Saturday, July 25, 2020

National Day of the Cowboy Cat Hoe-down

Git Along Lil KITTY? 
Click on Picture collage to see Cat Cowboy Show!
30 BOY Friends of Peaches & Paprika's Facebook page gathered for a true maverick event.  The boyz got dressed up in hats, guitars and even got new Western names--Casanova Cooper, Love Em & Leave 'em Boots and Easy Rider Plush, to name a few.  GIRLS! Looking for a boyfriend?  This all boy parade may yield a few prime candidates!  Click here to read more about National Day of The Cowboy.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Paprika's outrageous behavior with dinner guests

Am I. Paprika, a floozy?  I think not, but everybody is talking about me, so now I'm not sure.  At my owner's request, I am TURNING MY BATON over to her for a description of last weeks' dinner and what I am accused of! -- Paprika the Cat

From Mom Carol:  

Okay, surprises happen but Paprika is usually a shy cat. Especially with visitors.  Apparently her shy side did NOT apply to her outrageous behavior with my dinner guests last week.

"No I will not FEED you!"

My Friend Donna and her boyfriend Tim were my dinner guests last week for my birthday.  So the three of us are enjoying a shrimp stir fry. Tim's on my left.  He's a DOG person not particularly into kitties.  Doesn't "get" them. So when he felt F-U-R rubbing across his shin he jumped to the conclusion his dinner shrimp was being coveted.  "No I WILL not feed you!" I heard him suddenly say sternly.  With amusement I realized he was talking to Paprika.

"You cannot Have Any...and that's THAT"

Paprika has little food interest in food, especially human food. She won't even take a bite out of my tuna can.  I seriously doubted she had any interest in Tim's stir fry.  Yet a moment later I heard more conversations.  "I SAID you cannot have any and that's THAT."  Apparently Paprika had not given up. "No, you Cannot..NO!"  Bemused, we all listened to Tim's conversation.

"No I Will NOT Bend Down and DO That"

Whaaaat?  "No I will NOT bend down and do that" we heard him say.  I could not resist.  Wondering what it WAS he "would not do" I jumped up from my meal & went around to Tim's side of the table to see what was going ON down there.

Paprika In Love

To my astonishment, my FORMERLY shy cat lay SPRAWLED on her back ON Tim's foot, poking up her little orange tummy in his direction.  Her legs were askew, her front paws reached up & she was eyeing him beseechingly.  At the dinner table!  On her back!  It was obviously she had fallen in love & was hoping for some action!!!!

Like a total idiot, I interrupted my dinner and...

Tim, my clueless dinner guest clung to the theory she wanted a shrimp.  I knew better.  so that Tim could finish his dinner in peace, I feeling like a total idiot, crawled toward her to alleviate the situation so that she would NOT be deprived of her obvious tummy rub request.  But I was feeling stupider by the moment as I massaged her orange tummy.  My girlfriend Donna was in hysterics.  But Paprika purred happily and looked at me with a cunning not previously seen in this cat.

"Oh I didn't know she wanted THAT"

"I didn't know she wanted THAT" said innocent Tim.  Though I was not as shocked as the others, I WAS surprised at my shy Paprika transforming into a shameless hussy at the unaccustomed sight of a male dinner guest.  And he didn't even like cats!

"Paprika, you FLOOZY!"

"I didn't know you were such a little floozy" I said to her later.  She looked at me with an inscrutable expression...

These cats with whom we share our  never know about them! 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

National Ice Cream Day celebrated by Paprika the cat

Its the 3rd Sunday in July and it is now!  Peaches my stuck up sister had her own Peach Ice Cream celebration this week and now it's MY turn! But my crafty human says I can have ONE LICK ONLY and SHE gets all the rest! How unfair is THAT?  

About National Ice Cream Day:  In the old days before refrigeration was common ice cream was a treat reserved only for the rich & royalty,  served on holidays only. (There is some difference of opinion as to whether ice cream originated in ancient China or whether the Romans, who used honey in the mix were responsible for this holiday. We all know how to enjoy it, though, all year around, ESPECIALLY in July, which is ALSO National Ice Cream MONTH!  You can read more about this holiday here!

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Cats Observe Social Distancing on the Beach

Make way humans!  Maybe YOU can't use all the beaches, we can! Hello, Peaches here! Nobody said anything about limiting CATS fun on the beach.  So we got here as soon as we could to reserve our socially distanced spaces!

That's me, Peaches on the left and the dude in the green shades is  my next boyfriend. If I'm nice to him, maybe he'll lend me that cool straw hat!


As you'll notice, Paprika is hanging out at the sidelines...because she is A SCAREDY CAT!  Just check out her  next picture.  She FINALLY decided to venture out on the beach but IS HIDING BEHIND AN UMBRELLA!  What IS 
this?  Coward!  Finally after extreme purr-suasions I coaxed her out further onto  the sand.  As you will see, she is finally taking a sun-bath. Something we cats should be doing 10 hours day! (we we're not sleeping or hunting. As you can see, she's polished off the catnip lemonade and throw her glass of champagne in the sand.


I found I was getting TOO much attention! A gurrrl must have her privacy, too! Here I am , fending off my many admirers.

At long last I got Paprika to play with me.  It wasn't easy.  I had to do all the work.  Here I am guarding a sand castle of my own creation while Paprika does nothing.  But that's how it is around here.

We wish all our friends a beautiful sunny weekend. Remember the beach accommodates a multitude of cats. Its not only water, which is not our favorite thing.  It's sand, sun and a little catnip lemonade,.

 As you can see, Paprika owes her whole fun in the sun day to ME!

-- Cordially, Peaches the cat!

We are joining Athena and Marie's Cat-ur-day hop today.  Enjoy the sun!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Peach Ice Cream Day - for Peaches the Cat

I've looked forward to this day all year!  An ice cream day - especially dedicated to ME, Peaches the Cat.  What can be sweeter?  And my sis-fur, Paprika will have to just watch. 

(No, Paprika, you cannot celebrate this one, it's mine, all mine!) 

We are now at the height of the Peach season, and it's time to cut loose! My human, who is very respectful to me read up on this holiday.  She found that peaches were native to China & were taken to America in the 16th century.  Good thing that happened! Peach ice cream is generally only made in summer when the peak juices are flowing. Yum!

You can read all about Peach Ice Cream Day HERE or HERE!

Vive le Peach I say!  What delightful Peach thing will YOU do to celebrate today?

Respectfully submitted, 

Peaches the cat

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Happy 10th US!

Well this is a major week for us because it's our birthday week...we Are 10 now!  Having made it this far, we decided not to share our birthday with our human (whose birthday was July 5).  After all, a cat has to put her paw down, doesn't she!

We had lots of fun on our Purrrr-th-Day, we got to help our human with her "painted cat parade" which she'll maybe show you tomorrow...and then there are the catnip cakes and and special Pinot CLAW wine we sampled...enough said, today we are recovering from the hub bub our owner inflicts upon us on these days...

Saturday, July 4, 2020

2020 Cat-ri-otic Facebook Furriness Show

Okay, so our human purr-suaded us to make another slideshow celebrating Cats-Independence Day.  The hitch is, OTHER CATS are included.  What was she thinking?  It should have been all about us only.  But we had no choice....Please Click on the picture or this link to enjoy the show.  (If you don't mind looking at dressed up cats OTHER THAN US!  Okay, we'll give it a rest...

Friday, July 3, 2020

Compliment Your Mirror Day

From Peaches & Paprika: 
While preparing for the 4th of July (we prepare to HIDE!) we decided to multitask and observe "Compliment Your Mirror" Day  at the same time.  A gurrrl can never have too many compliments...even if we have to give them ourselves!

From Mom Carol:
Seriously speaking, the purpose of this special fun holiday is to give ourselves approval and love, as hard as it may be. We are always criticizing ourselves and this day encourages us to look in the mirror and see the good in ourselves.  Our recent loneliness gives us an excellent opportunity to go deeper and do this.

May all of you, humans and fur-balls celebrate and compliment yourselves royally on this day!