Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Cat World Domination Day - Butler Service for Paprika

Hello, Paprika here! Today we exemplify how we rule the world and specifically our hunan's household.  Every cat knows how to do this, whether it be subtle or blatant.
My very favorite domination activity is to request BUTLER SERVICE for some of my meals.  I go to my comfy cardboard cottage & insist my meal be served on the porch! There is an illustration of my technique below!

Sometimes my human gives me "the look" but I don't let it cramp my style! 

-- Paprika the cat

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

National Pink Day

Happy National Pink 
Day!  There is much folklore and history associated with the color pink and we, as  are proud, as cats to celebrate it's delicate and subtle beauty.  It's also associated with "seduction." We cats know all about THAT! You can read more about it here!
-- Paprika 

Good morning, Peaches here.  My sis-fur Paprika seems to have fur-gotten its also TUMMY TUESDAY! O mi COD, Paprika, will you never learn to get all these holidays straight?  

It is time not only to show off the beautiful pink blanket our human got us, but also our tummy and toes.  Sheesh!
-- Peaches

There are many ways to celebrate this day! You could plant a pink flower, buy something pink, use it in a sentence or paint your nails pink! 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Purr-ticipants in Kitty Dad Day

Happy Father's Day to all kitty-dads! We started celebrating this day on our Facebook page last year, and the number of kitty days who didn't mind sharing their dad-furball picture with us was truly heartwarming.  Here is this year's kitty-day collage, followed by last year's collage of our snuggly purr-ticipants

2019 Kitty Dads

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Happy National Seashore Day

Tomorrow, June 21 is a big day - it's the solstice, Father's Day AND National Seashore Day.  So we are most delighted to celebrate seashell day just a little early.  Our human loves the beach and, well, we have no objection to hanging out in a little shell ourselves! Moe about National Seashore Day, a very recent holiday emerging in 2016 was declared a National Holiday 3 years ago in Fort Myers & Sanibel, Florida. There's a celebration there every year. 
We're joining Athena & Marie for Cat-ur-day hop day!  Happy Cat-ur-day & National Seashore Day to all!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sun Puddle Sunday - Part 2

We have made an exception to our sisterly distance routine cuz there is only one sun puddle here and we must share it!
However, stay in your designated place, Paprika. That's an order! - Peaches

My idea of the right place to be is right here in the IN-BASKET! I cannot help but be noticed here! - Paprika

However this tiny IN-BASKET does NOT prevent from getting a serious sun-bath!

I can even let it "all hang out!" - one leg, anyway!

Or I could just be more sedate like other cats! - Paprika
Stop all that stupid "moving around  stuff, Paprika & just enjoy the sun! - Peaches

All winter the sun did not really enter our apartment but now that the sun is finally high in the sky, Peaches and Paprika are in seventh heaven, rolling around in the apartment's one sunspot and EVEN sharing the space with each other. It's wonderful how adaptable fur-balls can be!
- Mom Carol

We're joining Cat on My Head's Sunday hop today!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Happy Red Rose Day from us all


Good news, our human let BOTH of us show off today. This is the day we concentrate on the red rose which is honored today as another fun holiday.  The giving of this rose as a symbol of love and devotion The red rose, symbol  of love, has been used in weddings and valentine ceremonies. Our human's mom grew red roses all her life so we are happy to honor this loving tradition! Our human photographed the roses below in Hartford's Elizabeth Park municipal rose garden.  More about this holiday here!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Best Furrriends Day - Ear Washes, Cat Hugs & More

We  cats can be best furrriends too! Think of all the friends ear washes and cat hugs
given in one year.  More about the infinite possibilities shortly! 

We celebrated Best Furriends with enthusiasm on our Facebook Page and 50+ smoochy lovey dove pairs purr-ticipated! You can see the slideshow by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE BELOW PICTURE.

You can read more about Best Friends Day HERE!

Friday, June 5, 2020

How we Cats Celebrate Donut Day

 Maybe humans enjoy eating donuts but we cats have a more fun activity in mind:  getting inside them.  We love getting inside objects and if the donut were large enough there's no reason we couldn'

Okay, enough joking around.  We hope you humans go out and munch on a few free donuts cuz EVERYONE appears to be offering them! You can read more about it here!

Hello, Paprika here.  I wanted you to know that an athletic cat like myself would love climbing ONTO the donut, if our human will get it in the right position for me!  I love to practice my climbing skills.  Happy National Doughnut Day to all!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hug Your Cat Day: Sharing Our Human

Show-offy time!  The above picture is to prove that we get lots of hugging and smooching around here!

I get the right side of my human (which is the best side) and my sis-fur Paprika get the left but we have come to an agreement to share her. (Though sometimes there are communications errors, like when Paprika leans over her human and tries to make eye contact with me.) Nothing doing, its each cat for herself here! 

Next, to demonstrate how well loved we are, we wish you to present you with a little movie that shows I am the cat of the hour!

Lots of times I get my human laughing when I display my antics.

I prefer the horizontal position ACROSS the bed, about which my human complains I am taking up all the space.  I see nothing wrong with that.  Cats should have priority, don't you agree?

I now turn the baton over to my sister & rival, Paprika.

Good morning, Paprika here.  I am the most flexible of cats, as I take up very little space in the bed, so am hugged the most! As you will see from these two pictures, one five 
years ago and one last week, (the pink one) I have not changed at all and till have my kitten-loo! If my human moves around, well I just move with her, I am an economical cat and very aware of spatial limitations.  Still, I have my wily side.

We wish you a wonderful day (and evening) with YOUR fur-ball an may you all get and give lots of good hugs.