitty to chew on.

CATAMAZING's fun Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle Toy can be purchased through's website and currently is on sale for $14.99.  Free shipping from Chewy on orders over $49.00


Disclaimer:  We received this interactive Puzzle Box from in exchange for our honest review.  We hope one day they will forgive us for turning their tantalizing box upside down!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Construction Katz

Dear Blog friends...

Yesterday we had an unexpectedly terrifying experience! Though it started like any other day...

Here's how it all played out...

At 7:30 AM, I Peaches, feeling rested after hugging the earth awoke to what I thought was a sunny morning...

I knew immediately, something looked, well, DIFFERENT outside...

I saw a strange contraption and a human other than Carol was crawling on it...

I heard Paprika's voice trying to get me to come away from the window but I never listen to her.

CURIOUS as all get out, I proceeded up the window till I could finally SEE....

Even I myself wondered about the strange loud sounds which were starting to worry me...

I took one last look before running and hiding under the covers (For the WHOLE DAY)



Our human was terribly upset at our distress, not knowing the noises would be so loud. She bought us herbs and treats while we hid in boxes and under beds.  She said this is the last time it will be THIS noisy.  

Well we would rather have done without this adventure. When our human came home we followed her around for hours, making sure she knew we were HERE and would not leave us with those other "construction" humans again.  Meow and Jeeez....

We were then presented with "hard hats" and told we could wear them any time we wanted...but should we really have to have helmet protection in our own home?
How Happy do we look here, do you think?

Wishing you all a heckuva more peaceful weekend than WE had and a great Sunday. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day from all of us!


I couldn't wait for this day so I could hug the earth!

However Carol the human tells me that's not what this day is about, it's to support our environmental efforts around the world.  Particularly important this year!

And of course Paprika tells me I'm being too literal. But she ALWAYS has something sarcastic like that to say!

Be that as it may, we have a beautiful earth and we three hope to keep it and its amazing creatures forever and ever. This day is celebrated in 19 countries! We are joining Athena and Marie's Caturday Art hop and Bionic Basil's Friday hop today to celebrate here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Our Easter Parade - 50 Cats with Hats - really!

NOTE: Pawleez check ON PICTURE to access video! You'll be glad you did!

How this Easter Parade came about

So we cats decided at the last minute, we MUST see OTHER CATS WITH HATS! So we made an offer to our Facebook readers they could not refuse:  Volunteer for our Easter Parade and your Cat will get a NEW HAT.  

The resulting show:

Click HERE (Or on the picture) to see the colorful resulting SHORT slideshow!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Interference with Tax Day 2017

With Easter so close behind it's amazing that tax day is upon us. Well I, Paprika am NOT happy about the whole thing. Carol should be "stretching" like me (see picture) not paying taxes. I object!

The correct thing to do under these circumstances is to CEASE tax activity and:

Peaches adds her comments:

Well as for me, I think Paprika is putting WAY too much energy into this "TAX interference" thing.  The good thing is, now the sofa is ALL MINE....

--signed, Peaches the Cat

Have a good tax day everyone. Remember to play with your kitties!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter to our friends!

Hello, just checking in to say smooch smooch, kiss kiss and sending love to our blogging friends. It is so wonderful to share our love of animals with each other. Thanks so much for being an important part of our lives and Happy Easter to you all!!!

Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Easter Week

Happy Caturday! We are  turning to Easter Week preparations.  We wish everyone a peaceful and happy upcoming Easter week. 

This fun design is from Imikimi and the frame and lettering from PicMonkey.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy National Siamese Cat Day...from US!

Well we usually don't celebrate OTHER cat's holidays, but this one is dear to our human's heart since she used to own several glorious part siamese cats named Fang, Chang, Ching, Ling, Sing, Ming and Cling. National Siamese Day shines the spotlight on the magnificent Siamese breed! 

If YOU own a Siamese kitty you're welcome to post his/her pic on our Facebook page-Siamese Cat post to celebrate! 

ABOUT SIAMESE CATS: While all felines are fabulous, "Meezers" exude grace and elegance and are one of the most popular cats around.  These elegant kitties, originating from Siam (Thailand), came to America in the late 1800s. In fact, America's first Siamese cat was actually a gift for First Lady Lucy Hayes, wife of United States President Rutherford Hayes. Siam, the First Cat, fit right in at the White House along with a goat, a bird and two dogs. From the website,

Fang, brother of Chang and Ming,
father of Ching, Sing, and Cling.
Honoring a beloved previous cat, FANG who is nowadays would be called a Lynx Point …but truth be told he is a cross between a full blood Siamese boy and a tabby girl.  The liason took place in Brooklyn, NY.  . Fang loved me fiercely and glared magnificiently if I played with his brothers or sisters. I miss him.

DID YOU KNOW...there is actually a Siamese Rescue organization  dedicated JUST to Siamese?  After you are vetted, they will actually deliver a beautiful Siamese right to your doorstep via "the MEEZER express!  I almost got one from their group before I got Peaches & Paprika

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Tummy Tuesday from Paprika

I decided to take a break from our nap to send love & say hello. Pay no attention to that lazy cat beside me (Peaches).  NO wonder she's so chunky, sleeping all the time!  My human thought I was being immodest and decided to give me a "heart" but I don't agree! "Au Naturel' is always MY motto!  Have a lovely Tuesday!
 - Paprika the cat.